Lapee, Female Urinal Equality? Does this Work? Take online Poll

In this age of being “woke,” it seems everywhere one turns, someone is trying to reverse 1000s of years of female biology in modern society. Remember the Obama gender toilet wars? Let’s put aside for a moment the gender identity politics and counting the number of genders we have today in the “woke” world. There is also the practical side of human biology.

A few years ago, Nathalie Des Isnards was attending a music festival with her husband David and planning to watch her favorite group. Before the show, they headed to the toilets. “I spent 30 minutes in the queue waiting to pee,” she recalls. Much to her frustration, she missed the first part of the concert. Meanwhile, David took just “two minutes,” and saw the whole show. “I was upset. I told myself, “We’re in the 21st century, something should be done about that.”

Two units have been also been installed in Paris as public amenities, she says. This year the loo will be in several other countries. “The ambition is very clear. It is to make it standard that each time you have urinals for men, you have a urinal for women,” says the French entrepreneur. Hence the birth of, Lapee.

The inventor says Lapee, takes only 30 seconds to use, compared to one to two minutes for a regular cubicle. A 1,100-litre tank stores waste liquid underneath, allowing for about 3,500 visits. There are no doors, but the curved walls screen users from view while encouraging quick use. It appears to be the same as a toilet stall, its just a mere visual barrier. Not in English but I think you get the idea here on this video:

We must say that this is not a new idea, many have gone before trying to achieve the same goal as Nathalie, the Lapee entrepreneur. Even as far back as the 1800s – see here some old and new designs. Instead of Right Wire Report critiquing the idea we thought we would open it up to a poll.

Take our online poll: Will Lapee achieve female urinal equality? Does this work?
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Perhaps another idea is to just accept the fact that the biology of men and women are different – just saying. That being said, by all means, if one can achieve female urinal equality – go ahead. In any case, we salute the entrepreneurial spirit of Nathalie. Cultural gender identity issues are another matter.

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Written by Jefferson Thomas

Concerned citizen.

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  1. They want to break down women’s dignity and embolden them to use this primal utilitarian thing which makes them more vulnerable to perverts and rape.
    This thing is more about social conditioning than it is about basic bodily functions.
    Hey its pink it must be ok!

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