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Move over Greta Thunberg, Jane Fonda with “Fire Drill Friday” is the new Climate Crisis Actor

Forbes – Climate extremists draw attention across developed countries with their criticism of today’s energy supply and the living standards it supports.

Members of the Extinction Rebellion have even protested by standing on top of commuter trains in London, delaying workers on the morning journey to work. If you live in London or New York, it’s convenient to protest there even if your ire is misdirected. Developed countries are generally curbing emissions – nowhere near enough to meet the Paris Accord, but at a pace that reflects popular opinion on the topic.

Support for a radical overhaul of our energy systems is shallow – wind and solar remain fringe and are obviously more expensive than our existing energy supply or they’d already been providing most of it. The great tragedy of renewables is that their hyped-up potential leads extremists to believe no other solutions are required or even possible – regardless of data. Their impractical extremism allows moderates to ignore them.

Greta Thunberg, the Swedish high school dropout who told the United Nations. “How dare you,” should be making that speech in Beijing, not New York. Why? China emits almost twice the amount of greenhouse gases as the US, which it surpassed in 2006 as the world’s top contributor to atmospheric carbon dioxide. Today, the country accounts for approximately 23 percent of all global CO2 emissions.

Remember those plastic straws that are being banned? A team of researchers in the United States and Australia led by Jenna Jambeck, an environmental engineer at the University of Georgia, analyzed plastic waste levels in the world’s oceans. They found that China and Indonesia are the top sources of plastic bottles, bags and other rubbish clogging up global sea lanes. Together, both nations account for more than a third of plastic detritus in global waters. Though perhaps emblematic, any global policies that do not include China are silly. Do you think China is listening? See the chart below:

Infographic: The Countries Polluting The Oceans The Most | Statista

But it’s not just Greta Thunberg, she is just not really old enough to understand what she speaks of – so she shouldn’t be singled out as a “boogy-person.” There are other climate alarmists more “adult” to take the lead now. None other than Jane Fonda. Remember her? She was the one campaigning for communist Vietnam during the 1960 – 70s war in South Vietnam against the US.

Jane Fonda has launched weekly protests for the climate alarmists protest called – Fire Drill Friday. Jane Fonda’s 12th “Fire Drill Friday” this Friday, focuses on the way climate change damages the world’s forests, suppliers of 20% of Earth’s oxygen. She will be joined by comedian Lily Tomlin – yet another Hollywood actor to join the team of climate crisis actors. Here is the alarmist quote of the week from Jane Fonda:

Forests help us flight the climate crisis. We have to fight to save our forests that are being cut down and burned to make way for cattle grazing, mono-culture planting of soy and palm oil trees, among other crops.

– Jane Fonda 

This week’s civil disobedience will be at the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building. Jane Fonda will be joined at every “Fire Drill Friday” through early January by celebrities, scientists, economists and people from impacted communities who will speak and some of whom will invite arrest. What is interesting to see on Jane Fonda’s website, Fire Drill Friday, is that it is all hype and little data. Interesting huh? Climate crisis actors seem to be a growth industry. I guess there is this need to virtual signal by those in places that have a voice.

Remember the 11,000 climate scientist hoax? In this post, we laid out a challenge yet to be responded to – to prove adequately the climate crisis assertions. Why? We restate again, if people don’t believe your crisis, you simply have not done your job to explain it. Or its a hoax for an agenda (the agenda) of some type. So stop the emotive comments and provide proper data proofs – if you can. In the meantime, we will be bombarded now weekly by climate crisis actors but China gets a pass – enjoy.

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Written by Jefferson Thomas

Concerned citizen.


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