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Lyon, France airport, baggage handlers boycott suitcases from Israel

Gellerreport (original article in French) – A surreal scene occurred at the Saint-Exupéry airport in Lyon, France, this past week. The baggage handlers (overwhelmingly North Africans) boycotted the distribution of baggage on a flight from Tel Aviv.

The plane landed as planned at 5:20 p.m with 95% Jewish passengers on board. At the passport control desk in Terminal 1, usually crowded, there was no one but the passengers from the flight. Ten minutes later, around 5:30 p.m., everyone was in front of the luggage conveyor 02, as shown on the screens, waiting for their baggage.

By 6:30 p.m an hour later, there was no baggage on the conveyor. Other flights that came in at the same time were operating as usual. Many passengers, and rightly so, lost their patience, and raise their voices – a scuffle ensued with airport security when passengers took to looking in the baggage distribution area for their baggage. The police arrived and scolded and threaten the passengers – indicating that baggage handling was not their problem.

By 7:20 p.m., two hours later, the passengers finally got their baggage. The problem? The baggage handlers being predominantly North African Muslims, refused to handle the Jewish baggage. It wasn’t until non-Muslim baggage handlers could be found the passengers received their baggage. Disciplinary action against the Muslim baggage handlers at this point is unclear – but most likely, a mere slap on the wrist notice will occur. One does have to wonder if French non-Muslim baggage handlers would have fared so well if discriminating against Muslim travelers.

Is this a one-time, isolated occurrence? Well, no – have you not heard of BDS? Though perhaps this incident was not part of a better organize antisemitic Israeli boycott like BDS, it points to some serious multicultural integration issues. Especially in France, where they proudly proclaim “liberty, equality, and fraternity.” We note, that the media has not really reported this incident – why? If you allow the behavior – it will only grow.

The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) is a Palestinian-led movement said to be for “freedom, justice, and equality.” BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti has said in the past that, “Most definitely, we oppose a Jewish state in any part of Palestine.” In short, they, in reality, are calling for the elimination of the state of Israel – in the meantime, BDS organizes regular industrialized boycotts. The idea of “freedom, justice, and equality” is a ruse. Support for BDS has been deemed antisemitic by the ADL.

It is not just the Muslim community but is the focus of this post. Just how have the Muslims been integrating into Western society? Looking at the inset chart the answer is – not good – see inset chart and report. We see that generally, more than 10% of the populations that would-be immigrants coming from the identified areas believe suicide bombings are a reasonable way to resolve grievances. What percentage that may not agree with this behavior, nevertheless would provide safe harbor to those that would? We could be talking 30 to 50% of this population.

This is unacceptable behavior in Western societies and it is reasonable to screen immigrants that would hold to these views. Unfortunately, Western governments have been far too liberal in allowing this kind of behavior to take root in society. This is why France is having issues as we have described. There are other behaviors that should be a cause of alarm. For example, just a few:

  • Muslims are winning big in local elections that are supported by terrorists enabling organization CAIR.
  • UK: Muslim Labour politician calls Israelis “pigs.” This is a leader in the community, not just a misguided person in society.
  • ISIS Muslim woman who urged Muslims to “spill blood” of Americans wants to return to US: “I want to have my own car.” Why would you allow someone like this into your country?
  • Minnesota: First Muslim Somali Woman Wins City Council Seat – Won’t Even Speak English To The People After -saying, “Mohamed didn’t feel the need to speak English because her constituency is Somali.” Huh? Not American?
  • This is just a very short list … there are many examples of poor behaviors. Please add more in the comment section of this post.

You do no favors to immigrants by allowing anybody into your country. By screening based on merit and with the proper attitudes, it will keep the immigrant community in a good reputation and prevent discrimination. For those not yet immigrated, it will stimulate to improve.

Please note that RFS1 is not saying there should be a full Muslim ban on immigration nor believe “All” Muslims are bad. Many have immigrated to the West in a good reasonable manner. The issue rather is to have lawful, limited, reciprocal, and merit-based immigration policies for immigrants that want to be in their adopted country and integrate in accordance with the local laws.

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