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78% of Chinese are Satisfied with Coronavirus Response – Do You believe It?

China, for some time now, has been accused of lying about the true situation over the Coronavirus pandemic in their country. When looking at the numbers on the now infamous Johns Hopkins University Crona Scare Map, it seems to be stuck at 80,000 Chinese infections for days. Many are scratching their heads to understand how this can be true. Here is a short video from Sky News Australia, that seems to give credibility to this assertion:

The Sky reporter suggests that a totalitarian regime such as China cannot be trusted – expelling foreign journalists, social media bloggers vanish, business leaders, and doctors have been silenced. But these are not the only data points to suggest the China cover-up propaganda machine is in full swing.

In a new series of surveys from Statista on the COVID-19 outbreak, three out of four countries surveyed gave a mixed response to how their fellow citizens were handling the virus. 36% of respondents in Germany, 45% of respondents in the U.K., and 36% of respondents in the U.S. said they were dissatisfied. Respondents from China, the fourth country surveyed, were strangely mostly satisfied at 78%, with only 4% saying they were dissatisfied. Would N. Korea have even higher satisfaction rates? See the chart below:

Just one glance at the chart above, and one can easily see that this chart is highly problematic. It is understandable that during a crisis, populations under extreme lockdown quarantines will naturally complain – it is human. And yes, Chinese are human too. So why the stark difference? The  Right Wire Report has no doubt that Statista did a reasonable survey … But, when Statista did the survey, most likely, the respondents were too scared, to tell the truth. The fear of Chinese government surveillance would put them at risk. It is quite telling how controlled society really is in China.

Here is another example of the Chinese propaganda to spin a “not our fault” story. Right Wire Report had, as others have done, published an article that questioned the Chinese illegal immigration policies in Italy that may have exacerbated or even caused Italy to suffer so much in this Coronavirus crisis. See – Italian Illegal Immigration, Coronavirus Cause? The Chinses propaganda team monitors the internet and uses its own media outlets to counter such information. See – Coronavirus: why Prato, home to Italy’s biggest single Chinese community, is remarkably unscathed.

Please note that this is not to say Chinese people are problematic, rather the tyrannical government they must endure. With a global pandemic such as Coronavirus, we need international cooperation to have good clean information to battle the illness. Playing propaganda games costs lives – something the leaders of China do not seem to consider. Free societies in the future must now consider a new relationship with these types of regimes.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Written by Jefferson Thomas

Concerned citizen.


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  1. All and all I found the beating uninspired and halfhearted, the handcuffs were too tight but the welding on the doors of my apartment was top notch. I think I would give my China quarantine experience three out of four red stars.

  2. It is an evil empire the likes of which the world has not seen before.

    Its efficient cruelty is a refinement of Stalin’s, Pol Pot’s and Hitler’s horrors and makes the STASI of East Germany appear primitive.
    Its evil is not limited to its own borders but spreads across the globe like a contagion …even to space…and the serene face of the moon.
    Its spies are feverishly active in every country on the planet.
    Who will expose it?
    Who will defy it?
    Who will slay the Red Dragon before it devours us?
    Who will come?
    I applaud the authour’s veracity and courage.
    If he had written this article in China or should visit there he would be arrested and many others have…his organs redistributed to the party members and their families.

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