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Pelosi Exposing Americans to Coronavirus Danger – The Case to Expel Nancy Pelosi from Congress

No! This is not rhetorical hyperbole. Unfortunately, this is war! No longer is the war between Decency v. Indecency, Good v. Evil, or Right v. Wrong, snowballing ahead without a body count. Americans, if you take to the heart one thing from reading this article, it is the shift from a soft Tyranny to Tyranny, has already happened. The War is between Patriots v. Traitors.

Terminology matters, so let us get on the same page with our terms:

Patriot:  1.) A person who loves, supports, defends his or her country and its interests with devotion. 2.) A person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the Federal Government.

Traitor:  1.) A person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust. 2.) A person who commits treason by betraying his or her country and its citizens.

Subversion: The undermining of the power and authority of an established system or institution. See here the U.S. code for this unlawful act: §2383 Rebellion or insurrection, §2384 Seditious conspiracy, and §2385 Advocating the overthrow of Government

Weapon: 1.) Something (such as a club, knife, or gun) used to injure, defeat, or destroy.  2.) A means of contending against another or defeating another. 

Right Wire Report respectfully poses the questions: If an enemy combatant or nation was attacking you or yours with a weapon, would you defend yourself and them? When do words that are spoken from political leaders, media and cultural icons no longer just free speech? Can false, subversive propaganda be considered a weapon?

Most are familiar with the phrase “you can’t yell fire in a movie theater, when restrictions of the First Amendment are discussed. Sadly, far too many do not know the source or context of the quote. While presiding over the case, U.S. v. Schenck, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes stated, “The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic.” U.S. v. Schenck did not involve fires or theaters but was about deciding if Charles Schenck, the Secretary of the Socialist Party of America, could be convicted under the Espionage Act for writing and distributing a pamphlet that expressed his opposition to the draft during World War I. Holmes was making the point that the First Amendment is not absolute. The ruling on that case stated the U. S. Constitution’s First Amendment could be restricted if the words spoken or printed represented to society a “clear and present danger.”

There are different periods in history where political opposition deployed subversive rhetoric to foment civil unrest and regime change. These orchestrated uprisings often resulted in mass murder and suffering and horrific societal change. Beware of the political vacuum, as the one who steps forth can be worse than the ousted. A key component in these periods were subversive campaigns of propaganda designed to weaken the respect and trust in leadership while creating chaotic and rapid changes for the citizens to modulate despite the confusion. Here are a few of those periods: 

  • French Revolution – L’infamie campaign
  • Russia – Mensheviks / Bolsheviks/Stalin
  • Chile – Pinochet v. states-sponsored opposition
  • Iran – Mosaddegh v. states-sponsored opposition
  • Egypt – Morsi v. Mubarak
  • Vietnam – Governments v. communist Russia/China

Right Wire Report, has watched the political left (elected leadership, Media, and Hollywood) engage in the most highly organized, outrageous and dangerous propaganda campaign against Trump, the Republicans, and Trump Supporters for political gain. However, what these players are acting out since the Covid-19 outbreak is far different. Watch the third in the line to the presidency screaming fire in a theater! Speaking to host Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Nancy Pelosi said, “As the president fiddles, people are dying:” 

Rewind your calendar and see here is what Speaker Nancy Pelosi was doing and saying on February 24, 2020:

Nancy Pelosi says, “we want to be vigilant about what’s out there in other places, careful how we deal with it. But I say to the people come to Chinatown, we are careful, safe come join us.As of March 29, 2020, San Francisco Bay area has 340 Covid-19 confirmed cases and five deaths. Do you play the fiddle, Nancy? Days after she toured Chinatown, the President had formed the Coronavirus Task Force, and had blocked travel from China and mobilized the agencies of the government and private sector to prepare for outcomes. The White House also submitted an emergency request for funding for the virus to Congress.  By February 15, 2020, there were 15 cases confirmed in the U.S. and only four deaths outside mainland China.

