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Floridians Line up in 4mi Food Line in their Nice Cars and SUVs, WTF?

Dramatic images from South Florida on Monday show a long line of cars backed up bumper to bumper on a roadway while motorists wait hours to get food from a food bank.

A drone captured aerial shots of vehicles waiting in line in Sunrise, Florida, just northwest of Fort Lauderdale, on Monday. The motorists were waiting to receive food from Feeding South Florida, a food bank that relies on donations to feed the poor. Feeding South Florida has seen a 600% increase in the number of people asking for food as millions have been laid off due to the coronavirus outbreak. Check out the video drone footage here:

Sorry, but the Right Wire Report got triggered on this story. Now we realize that the Coronavirus is real and presents numerous challenges both from a health and economic perspective. The crisis has been going on for only just a few weeks. And now Americans are lining up in food lines? Seriously?

Take a look at the feature image. See that nice shinny yellow Camero with the black racing strips? Take a look at some of the other vehicles … there are some nice SUVs in line. And yet they need food? Now Right Wire Report has its contacts in Southern Florida, we run a daily chat room and get information on the ground across America. There is no reason that people can not get to the store to buy food – the Coronavirus lockdowns are not that draconian.

Furthermore, we understand some may have lost their job – but with a few week’s loss of income, and Americans are in food lines? It is a simple case of poor management of their financial resources. These people do have resources, we can see this with the cars they are driving, they are not destitute. Spawning the question, whether these people are taking resources from others in true need. For sure there may be some exceptions – but a massive line to get free food?

This story is a sad commentary on the state of the American mindset. Our society has been marinated in big government socialism – ready to stick our hands out for any freebies one can get. One should be more self-reliant – have basic food stocks and three month’s financial stability – before you buy your fancy car. This story goes into the WTF folder.

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Written by Tom Williams

Born down on the farm in America's Midwest, my early life was spent climbing the ladder via a long career in information technology. Starting as a technician, and after earning a degree going to night school, I eventually found a place working at ATT Bell Laboratories as a software engineer.

Later moving into management and then a long stint in a major management consulting firm working with major banking, telecommunications, and retail companies. Working in various states in America, I also spent considerable time living and working in several European countries - currently expat in France. As a side career, I was heavily involved in real estate development and an avid futures trader. This experience can give one a unique view of the world.

The storm clouds of dark change are near. Today America is at a crossroads. Will it maintain its prowess as a national leader in the free modern advancing world, or will it backtrack in the abyss of the envy identity politics of tyrannical socialism, and the loss of individual freedoms. The 2020 election may have decided this. Join the Right Wire Report team and make a stand.

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  1. Agreed , no way that this many citizens are destitute for food. This is purely an example of either milking a system set up for those truly in need , or gross character /immaturity leading to total lack of self reliance , or both. Unfortunately , the virus crisis reveals the underbelly of too many communities in America whose citizens minds and value system is effectively that of an 8 yr old .

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