Elizabeth Warren’s Sexist Lies ignored by Media

Every day, the media raises its Orwellian propaganda club and rains down blows to beat rationality, common sense and critical thought out of the collective mind of the American people. They are the purveyor and embodiment of Orwell’s oxymoronic Ministry of Truth, where reality is intentionally skewed, and the truth is obfuscated all in the service of the Democrat party and Leftist-globalist elites such as George Soros and other collectivist monsters.

Just like the Ministry of Truth in 1984, where lies are woven into truths, Elizabeth Warren has, with great assistance from the media, has become a one-woman Ministry of Anti-Sexism, where she actively dispenses sexist rhetoric while pretending to carry the mantle of gender equality. After Warren’s suspended her campaign, a reporter asked her this sexist and racist question, “I wonder what your message will be to women and girls who feel like we’re left with two white men to choose between?”  Warren responded, “I know. One of the hardest parts of this is all those pinky promises and all those little girls who are going to have to wait another four years.” Elizabeth Warren drops out of U.S. presidential race, offers no endorsement – watch Warren in action on video:

Of course, neither the media nor Warren conceded the fact that MOST PRIMARY VOTERS ARE WOMEN. I suppose if somebody reminded them of that, they would say the white male boogiemen forced their women to stay home or demanded they vote anybody other than Elizabeth Warren. Oh, wait! Democrats already used that lie in the 2016 election to “explain” why any woman would vote for Donald Trump. Yes, in Mrs. Warren’s Ministry of Anti-Sexism some genders are clearly “more equal than others.”  I think Orwell would agree.

In the mind of Elizabeth Warren, her inability to coherently present a healthcare plan had nothing to do with her poor showing, or her lying about having native American heritage for personal and professional gain, or the ridiculous attempt to be down with the people during an Instagram when she said, “one second, I’m going to go get me a beer.”  Let’s not forget her lying about being fired by the Riverdale Board of Education in New Jersey for being pregnant. She won’t address the fact that contrary to her claims, Riverdale extended her contract, after which, she voluntarily resigned. Riverdale wrote in a memo, “we accept her resignation with regret.”  But, of course, the shortcomings of Elizabeth Warren.

If I subscribed to socialist ideals, which I do not, Bernie Sanders would be my pick because he is at least authentic and makes no excuses for his beliefs. He does not stutter or stammer when asked how he will pay for things however ridiculous it may sound.  He is the real deal left-wing socialist. Warren came off as a phony when she touted Medicare for all then dodged questions for too long about how to fund it, then to add to her lack of conviction she said she wouldn’t get around to Medicare for all until her third year in office.

The media has ignored all of Warren’s shortcomings, missteps, and lies because they have long ago forsaken the public trust in favor of the democrat party to which most of them belong. 

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Written by Liam Salvatore

Liam Salvatore writes at the Right Wire Report. Contact him at blueday@rightwirereport.com.


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