Tel Aviv Drug Dealers

How Much Risk Will Society Accept To Have a Functioning Society?

Y Net News – Drug rings in the Tel Aviv area have been adapting to the new reality of Coronavirus guidelines with a cunning means of disguise and are wearing the uniforms of a food delivery service to continue to push their drugs.

With Israel on increasingly stringent lockdown, staff for takeaway delivery services such as Wolt or Gett (see feature photo), are among the few who can move around freely without attracting too much police attention. As such, they are induced to hand over their uniforms to dealers seeking to enjoy the same freedom of movement. Some even decide to deliver drugs themselves. According to dealers, making deliveries has never been so smooth and problem-free.

Perhaps somewhat amusing, what about crime across America? Here are a couple of samplings of crime vs. Coronavirus statistics:

PBS – In Chicago, one of America’s most violent cities, drug arrests have plummeted 42% in the weeks since the city shut down, compared with the same period last year. Part of that decrease, some criminal lawyers say, is that drug dealers have no choice but to wait out the economic slump. Overall, Chicago’s crime declined 10% after the pandemic struck, a trend playing out globally as cities report stunning crime drops in the weeks since measures were put into place to slow the spread of the virus. 

USA Today – There have been massive drops in traffic and person stops – as much as 92% in some jurisdictions – helped drive sharp declines in drug offenses and DUIs. Thefts and residential burglaries decreased with fewer stores open and homes unoccupied, and some agencies logged fewer assaults and robberies. 

A study compared weekly totals between February 2 and March 28. Reporters analyzed daily calls for service and incident data published by 30 local police and sheriff’s agencies that range from those covering big cities like Dallas to small communities like St. John, Indiana. Overall, calls for service fell by at least 12% and incidents by at least 21% at most of the police agencies. The county jails after March 15 booked arrestees at half the rate as before. 

It is not just crime, traffic accidents as well. Before the stay-at-home orders, researchers estimate that there were approximately 1,000 collision incidents and 400 injuries and fatal accidents per day on highways across California. With stay-at-home orders now in place, researchers at UCD now see around 500 collisions and 200 injuries or fatal incidents. The report also cites traffic volumes, accidents, injuries, and accidental deaths had ultimately decreased by about 60% on certain highways, explaining the corresponding decrease in car accidents.

Well, surprise surprise – if you lock people in their homes, less of just about everything will occur – except for a few things like hysteria and internet porn. I suppose that is the point of a quartine. There are many risks in our lives. What about the 30K lives lost annually with car accidents, 80K annual drug overdoses, the list could go on. Shall we mitigate these risks as well? The question is:

How much risk will society accept to have a functioning society?

Furthermore, in a free society, should this decision be left up to the government or the individual? Or at least left up to local authorities. President Trump described the decision on when and how to reopen the country as the most difficult one he’s had to make in his life, balancing between concerns about the economy and public health safety during the coronavirus outbreak. The decision he makes will be far-reaching.

Yes, the Coronavirus is real, but few are placing in context the hair raising numbers within reasonable risk. How many deaths would there be with Coronavirus and regular flu combined? How many deaths are really being mitigated? Do you know the answer to these questions? Right Wire Report suggested an alternative view here:  Coronavirus Mathematical Model Suggest a Hoax? It’s time to open America up for business. The alternative could very well be worse than the Coronavirus.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Written by Jefferson Thomas

Concerned citizen.


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  1. Golly, we’d all be safer if we reenacted prohibition. Look at all of the drunk driving deaths we’d avoid. Speaking of driving, let’s do away with those darn cars. It turns out horses and buggies ARE safer. People go hither and yon, to and fro. Willy-nilly even. And they drive like maniacs! There’s nothing worse than doing 102 in the passing lane, being tailgated by some idiot wanting to go 103. (LOL – this is writing itself!) Society wants MORE risk, now with marijuana in legal vogue. But you KNOW, when Trump opens the economy, CNN will find someone that dies from the Wuhan virus and have the family blame Trump for a week straight.

  2. Americans are the world’s biggest risk takers. We risk everything to start a new business. Farmers risk their homes every year on a bet against Mother Nature. We love our cars and yet over 100,000 people a year die on the highway. More than 5,000 pedestrians die each year. More than 3,000 people drown each year while swimming. The home bathroom is said to be the riskiest place on earth. More than 300 people die in bed from accidents. Risk is part of life.
    I am 70 and part of the “high risk” group for the Wu Flu. I am willing to risk everything to see America back to work. Odds are in my favor that I will survive just fine. Odds are in your favor too.

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