FBI spied on Trump, Buzzfeed tries to flip the narrative in FAKE NEWS

There are so many media spins going on around the Washington circus, but it is just emblematic of how the mainstream media rolls. The headline says one thing, but the reality says another – FAKE NEWs from Buzzfeed.

Buzzfeed – the headline reads: “No Evidence”: An Official Probe Has Debunked Trump’s Claim The FBI Planted A Spy In His Campaign. Their key point to support this was to partial quote the IG Report (Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General):

“We found no evidence that the FBI attempted to place any [confidential human sources] within the Trump campaign, or task any [confidential human sources] to report on the Trump campaign,” the report found, while noting that the FBI did hold “several” meetings with “individuals affiliated with the Trump campaign, including a high-level campaign official who was not a subject of the investigation.”

We note they give a passing comment that there were “several” meetings.

Now let’s read the actual IG Report (page 313):

We found no evidence that the FBI placed any CHSs or UCEs within the Trump campaign or tasked any CHSs or UCEs to report on the Trump campaign. However, through our review, we determined that, during the 2016 presidential campaign, the Crossfire Hurricane team tasked four CHSs and a few UCEs, which resulted in interactions with Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, and a high-level Trump campaign official who was not a subject of the investigation. We found that the Crossfire Hurricane team tasked CHSs to interact with Page and Papadopoulos both during the time Page and Papadopoulos were advisors for the Trump campaign, and after Page and Papadopoulos were no longer affiliated with the Trump campaign. All of the CHS interactions were consensually monitored by the FBI. Two of the CHSs tasked by the FBI are referred to below as Source 2 and Source 3. Below we discuss the types of information these CHSs sought to elicit from Page, Papadopoulos, and the high-level campaign official, the information that the CHSs obtained, and the use, if any, that the Crossfire Hurricane team made of that information.

We also determined that two additional CHSs were tasked by the FBI to attempt to contact Papadopoulos, but that those attempted contacts did not lead to any operational activity, and those CHSs are not discussed further in this report.

Note: CHSs and USEs are terms used for [confidential human sources].

Clearly there was FBI spying on Trump’s campaign, based on this IG Report.

But will the media report it accurately? People reading the headline would get one impression, but the details say another. The Buzzfeed headline should have said: “Evidence found”: An Official Probe Has proved Trump’s Claim, The FBI Spied On His Campaign

This is a quite serious validation of Trump’s claims. Only in Banana Republics does a government use the apparatus of the state to spy on political campaigns of their opponents. Buzzfeed takes no care of this point. This FBI spying is seditious behavior at best and dare say, treason (note that when we say FBI, this refers to only specific FBI actors, clearly the FBI does great work in other areas). We need to get to the actual source of who authorized the FBI to do this. How high up does this go?

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Written by Jefferson Thomas

Concerned citizen.

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