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De Niro’s poop humiliation strategy and impeachment FAIL, sends Trump approval highest in 2 years

De Niro fantasizes about forcing Trump’s face into a “bag of sh*t.” Why? Because he thinks somehow this humiliation will finally convince Trump supporters that, Orange Man Bad.

Zerohedge – While sitting down with producer Michael Moore for his new podcast Rumble with Michael Moore, the 76-year-old actor who’s currently battling a $12 million sexual harassment lawsuit by a longtime aide over a “hostile work environment” and “gratuitous unwanted physical contact,” says that while he was totally joking about punching Donald Trump in the face, he’d love to force the Commander-in-Chief to inhale a bag of weaponized poo, then broadcast Trump’s reaction to humiliate him. Check out De Niro in action:

De Niro is being his classy self again. “For the Republicans who have fallen in line with him … I don’t understand that” De Niro told Moore. “It’s a disgrace. It’s beyond a disgrace. Shame on them. Shame on all of them.” Evidently it’s not just Trump, De Niro wants to asphyxiate with sh*t on, it’s a least half the country. What kind of person would want to do that?

We are heading into the Christmas week, and Congress has gone home for the year. They are reeling with “Impeachmas” joy over their impeachment of Trump – though it was supposed to be a solemn occasion. Remember Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who made headlines for telling a cheering crowd about her mission against Donald Trump: “Impeach the motherfucker.” So much for the solemn occasion. Check out Tlaib in action:

Have the Democrats lost their collective minds? A very bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. So what is the results of all this Democrat hysteria?

Trump Approval Dec 2019

I know many people don’t like polls, but it is good to look at them from time to time. Often it’s not so much the raw numbers, rather seeing the trends. Many on the left don’t like to look at neutral to conservative sources that have consistently show that the Trump support has remained strong throughout the impeachment process – see here Rasmussen Reports.

So instead, let’s look at a lefty It shows a 43.3% Trump approval rating, which is the highest in the last two years! And more importantly, the trend is popping up just after the impeachment occurred (see inset chart). Real Clear Politics has it at 44.5% and rising as well. Oops, De Niro.

On a serious note, this Trump Derangement Syndrome is really devasting the country. Media and Hollywood are ginning up so much hatred. This is exemplified on our Liberal Hate Map. This recent Liberal Hate incident is particularly disturbing – a 14-year-old kid when wearing a Trump hat to school.. See what De Niro inspires here:

Nikki Haley recently made a good point, that we all should consider – “People aren’t going to listen to you and work with you if you vilify them.” Good medicine for all sides of the political divide. The left is about hating their opponents, even through coercion, as opposed to making convincing arguments with their points of view that people then follow willingly.

You can’t build a good society by humiliating half the country, regardless of the point of view. In any case, it seems as if every time De Niro opens his mouth, the Trump approval rating pops up a few percentage points. So be it, Mr. De Niro.

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Written by Tom Williams

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  1. Liberals like DeNiro should be in jail for threats against a sitting President. I don’t care if you agree or disagree with someone’s politics or opinions. Used to be we had at least the common decency not to use foul language, and in this case, actually threaten a President. Jail time is deserved.

  2. DeNiro and Moore!? LOL! Is it possible to have a negative number of viewers? It is called the Moonbat TDS Lunacy Hour?

  3. De Niro, is a whiny tool, nothing more. Add fatazz Moore and you really have a pair to draw to. To both of them: do us all a favor for once in your selfish, self absorbed world. Put your heads in the ovens and turn on the gas.

  4. Robert De Niro is the typical angry liberal that lashes out and makes vulgar remarks and obscenities against Trump and his supporters. He’s irrelevant and I refuse to give him the time of day.

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