NBC’s far left reporter Katy Tur caught on video, admitting MASSIVE Trump support

York Daily Record – President Donald Trump traveled to Pennsylvania for the 14th time as president Tuesday evening for a rally in Hershey. Held at the Giant Center, Trump supporters lined up for hours ahead of the event to secure a spot inside.

The rally drew supporters from across the country on a day where House Democrats announced charges of two articles of impeachment against the president. “A lot of people can see the impeachment is a joke, a sham, a disgrace to our nation and founding fathers,” rally-goer Derrick Gibson said. “In 2020, Trump is going to win by a landslide.”

Trump smashed the attendance records with 12,500 supporters at the Giant Center. A giant monitor was set up in the parking lot in front of the Giant Center where a crowd still waits to watch President Trump. The bridge connecting the Giant Center to the Hershey parking lot was jammed packed with hundreds and hundreds of Trump supporters decked out in red hats and some in red, white and blue apparel.

The Gateway Pundit – Media are confounded by all the Trump support. NBC’s far-left anchor Katy Tur was caught telling her cohorts, “One of the biggest rallies I’ve ever seen!” Even the far-left media is starting to understand that their spun narratives of a Trump impeachment are not working.

The Rasmussen poll as of this posting shows Trump at 51% support, 6% points higher than where Obama was at his time in his presidency. See the video here where Katy Tur is starting to understand:

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Written by Jefferson Thomas

Concerned citizen.

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