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Cuomo Follows in Obama’s Footsteps, wants a Socialist New Normal

Pay close attention, and you will see how the Left always telegraphs where their dogma will eventually lead us all. The ends justify the means, and we should all be thankful for our socially engineered slice of “utopia.” What is the endgame? The creation of their “New America” requires abandoning the Constitutional Republic, rejecting our founding principles, and acceptance of a socialist “New Normal

Candidate Barack Obama declared in 2008:

“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” 

His wife, Michelle, put it this way: “We are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.” 

New York, Governor Cuomo’s recent COVID-19 press conference he echoed the former Democrat Party leaders and Leftist icons by declaring the following:

We are never going to be the same, and we can’t forget what happened here. As a society, beyond just this immediate situation, we should start looking forward to understand how this experience is going to change us, or how it should change us because this is going to be transformative. It is going to be transformative on a personal basis, on a social basis, on a systems basis.

We’re never going to be the same again. We’re not going to forget what happened here. The fear that we have, the anxiety that we have, that’s not just going to go away. When do we get back to normal? I don’t think we get back to normal. I think we get to a “New Normal” like we’re seeing in so many facets of society right now…”

Watch the entire speech :

This metamorphosis wing-flapping can be heard loudly on the Left. We heard former presidential candidate and Senator Warren, announcing she plans to “fundamentally transform our government,” that America needs “big, structural change, fundamental change.” Likewise, Sen. Bernie Sanders and DNC presidential candidate bellowed, “We’re going to try to transform the United States of America, this campaign is about fundamental change.”

Speaker of the House Pelosi has fully embraced Identity Politics and the radical left-wing of her congressional caucus by championing their “Female empowerment to boldly remake America.” Here is the face of that new female energy of intersectionality on parade: 

So what about America needs transforming? The answer is found by starting with a view from the Left’s prism. Leftists consistently describe America as xenophobic, imperialist, racistsexistgenocidalhomophobic, greedy, militaristic, and morally bankrupt. They routinely juxtapose our country as morally inferior to most Western European countries and incorrectly assign socialist policies as more effective. The Left has deemed Capitalism as the illness starving the patient (the citizens), and global citizenry and centralized governance as the cure. The symbols and traditions of our country reflect a history deemed by the Left as both our shame and our kryptonite.

Separating us from our shared values based on that history is imperative. Hence we gain unity and strength from them. The symbol, the American flag is held in such contempt to break our collective bonds and Institutional traditions like school prayer, traditional family, nativity Christmas displays, Ten commandments and religious notations on government buildings, monuments, peaceful assembly, and free speech are now vestiges of old or under brutal attack. Political correctness strict adherence and intersectionality have replaced individual liberty and responsibility. Perhaps most disturbing is how the Left uses our enumerated laws as weapons through activist courts.

We must fundamentally change they cry, and accept a “New Normal.” What is the” New Normal “the Left is fighting so vociferously for? One cannot transform America without starting over. This means an entirely new system of governance. and a new Bill of Rights. The Left prefers a parliamentary system. Right Wire Report suggests that the decades of mounting partisan politics and division on display fueled by media, might be a grand plan to push us to a parliamentary system. Remember, the radical Left does not fear mob rule because  the “New Normal” places more power in the hands of an authoritative government who would not hesitate to put down dissent. 

The Bill of Rights known to the Left as negative rights has been a target for transformation before. The Second Bill of Rights was tried before under Franklin D. Roosevelt’s tenure but failed. The Democrat Platform is essentially where a New Bill of Rights would be derived. Here are some of their key objectives:

  • Universal Free Healthcare 
  • Universal Income / minimum wage 
  • Free College tuition 
  • Green Energy Deal / Carbon Tax Plan 
  • Abortion on demand up till delivery 
  • Internet Bill of Rights 
  • Limits of Free Speech/Hate Speech laws
  • Limits on Second Amendment / gun bans
  • Court Packing 
  • Illegals right to vote and become citizens
  • No real borders
  • Granting statehood to Washington DC
  • Abolishing Electoral College
  • Lowering voting age
  • No school Choice 
  • Higher taxation / regulation
  • Altering Due process

Right Wire Report has observed the slow march towards Fascism (a Leftist ideology) over the last few decades and incremental chipping away at our foundations as a nation. The Obama years saw that tortoise on steroids and resulted in continuing budget resolutions and shovel ready, donor pay to play excessive spending. His policies fundamentally changed our healthcare, energy, and education sectors. Illegal and legal immigration policy dramatically changed the core fabric of our shared values and shifted the balance to the Left at the voting booth. National Security was upended, and our military readiness was depleted. Our Justice system and other institutions were reverse engineered to mirror the Progressive academia and weaponized against us. Severe fissures and dangerous divides across racial, gender, and sexual orientation were hardwired.

Now, the country is in peril with the outbreak of COVID-19 and the economic apocalypse that accompanies the infectious spread. Leftism is also an infection that, if left untreated, will scorch a path wide open for the vacuum to be filled with their “transformation changes.” Speaker Pelosi’s House Stimulus Bill was a down payment on transformational change. Pelosi’s Progressive posse attached Union Bargaining, Ballot Harvesting, Mail-in Vote, Corporate forced diversity just to touch on a few elements and could not get up to steam this time with a GOP Senate in control. What happens next time? The Left are titillated at present in this crisis and see a wide-open fiery path to go down. 

Listen to them … they tell you where they wish for you to end up. You are being groomed in real-time. The media are touting Cuomo as the next Obama and talk of him replacing Biden is brewing. The “New Normal” is a socialist anti-American as it can be. Exploiting tragedy and suffering is what the Left does best.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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  1. Didn’t learn the lessons of mussolini, huh? Try and force your ,”New normal”, on Us and We will employ Our 2nd Amendment RIGHT and remove you from this World, post haste.

  2. This convinces me more than ever that leftism is a top down movement which preys on the vulnerability of the people.
    After reading this it galvanizes my understanding of the left as an iron-fisted force that is hammered down on us relentlessly.
    While doing this they seduce us will all manner of false promises like children turning a classroom into chaos when the teacher leaves.
    The classroom mayhem is wild fun…until the school exams come and we need to function in the real world.
    From this article Ive learned not to underestimate the enemy’s will, cunning, organization, cohesiveness, intelligence (mostly amongly the higher levels) and also raw hatred.
    This is a wake-up call if ever there was one.
    The hour is late.

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