The CDC showed as of February 24, 2020, “Fourteen cases have been diagnosed in the United States, in addition to 39 cases among repatriated persons from high-risk settings, for a current total of 53 cases within the United States.” Please denote that for most of February, cases diagnosed were from ship passengers, and near the end of February is when we started to see a crawl of new community cases. On February 24, 2020,  Trump reassured Americans, “we are monitoring cases, and so far the risk is low if you are not in a vulnerable population, adjusting as new information comes in but so far so good. We have the experts, the best in the world, and hopefully, we will see those sick recover soon.” Nancy Pelosi and Trump were basically saying the same thing. Please identify where they were not on the same page as of February 24, 2020?

Nancy Pelosi soon changed her tune when it came time to score seditiously against Trump. Nancy Pelosi and the left media remain hyper-focused on assigning a glitch in CDC’s initial testing kits to Trump as incompetence. However, it was not Trump or the executive branch who messed up on testing – see here and here. The media had also focused 99% of all its coverage of the Covid-19 virus on Trump not reacting quickly enough and telling Americans lies. Take the time to read through some of the media’s lies here, and recognize they are repeated by politicians and Hollywood actors on twitter and at microphones, forming an echo chamber. 

Projections of guilt abound. Do Democrats and the mainstream media feel culpable in some way for lack of focus on the emerging virus threat? Should they? This article makes a compelling case. The House Democrats and many media outlets were enthralled by Schift’s theatrics while rolling the impeachment sham show out while this outbreak began to surface in China. While the Chinese government delayed informing getting to the world of this threat until the last week of 2019 and even then withheld pertinent information. The Senate’s hands were tied to conduct other business all of January 2020 until February 5 while carrying out the Impeachment farce. 

Did the impeachment sham by Democrats expose the U.S. to the Covid-19 dangers?

This concerted effort to label the Commander and Chief, presently on a war footing, as one responsible for killing Americans, is SICK. The consistent drumbeat that Americans cannot trust what he tells them and by proxy cannot trust the team of experts around him is criminal. Senator Graham had choice words for Nancy Pelosi’s accusations. Roll the video (at 4:56):

Subversion takes planning and uniformity of effort, and the traitors to our country are playing their tunes like a fine-tuned Stradivarius. Let’s look at just a short list of examples:

  • Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” anchor Chuck Todd asked former Vice President Joe Biden if President Donald Trump had “blood” on his hands, given the Trump administration’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • Last week, MSNBC’s O’Donnell said, “more people are dead and dying in America tonight because Trump is president.”
  • Actress Lori Petty declared Saturday morning that Republican lawmakers had become a “death squad,” because of their continued support for President Donald Trump and his response to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.
  • Actress Rosanna Arquette posted the phrase “Trump Genocide” on social media Saturday.
  • CNN analyst Joe Lockhart accused Dr. Birx, whose name he mistakenly spelled as Birk, of drinking the Trump “Kool-Aid.” “I, for one, am no longer interested in hearing from Dr. Brix. Her vouching for Trump’s vast scientific abilities from his business background was the breaking point. Stepford Doc,” he tweeted. Dr. Anthony Fauci calls out media for trying to divide him and Trump. 
  • Morning Joe, Scarborough said Republicans are content on letting veterans from World War II, Korea, and Vietnam die from COVID-19 as long as corporations like Boeing remain economically afloat amid the outbreak.
  • This was just an abbreviated list of examples!

Sorry but not buying it! Right Wire Report does not accept this sea of seditious vessels that are only suffering from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). This is an Armada no longer gathering on America’s horizon but cresting on top of the waves they are building. Those who still cannot bring themselves to call this what it is risk mortal wounds in this war. Persons, factions, colluding conspirators, or whatever name you can tolerate being on the battlefield and outflanking you. They display absolute arrogance and unmitigated confidence in their victory and feel morally superior. The orders and mission are eerily transparent as they intend to subvert a duly elected president’s power and insert their political control and judgment in its place.

There are zero ethical dilemmas for them, and they possess no conscience. All previous strikes against the governed who give consent have failed, and there is blood in the water now, and like a shark, they have predator instincts. Listen to a chilling Pelosi in 2018 explaining collateral damage:

Are the American people collateral damage to advance Nancy Pelosi’s career? So what weapon will you choose to defend yourself? Your loved ones? Your country?

