Senate Republicans who could vote to convict Trump – they need reminded

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) caused a stir Friday when he said a “handful” of Senate Republican colleagues have privately told him they would consider voting to remove President Trump from office. His remarks created buzz since no congressional Republicans have publicly said they would even consider taking such a step. Here is a list:

Sen. Susan Collins (Maine) – Collins has carefully avoided commenting on evidence that has emerged from the House impeachment inquiry even though she has been one of the president’s most vocal Republican critics in the Senate, breaking with Trump on several high-profile votes.

Sen. Mitt Romney (Utah) – Romney has emerged as one of Trump’s toughest Republican critics in Congress since taking office in January.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) – Murkowski has cast some of the biggest votes against Trump of any Senate Republican since the start of his presidency.

Other Senate Republicans – who have publicly or privately expressed concern over Trump: Sens. Rob Portman (Ohio), Ron Johnson (Wis.), Tim Scott (S.C.), Marco Rubio (Fla.), and Lamar Alexander (Tenn.), who is not seeking reelection.

Other potential defectors – on an impeachment vote are Republicans facing tough reelections such as Sens. Cory Gardner (Colo.), who is seeking another term in a state that voted for Clinton in 2016, and Martha McSally (Ariz.), a top Democratic target.

Is this Fake News? Possibly, but just in case, we need to support our president and send messages to the potentially wobbly-legged Senators and remind them accordingly. In any case, this group of wobbly-legged Senators is far short required for any impeachment conviction removal.  If they would break ranks, there would be a heavy political price to pay for a betrayal to Trump, the GOP and the people that voted.

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Written by Jefferson Thomas

Concerned citizen.

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  1. This is mostly fake news at this juncture. There is no doubt that the trio , Romney , Collins and Murkowski are always likely to vote in a way that thwarts Trump on most issues. I think that if this comes to a vote , and no additional bombshell arrives , that Collins and Murkowski will vote no on conviction. Scott , Johnson , Portman and even Rubio will uphold the Constitution with a no verdict as well. But I believe that there will be Traitors on the GOP Senate side and they have no free agency doing so. Romney and Alexander are blackmailed and bought and paid for to deliver a breach . Gardner , will be pushed by his re election to vote yes as well so we will see if he upholds his oath to defend the Constitution rather than his political career. I cannot see McSally voting yes .

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