Good Guy With a Gun Prevented Texas Church Shooting from becoming a Massacre – Raw Video

Reason – Two victims were killed at a church shooting in White Settlement, Texas. It would have been much worse had some parishioners not been armed.

The names of the perpetrator and victims have not been released as of this writing, and the motivation for the crime is currently unclear. One FBI agent described the shooter as a transient person from the area who had been arrested multiple times.

One thing we do know: the death toll likely would have been higher had the church’s security team not been armed.

Texas politicians and law enforcement were also quick to praise the church’s security team, which they say prevented a larger massacre of the 242 people attending the Sunday service. The Texas legislature passed a bill in May 2019 eliminating a provision of state law that prohibited licensed firearm owners from possessing a handgun in places of worship. Prior to the passage of that law, which went into effect in September, it was unclear under what circumstances a person was legally able to carry a handgun in a church. Restricting firearms, by contrast, could well deprive people of the means they need to defend themselves during a mass shooting.

Social media is trying to scrub the raw video so we post it here to ensure people see the shocking truth:

Another view detailed with witness interviews here.

Here is the ABC report:

The man who shot and killed a gunman inside a Texas church is speaking out. Jack Wilson, a volunteer security guard at the church:

No White Settlement, Texas is not named by white supremacists, rather named by the Indians (Comanche) back in the 1800s.

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Written by Jefferson Thomas

Concerned citizen.

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  1. This video is the end game when debating gun control laws. The very concept that gun free zones are safe and not magnets for mass casualty incidents is blown out of the water. A good person legally carrying a weapon is the most optimum deterrent to gun violence death period! There is no clearer perspective on the issue than that raw video. I think we should pass a federal law like yesterday , that states , when any state , municipality , or federal attempts to legislate any aspect of our second amendment there be public funded ad on television and digital base which shows just this raw video to the constituents prior to passage of l new law. Every law maker involved it should be mandatory this raw video is is watched prior to voting on new law. An the addition of Joe Biden months ago calling out the new gun law in Texas allowing churches to have armed security was irrational , video, played side by side!

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