Right Wire Report suggests the most powerful one of all – The United States Constitution and the rule of law. Peacefully assemble and petition your Government for a redress of grievances NOW!  Demand elected officials to send criminal referrals to the DOJ of all politicians and media spokesmen who are knowingly placing the public in danger with falsehoods and attempting to subvert the Office of the Presidency in this crucial national security crisis. Demand members of Congress to expel Speaker Pelosi or become Chum!

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Written by Bekah Lyons

"The simple step of a courageous individual is to not take part in the lie. One word of truth outweighs the world." Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

I was born and raised in the enigma known as "The Big Easy." There, rooted along the banks of the great Mississippi River between the creeping bayou and Lake Pontchartrain, I was conscripted on all things pertaining to human nature.  I am the quintessential southern woman, that is to say, I defy most could never accurately define what that label truly represents.  Brined below sea level where one respects; the haunts lingering about, the force of storm surge, the ethos of Mardi Gras, and the sanctity of generational family-I know what it is to belong to an organically diverse culture.

Early on in life, my career path serpentined and led to brief stints of living abroad in Europe as I indulged my passions for painting, musical theater, and the culinary arts. My young experiences evolved my purpose and honed my intuitive skills and I became a Medical Professional specializing in mental health with a focus on child/adolescent needs. After living decades in NOLA, and after hurricane  Katrina unearthed the realities of modern-day inner cities, I made the pivotal decision to relocate to where my family and I spent our summers in a quest to find security and civility in my life.

High up on one of the "grandfather mountains" I now perch in a Smoky mountain community in East Tennessee. Although, I would not trade my formative years in Louisiana, unfortunately,  that era of  America  is  no longer obtainable in the times we live - changing course was the best decision "Evah!"

I am a warrior  for freedom and truth , steeped in my ancestral history ,I am constantly reminded that stillness and introspection expands the mind and heart to possess a more nuanced understanding of all things in our internal and external world. We are all destined to bash ourselves against the rotted cultural rocks of humanity's unraveling until we recognize that a shared moral tone is essential for a free society. A healthy culture is one comprised of many unique people who offer shading and depth to the experience of living, yet all choose to accept basic truths that bind us all together-a societal moral tone. Intolerance  , censorship, intersectionality, cancel culture, apathy ,and ignorance will only groom oppression and tyranny.  Critical thought, differentiation, and dissent is your individual right granted not by government -and must always be protected, championed, and defended.


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  1. House Speaker Pelosi and the media are basically accusing President Trump of something far worse than war crimes – they are accusing him of genocide of his OWN people!
    This is outright BASELESS slander, libel, defamation and calumny against the President.
    Not only that but they are doing this at a time to deliberately try to exploit the tension, anxiety and the fear among the people to give this momentum and foment instability and possible uncontrolled PANIC.
    If this is not subversion or a direct attack on the Republic then I don’t know what is.
    The foreign enemies of America must be dancing with delight at seeing Pelosi and the media doing their work for them.
    This article presents a basis for a legal case against House Speaker Pelosi as well as those in the media who perpetuate and echo baseless accusations.
    The accusations against Trump are an egregious assault to the spirit of responsible Free Speech and constitute a criminal act.

  2. How far will these liars go in attempting to bring down the President with what can only be called baseless malicious lies?
    Are there no laws to protect the innocent of such attacks?
    Is there no justice in the land?
    Will a champion arise?

  3. A long while ago a few people tried to use the part of the US Constitution that involved redress by the citizens. I can’t now remember the exact subject but they were right on with their matter. Our government turned down their requests for redress. I would bet that similar requests are even now in some government office requesting relief. We are in BIG trouble in America! There is little that would give me more satisfaction than seeing some of our Congress persons or high office holders held accountable for their defamation of Trump and his administration and the outright lies, slander and treason. I don’t understand the reason but no one cares to bring charges against the elites in America. About 90% of the members of congress have violated their oaths of office. It’s as if those with the power to bring charges against them are of the mind “oh, well. Ho hum.” The likes of Pelose, Schumer, Schiff & Nadler as well as many other fellow travelers and members of the press are not just traitors, they are real enemies of our country. We will never see justice meted out in this world. Perhaps in the next one.

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