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Iran Threatens Trump Properties – Will Democrats Stand and Defend the Office of the President?

If a hostile foreign government threatens a duly elected president, regardless of party affiliation – would you defend that president? Let’s examine this question.

An adviser to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani last night dropped a not so veiled threat of an attack on Donald Trump’s properties in revenge for the death of military commander Qassem Soleimani. Hesameddin Ashena shared a link via Twitter to a Forbes article listing all of Trump’s properties in New York, his hotels, and resorts across America and golf courses in the US and Britain.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei went on to say that he was not against the American people, rather Trump and the direct people around Trump. This is an obvious attempt to try to separate Trump and his supporters. Who else has tried to do this? Media, Hollywood, Silicon Valley leaders, and Democrats – all siding with Khamenei. It used to be that fellow Americans would not criticize a president in a foreign arena. Not any more.

Ashena, who heads up the Center for Strategic Studies – an Iranian think tank, echoed Khamenei’s talking points hours before dropping the Forbes link – see his Tweet here and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Tweet below:

Rep. Ilhan Omar on cue tweeted that President Trump could draw the U.S. into war with Iran if it seeks to harm properties owned by the Trump Organization around the world. In a tweet, the Minnesota Democrat called on Trump to divest from his global business holdings. Ohmar is suggesting that Trump is compromised [exposed to potential blackmale] by default, in yet another effort to delegitimize the president. See her tweet:

Instead of defending America, and the office of the presidency, even if she would disagree with a president’s policies, Ohmar uses this opportunity to attack a president. Many of her Democrat friends follow her lead. One does have to wonder if a group that opposes Ohmar, and unlawfully targeted her home or other assets she has, what would Ohmar say?  Shall we tell Ohmar, “just sell your properties,” that’s your problem? Any group that would unlawfully target assets of our elected leaders, regardless of our agreement of their policies, should be defended. This includes Ohmar herself. It sets a very dangerous precedent. It’s about defending the sanctity of our Republic. Apparently, the integrity of the American Republic is of no concern to Ohmar. Why?

Responding to events during World War II, international law (Hague Convention, Geneva Conventions, and  International Criminal Court.) also prohibits the destruction of property as a means of intimidating people under occupation or as a reprisal. The Hague Convention does, however, recognize situations where an attack on cultural property may be lawful, namely if such property has been turned into a military objective and an attack would be required by “imperative military necessity.”

It is not just foreign actors that target political figures and their assets. Trump protesters have repeatedly done this ever since Trump got elected. Here is just one example –  about 5,000 people protested the real estate mogul’s victory outside Trump Tower, authorities estimated. They included pop star Lady Gaga, a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter. Conservatives know well this phenomenon as well – its called doxing. All of these behaviors are antithetical to how proper international relations or internal national political debate should work. Those that do engage in these behaviors seek to tear down the modern free world and our Republic.

Are not Democrats aiding and abetting foreign powers against the president?

Juxtapose what Trump’s opponents say and do – versus what Trump has said and acted upon.  Trump recently stated, “… vowing specific military action against Iran if it strikes any Americans or American assets.” Trump, as President, is pledged to protect ALL, not selectively using it as a tool for a political agenda. For Democrats, this is not part of their value system.

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Written by Tom Williams

Born down on the farm in America's Midwest, my early life was spent climbing the ladder via a long career in information technology. Starting as a technician, and after earning a degree going to night school, I eventually found a place working at ATT Bell Laboratories as a software engineer.

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  1. Does Mrs Omar have inside information?
    Sounds like she does, or could it be cause she is a follower of Islam.
    Seems like most of Trump properties he owns are in the US with maybe two or three in other country’s.
    So Omar is say Iran will target the US directly?

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