A Rationale View of the Coronavirus – the Virus and the Response

Accompanying the outbreak of Coronavirus is another disease that has pulled back its veil for all to see. This secondary condition is not a virus in the traditional sense, but its spread is rampant and even more aggressive than Coronavirus itself. 

The symptoms of this Corona offshoot are irrational fear, anger at the president, and the collective need of the public to swarm the stores in such numbers as to be indiscernible from locusts. Not to say the Coronavirus shouldn’t be taken seriously, but forces are working in service of the 2020 Democrat campaign causing a level of alarm that doesn’t appear proportional with the facts on the ground.

As of this writing, 187,689 have been infected globally, with a total of 7,494 deaths. China, Iran, and Italy account for over 80% of cases. Compared to H1N1 in 2009-2010, the numbers are paltry, and unlike Coronavirus, H1N1 was deadly to a much broader age group. 65% of those who died of H1N1 were under 65, while less than 20% of Coronavirus victims are under 65. Since 84% of the population is under 65, this means it is highly unlikely the number of deaths from Coronavirus will ever approach those of H1N1. Note: This assumes that the data we have been presented is reasonably accurate.

The media ignore comparisons of this nature because their agenda isn’t to inform but to politicize a pandemic. Globally, H1N1 infected an estimated 700 million to 1.4 billion and killed between 150,000 and 500,000. Why didn’t we see the world shut down, economies destroyed, stock markets in shambles, and people wracked with fear? The only discernible difference is that Barrack Obama was president and the Democrat media was on his side at all costs.

Mainstream media and the Democrat party have joined forces in weaponizing the ill-effects of Coronavirus for the final assault against Donald Trump before the election. Trump has acted faster than any president in history towards a threat of this kind, but Joe Scarborough, an MSNBC anchor, told the following lie for the benefit of the Democrat party, “sick Trump’s stupidity will cause Americans to die from Coronavirus. The president is doing nothing but playing in his political sandbox while this virus continues to spread silently across America”. 

It seems Joe forgot that prior to lying about Trump “doing nothing” to stop the virus, he attacked Trump for doing something when he acted swiftly by limiting air travel to China and enacting a quarantine to protect Americans. When Scarborough called Trump’s actions “xenophobic,” he also indicted the CDC who SUPPORTED THE MEASURES.  Rather than be on the side of America and use his position in the media to support common-sense actions to protect this country, Joe Scarborough took the road of deceit and to be an operative for the Democrat party. The only thing Joe has to fear is a fair Media, but that doesn’t exist, so he’ll go on misrepresenting facts and lying with impunity.

Mainstream news outlets like to accuse Trump of politicizing the Coronavirus when they’re the ones constantly and demonstrably politicizing it and everything else.  The New York Times kicked-off the most recent strategy of the Democrat party campaign for 2020 by printing boldly in their “newspaper,” “Let’s call it Trumpvirus. If your feeling awful, you know who to blame”.  Not to be outdone, the Washington Post prints, “The Coronavirus is Trump’s Chernobyl.”  The Democrat candidates echoed these silly headlines in their efforts to blame Trump for the virus and the politicization of it while hoping people listening are too dumb or brainwashed to notice it’s them and their media cohorts who are complicit in weaponizing something they shouldn’t.

Joy Reid of MSNBC is promoted and paid $1.5 million annually to open her mouth and victimize the country with torrents of incoherent, lie-laced, and at times, racist rhetoric that’s reminiscent of the poison spewed by Louis Farrakhan and David Duke. Reid lied when she said Trump called the Coronavirus a “hoax,” and as a result, “Trump supporters will willfully ignore that sniffle and send their children to school with your kids.”  Yes, this is the same Joy Reid, who uttered, “The word heartland is like a dog whistle for white voters.” Let’s not forget her piece de resistance, “wealthy white men will enact apartheid to maintain power.”

Sadly, when the Democrat party/media complex is willing to exploit something as dangerous as the Coronavirus to attempt the destruction of a sitting president and influence the 2020 election, one need not imagine in horror what else they are capable of doing. Sadly, the examples in this article are only a small sample of what occurs 24/7 on mainstream network news and entertainment. 

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Written by Liam Salvatore


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  1. Great perspective here in terms of actual statistical comparisons and the totally unfounded accusations against President Trump.
    The media’s avoidance of comparing the Swine flu of 2009/2010 is telling since it would expose their distortions of the current COVID-19 situation.

  2. I’ve been arguing with my Democrat brother over this very point, his fear mongering and lies, but Democrat true-believers persist with their smear war on Trump and his able team dealing with this problem or any problem for that matter. It’s truly a sick thing that Democrats are so hate-filled it blinds them of their ability to drop their useless panic politicking for even a minute to help unify when unification and spirit is needed most. I trust this will not be lost on the American Electorate, and it will deliver the Democrats their just reward for this behavior in November up- and down-ballot.

  3. Our President is stuck between a rock and a hard spot. He knows the score as do all of the “experts” standing behind each day. He does call out the press at times (like today for instance) but they twist everything he says so it’s a no win situation for him. I pray that when this has past, and it shall, that the press is called out for their shameful and despicable actions. I also pray that we can take back the house, hold the senate and the WH. I think President Trump’s second term will be a sight to see. I’m a old white male so I am on the endangered species list but I hope GOD gives me 5 more years so I can watch him dismantle the deep state, hold these rotten politicians to account for their actions, and shine a light on the press so Americans can see the destruction they have caused by their irresponsible “reporting”
    God Bless everyone and stay healthy, we need you to vote in November!!

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