Joe Reid Diseased Kids

MSNBC Joy Reid Falsely Suggests Trump Supporters may Ignore Science and Send Coronavirus Sick Kids to School

MSNBC’s Joy Reid is at it again. Using false claims to slam Trump supporters. But the level she goes to hits a new low. Reid suggests that even being close to the kids of Trump supporters puts you at risk – Coronavirus. Fear not only Trump’s agenda but even the Trump supporter’s diseased Kids.

Joy Reid states, “These people, who believe Trump over facts, over science, over anything, but him. His Twitter feed, that’s the truth to them. These are people you go to work with, that you ride the bus with, they’re the parents of your children’s classmates. Trump supporters, who God love ’em, they believe anything that Donald Trump says. So you may have people who are willfully refusing to check that sniffle because they think it’s not true … And they still go to school with your kids.” Watch Joy in action:


It seems like the only person that believes that President Trump actually said that Coronavirus is a hoax is the factless people over at MSNBC. See here a fact-checker giving this rating a big fat FALSE. For more facts see our article about how the media is spreading fear to use Coronavirus as a weapon against Trump – Coronavirus Pandemic or Media Pandemic?

Anyone watching MSNBC, or should I say MSDNC, is being totally propagandized. Is Joy Reid just simply unaware or is she willingly participating in a hoax herself? It is hard to get inside of the minds of people, but one has to believe it is the latter.

The most disturbing part of this little clip is that MSNBC’s lies are trying to set-up anyone that supports Trump’s presidency, as diseased. People that you don’t even want your kids to go to school with – dehumanizing their opposition. These kinds of tactics remind us of another society that did similar tactics in the early 1900s.

In today's Coronavirus situation, would you send your kid to school with a sniffle?

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Written by Jefferson Thomas

Concerned citizen.


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  1. Reid fires a further falsehood based on an initial falsehood.
    At best this is a rash, emotional outburst….at worst this is a deliberate, calculated, malicious lie with potentially divisive and hateful consequences ( possibly along racial lines) in a very charged environment.
    To make such a claim based on an unchecked falsehood and in the capacity as a news presenter is unprofessional and outrightly dangerous.
    I agree that this can be perceived as stirring up the type of hatred that was seen before the Nazi Brownshirts began attacking the Jews.

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