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Virginia Women Arrested Flashing Lights at Navy Jets – Why?

Navy Times – On Feb. 28, Lou Ella Moore, 64, of Virginia Beach, was arrested on a charge of interfering with the operation of aircraft. She is accused of shining lights at military planes flying from Naval Auxiliary Field Fentress in Chesapeake, Virginia in December 2019.

Moore, 64, was arrested Friday by NCIS in the 4400 block of Blackwater Road and faces a class-6 felony charge of interfering with or endangering aircraft on Dec. 16, 2019. She was released on a $1,500 secured bond and is barred from leaving Virginia. She faces a preliminary hearing set for April 30 in Virginia Beach General District Court, according to online court records.

NCIS received complaints in December from Navy leaders that someone was flashing lights at aircraft from Naval Auxiliary Landing Field Fentress. Moore’s home is located near the airfield and a public records search by Navy Times confirmed its location. Investigators observed Moore in her backyard on Dec. 16 targeting aircraft with the makeshift device and took their case to the Virginia Beach Commonwealth’s Attorney. Here is comment off of Twitter:

So thoughts turn to what is Moore’s motives are. Let’s not play this game of, if Moore is a leftist or a Trump supporter – if proven what she did was wrong. Moore’s attorney, Richmond-based Vaughan C. Jones, did not return a message left for him by Navy Times. Moore is not a youngster and would not be just a jokester. She also has done this repeatedly. Moore also must have known that she was doing her acts to do harm that could possibly get someone killed. Why?

Perhaps she hates the military and/or America. Perhaps its partly mental illness. Her attorney will be smart and Moore will clam up and we may not really ever know. But we have seen this self and national self-hatred mentality before. People simply have forgotten families, their community and national pride. Ungrateful for what we have, not respecting people that have come before us that fought for our freedoms.

The morality of some has escaped us in today’s culture (more on this in future posts). We have constitutional processes to take our grievances to for resolution. If Moore really doesn’t like the way the country is going there are better ways to express and act on our views. 

 RWR original article syndication source.

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  1. From what I heard she didn’t like the NOISE!

    She knew the base was there when she moved there, if you don’t want to listen to it move don’t put our military at risk!

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