Lara Logan tracking sex-traffickers block by Mexican police – the immorality of “Open Borders”

Fox News – Veteran war correspondent Lara Logan was cornered by Mexican police and threatened with violence while investigating one of the world’s most notorious sources of human trafficking – a small city deep inside Mexico.

Logan and her team traveled to Tenancingo, Mexico in October of 2019 as part of her soon-to-be-released Fox Nation series, “Lara Logan Has No Agenda.” The city is just 80 miles outside of Mexico’s capital, yet what they found was a society built on sex trafficking – and the police appeared determined to protect the enterprise. Check out a video excerpt below:

Obviously this is a horrific situation. But what is particularly disturbing about this report is that governments are part of the problem and not only criminal gangs.

One might ask, just how big of an issue is this sex trafficking? See the inset chart, but here is a quick summary of a report with several shocking data points:

  • Nearly a $32bn global economy.
  • 80% are female with an average age of 12 to 14 years old.
  • 50,000 people are trafficked per year in the US alone.

Conservatives often get hit with this, “where is the morality of not letting everyone into the US” – “open borders.” Thinking somehow this is a selfish policy not to open the borders. But nothing further could be from the truth. Think about it. What if the US had strict immigration policies based on merit. The sending countries would need to clean up their act and start dealing with their internal policies of law and order in their own countries. In addition, defunding the criminal elements operating inside their countries.

If you have a stable family and then invite in dubious characters and frequent with them, you will destabilize your own family. Guard your family against those elements, thereby making the dubious characters change their behavior to then be later invited in. You do this for your family, your community and the nation at large. To not do this helps no one and will merely make all to fall into misery – even debasing those that would have the capacity to help the less fortunate.

So while media cry about temporary humane family separations, often hyped by media and/or by willing misguided parents, they totally overlook the real misery of forced sex-trafficking. There is no morality in an “open borders” policy. This story is just one issue that occurs as a result.

Original post: Exclusive video: Lara Logan cornered by Mexican police, threatened while investigating sex-traffickers’ city

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  1. It sounds like the police were corrupt, protecting rather than stopping sex trafficking.
    Although the cartels are most notorious for drug trafficking, they engage in sex trafficking in parallel.
    Both enterprises victimize people.
    Both make enormous amounts of money, and are made possible by breakdown of law enforcement.

  2. If she continues along the border, they will kill her. She had better know this going in because no one is bluffing down there and she won’t be getting any warnings.

  3. If my comments have to await your approval, there won’t be any more comments. Hommie don’t play that schit

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