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Inside the Mind of a Democrat – Know Your Political Foe

Have you heard statements like these?

  • “Democrats have no platform.”
  • “It’s all in the bag.”
  • Trump can’t lose.”

Do you really think they’re true? If you give credence to those predictions, you’ve critically underestimated your opponent. How do you explain Democrat’s repeated success in beating back Republican candidates if the Democratic party never has a worthwhile platform? You can’t, at least not logically.

Answering that question requires one thing. You need to redefine your understanding of what a worthwhile platform is to a Democrat. Thinking like a Democrat is about the only way to understand how they manage to get so far. It’s a task in itself. And if you’re steeped in logic, there’s bound to be aspirin involved.

Here’s the altruism for you. The Democratic party needs barely more than their emotion-based platform to be successful. If you’re looking for truth, fact, logic, or common sense in their arguments, you’re wasting your time. Democrat’s rarely proceed forward from a position of truth or logic. They rely instead on constructivist half-truths, outright lies, and omissions in forming their emotional ploys. With the emphasis on “emotional ploys.”

Republicans traditionally launch from places of logic, facts, and figures. More often than not. This is not to say that Republicans never avail themselves of tactics imitating Democrat’s emotional pandering. But this is more the exception than the rule. It is that progression from logic and fact that usually fails Republicans and/or Conservatives.

Here’s an example: Each party knows the score when it comes to government overspending. Both know the only logical solution is reduced spending. But, only one party will verbally acknowledge a spending problem exists and offer a solution. The other party steers well clear of that fact. You’ll rarely, if ever, hear a Democrat acknowledge any great degree of overspending. Sure, they’ll mention it. But only when it serves to point an accusatory finger. Even then, they won’t dwell on it very long, lest the focus turns their way. All this while continuing to promote more taxation and spending, as their solution to the unmentionable and hidden concept of “overspending.”

Herein lies the problem for Republicans. If a Republican mentions overspending or any social spending in general, their statement immediately conjures thoughts of cut-backs at the minimum, but more like ending a social program. All it takes is even the slightest nuance of messing around with a social benefit? And that candidate just lost. He or She may as well close their briefcase and go home.

Look back at how Republicans lost in the past. They had the audacity to annunciate what every other candidate knows in the backs of their minds. There’s a spending problem. People vote their pocketbooks and let their emotions distract them from what’s really going on and what’s being stated.

Democrats play on those emotions using terms like “it’s for the children” or “it’s for women’s health.” Oh, yes, you remember, “Do you want to kill Grandma?” The emotive comments continue ad nauseam. “It’s for” anything they can latch onto that tugs on your emotions or invokes your social justice anger.

The Democrats have no logic-based platform, no truth, no facts and figures unless they can cherry-pick data to suit their cause. They never really give you the rest of the story, do they? It’s just misleading, constructivist emotional ploys.

And sadly, it works.

The take away is, never underestimate the power of stupidity. The Left doesn’t, and they always capitalize on it. Just because it makes no sense to you doesn’t mean a Democrat isn’t incited to action. Hence, if you really believe they have no platform to campaign from, you’ve truly underestimated the power of your opponent’s fear and emotive based platforms.

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  1. Let’s not forget we have 2 generations now of kiddies brainwashed in the Marxist bastions of higher education. They have been taught to worship big government, buried under a crushing debt and told, you behave now, you keep worshiping government and we will help hold that debt at bay.
    Need to look at the parents too in this, they KNOW what’s going on in those colleges and still send the kids in. It’s a clever long term game to destroy from within.
    Your so called college education is nothing more than indentured servitude to your master, the government and the democrat rulers who made it that way.

  2. The problem is massive democrat voter fraud that never gets cleaned up , thats the ONLY reason democrats win. Approx 40% + of the entire democrat vote is due to fraud.

  3. For whatever reason they get away with breaking the law – voter fraud. In MN dead people always vote Democrat – The DHS has 3 fraud incidents – millions of dollars they have broken 200+ laws and yet they go after a tiny conservative Christian high school. Is the GOP that weak!!!!!! They are always asking me for money. Not getting g a dime until they grow a pair. Thank you B Mason Mpls MN

  4. Yes appeals to emotion are immensely influential to the ignorant and the useful idiots.
    I absolutely agree we must never underestimate this power.
    Commissar Bernie couldnt even explain where the money for all his utopian programs would come from but even by exposing this it doesnt seem to be enough to thwart the stupidity.

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