Bloomberg admits creating a 1984 dystopian propagandized world

Oligarch Michael Bloomberg gave a surprisingly honest answer about the partisan bias and slant of the “news” organization he owns, Bloomberg News.

Bloomberg was speaking to a CBS News reporter on Friday about the controversy surrounding his news network’s double standards. Bloomberg has ordered Bloomberg News to end any and all investigations of its owner as a Presidential candidate. In addition to Bloomberg himself, any other Democrats running for their party’s nomination as well.

In the short 1 minute clip below, Bloomberg states, that since I pay their salary, they have to think and do as I say. So Bloomberg is no longer a credible news source by his own admission.  It is Democrat propaganda or FAKE NEWS … as many newsgroups are today.

So by this standard, if he builds his desired socialist state, and hence the government is the payer, can the government then also tell you what to think? Bloomberg admits creating a 1984 dystopian propagandized world. 

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Written by Jefferson Thomas

Concerned citizen.

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  1. Bloomberg shuts down his own company from reporting on Democrat candidates and relies on other Mainstream media news instead? Sounds dictatorial, clench fisted and collusive as well!
    He comes across as arrogant and someone who would tell us what to think.

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