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Coronavirus Crisis is a Glimpse into what Democratic Socialism Would Look Like

Students matriculating at colleges across the U.S. are being influenced to prefer socialism over capitalism by left-leaning professors. For the first time in the lives of many, the current situation with Coronavirus is affording students and everybody else, a real-time view of what socialism looks like – empty store shelves, businesses stifled, and stock market wealth being destroyed because of investor’s dim view of the future.

Students need to ignore Marxist sociology professors romanticizing the glory days of failed collectivist regimes and observe what’s going in the simulated socialism wrought by Coronavirus. If professors were fair, which they’re not, they would highlight countries like Israel, India, and the U.K., who post WW2 adopted socialism by nationalizing everything. At first, socialism in these countries worked and provided 3 to 5% GDP growth, but after several decades and burgeoning population growth and overseas competition, unemployment spiraled up, and economic growth declined precipitously. All three of these major countries abandoned failing socialist utopian principals and implemented market-based reforms that proved to be the elixir for their anemic economies.

A poll conducted by YouGov revealed an alarming disconnect that Millennials and Generation Z have with the rest of America. When polled, Americans overall regarded capitalism with a 61% favorability compared to just 50% among Millennials and Generation Z. When asked if they would vote for a socialist candidate, 70% of Millennials gave a big thumbs-up followed by 64% of gen z followed by 44% of Gen Xer’s, Boomers 36%, and the silent generation 33%.

There is a logical reason why Millennials have such pro-socialist views, and it lies within their experience or lack there-of. The first Millennials were born in 1981 and had no memory of communism in the flesh. When Reagan said, “Gorbechev, tear down that wall,” the oldest millennial was six years old and busy imagining the day the training wheels would come off the Huffy bicycle. When the Berlin Wall finally fell, that same millennial was only ten and more interested in Nintendo’s Gameboy, that had only been out for two years.

The adage “those who do not learn history are bound to repeat it,” seems supremely applicable to the two most recent generations, as they wholeheartedly support openly socialist candidates who, in some instances, harbor communist views. But why have they not learned about the drawbacks of socialism and communism? It seems impossible that these two failed and/or floundering systems would garner such support among citizens in the United States who have the first-hand experience of a market-based economy and ostensibly the ability to draw a contrast between it and systems.

Enter the college professor. A 2018 survey of 479 sociology professors performed by The American Sociologist revealed that 21% identify as radicals, while a mere 2% say they’re conservative. The findings are in line with past surveys. A 2004 poll found that among sociology professors, 25 percent self-identified as “Marxist,” 49% identified as Democrats, and 5% as Republicans. On the website, hundreds of students say things such as: “you basically have to pretend to be a Marxist in order to get an A” and “as long as you show Marxist ideology in your papers you will pass.” According to many students, it appears there is no shortage of professors who operate like Mussolini’s blackshirts by beating kids over the head with a bad grade should they dare hold a differing political point of view.

Right Wire Report has already reported on one Millenial meltdown over the overreach of statism – Cardi B has Coronary over Corona Lockdown. The Coronavirus crisis gives us a glimpse into how people denied a little liberty reacts. We would ask people to watch carefully these Coronavirus events unfold as a stark reminder of when society starts breaking down, what life could be like.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Written by Liam Salvatore

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