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Black Lives Matters Cancels Amy Klobuchar’s Rally – Fading Hopes

Axios – Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) canceled a campaign rally in St. Louis Park in her home state Sunday night after it was disrupted by protesters shouting “Black Lives Matter” and “Free Myon” at the event.

The protest was “in support of Myon Burrell, convicted of killing a teenager several years ago, for which he maintains his innocence,” WCCO journalist Jeff Wagner notes. “Klobuchar was the county attorney during Burrell’s first trial.” Klobuchar’s campaign manager Justin Buoen told reporters he’s “very disappointed about what happened tonight.” The video:

Klobuchar presidential hopes were already fading fast. Many feel she was trying to stay relevant to be a vice-presidential pick. Events like could kill her hopes of being even a vice-presidential candidate. Earlier Amy Klobuchar’s campaign said it raised $2.5 million in four hours after New Hampshire polls closed and the Minnesota senator cemented her third-place finish. 

In a statement obtained by The New York Times, Klobuchar’s campaign said the senator offered to meet with demonstrators in exchange for them exiting the stage and allowing her rally to proceed, adding that the protesters initially agreed to such terms before reportedly backing out and refusing to leave the stage.

Klobuchar has faced calls to suspend her campaign from Black Lives Matter and NAACP activists over her role in the criminal prosecution of Myon Burrell, an African American man who was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison while still a teenager. Klobuchar was the lead attorney in the county at the time of his initial trial, and she later denied a request for him to attend his mother’s funeral after he was imprisoned. Burrell’s case has become a point of criticism for Klobuchar’s campaign, as many, including the victim’s father, believe he may have been wrongfully convicted.

All this comes while Pete Buttigieg has suspended his presidential dreams as well. It appears that the Socialist Democrats (Progressives as they call themselves), using the strong-arm tactics of Black Lives Matter is one by one picking off the center-left candidates one by one. Leaving only Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren left standing.

Black Lives Matter has openly endorsed both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. This seems rather odd, as both Sanders and Warren have had their own issues with identity politics. It does make one wonder if this is not about black lives, rather pushing a socialist agenda of the Progressives. Black lives could be just the stooges for a greater agenda. One can see this when looking at the funding sources of Black Lives Matters.

We shall see where all this leads at the Democratic convention in the summer and into the fall general election campaign. This division amongst the Democratic Progressive wing and the center-left Democratic candidates will be a net positive for Trump’s election chances.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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