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Hong Kong feels the boot on the neck from COMMUNIST China

South China Morning Post – While we are all watching the clown impeachment hearings, there are other things going on around the world. A day after tear gas and violence returned to Hong Kong’s streets, following a week’s respite, two more protests are being held on Sunday afternoon. And all eyes are on whether the 12th straight weekend of anti-government protests again turns ugly.

BBC – Around 100 people tried to leave the Polytechnic University, but were met with tear gas and rubber bullets. Hong Kong’s Hospital Authority says 116 people have been injured and taken to hospital. The violence is some of the worst seen during months of unrest in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory. The protests started over a controversial extradition bill, and have now evolved into broader anti-government demonstrations.

China has warned that “no-one should underestimate [its] will to safeguard its sovereignty and Hong Kong’s stability,” and its ambassador to the UK said the central government would not sit back and watch if the situation became “uncontrollable.” Here is more detail on the reasons for the start of these protests. Here is a quick video (1.46m) to see more:

Bylinetimes – But it is not just Hong Kong. China has been exposed on other strong-armed tactics. There have been recent revelations regarding the depraved level of mass rape, torture, executions, and other forms of physical and psychological abuse meted out by Chinese authorities to the Uighur minority in a systematic effort to eliminate their culture and indoctrinate them into vigorously adhering to the Communist Party’s ideology.

When the Washington Post published a Uighur woman’s harrowing ordeal in a Chinese concentration camp last month, it went viral in Hong Kong, particularly among the protestors. It told of how 2,500 prisoners, ranging in age from 13 to 84, were subjected to the brutality of the Chinese state. “They would punish inmates for everything,” Sayragul Sauytbay told an interpreter. “Anyone who didn’t follow the rules was punished. Those who didn’t learn Chinese properly or who didn’t sing the songs were also punished.” Chinese concentration camps are yet another disturbing story coming out of China.

RFS1 can’t say at this point if the Hong Kong protesters have not been infiltrated by now by all kinds of groups trying to latch on to the protests. There are the genuine mass populations with their grievances as well as nefarious #metoo actors – notwithstanding most likely even China’s own intelligence agencies. What we can say is the following takeaways for the rest of us to understand as we see these disturbing events occur:

  • Communist or even socialist regimes by design must rely on totalitarian tactics to maintain power. Cuba and Venezuela more recently, but the history is clear. Communist China will try to find a quiet solution, but when push comes to shove, the protesters will feel the boot of China if they persist. This is not to give advice one way or the other. If Hong Kong truly wants freedom, they will need to fight for it.
  • For the rest of us – communists or even socialist regimes may initially seem benign. China upon the handover from the UK offered a degree of temporary prosperity in return to allow the Communists to maintain power. When things go wrong, and their power is threatened, the boots of totalitarianism comes out. We are seeing this same scenario play out in many of the major democracies in the West. This is why the election in 2020 is so important. We must fight to maintain our individual freedoms, or succumb to the boots of the totalitarian left.

Let Hong Kong be a warning to all. If you are personally on the ground – do take care. This story is not over and is still developing – more to follow later.

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Written by Tom Williams

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The storm clouds of dark change are near. Today America is at a crossroads. Will it maintain its prowess as a national leader in the free modern advancing world, or will it backtrack in the abyss of the envy identity politics of tyrannical socialism, and the loss of individual freedoms. The 2020 election may have decided this. Join the Right Wire Report team and make a stand.

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