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The More “Press Freedom” the More Coronavirus (Look at the Maps), Media Hysteria?

We have all been watching the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Scare Map for a few weeks now. We notice that it gets updated almost every one to four hours. It seems to present a narrative that implies an astounding accuracy. 

It cites real-time data sources: WHO, CDC, ECDC, NHC, DXY, 1point3acres,, BNO, the COVID Tracking Project (testing and hospitalizations), state and national government health departments, and local media reports. Right Wire Report would like to see the same effort to show normal Influenza (non-COVID-19) to ensure that there is no double counting. Many are starting to question the data, and we are starting to get reports of inaccurate reporting of COVID-19 deaths … click here and here

Just for a moment, let’s step back a bit from the Coronavirus Scare Map and look at it from a distance. For sure, China has been hit hard, and many question their numbers. There are other outliers as well in Iran and Turkey. But isn’t it odd that the two hardest effected areas are the U.S. and Western Europe? Many will cite the reasons for this to be: travel, race, testing, reporting, healthcare systems, genetics, and even warm weather. But does this really explain the differences? See more detail on these topics in a previous article written here. Here is a screenshot as of March 14, 2020: 

It is as if the Coronavirus has a geopolitical hatred of Western countries embedded into its genetics. A simple example is the U.S. and Mexico COVID-19 death rates. At the time of this posting, the U.S. (pop 330m) has about 24.7K and Mexico (pop 135m) with about 332 COVID-19 deaths. About a 2000%+ difference. Of course, to explain the difference, many non-data driven excuses will be made.  

Now let’s take a look at journalism across this same map – Reporters Without Borders (RSF). As RSF states on their website: “Freedom of expression and information will always be the world’s most important freedom. If journalists were not free to report the facts, denounce abuses, and alert the public, how would we resist the problem of children-soldiers, defend women’s rights, or preserve our environment?” Of course, at the same time, it means irresponsible or manipulated journalize could occur in a free press. RSF uses a country index to show these differences across the globe, in the following RSF index map:

Is it not strange that if you lay the Coronavirus levels map over the top of the RSF map, they line up fairly close. The point is that (ex-China and a few other countries), the more the Coronavirus, the more journalistic freedom. Why? Another example: Notice that this idea even holds up in Europe. Zoom in on the maps and look at Western and Eastern Europe. There are many examples of this on the combined map.

Again, journalistic freedom also means a country is more susceptible to media hysteria. Here is a somewhat feeble attempt to merge the two charts, identifying in black boxes where the two charts intersect the most:

Causation and correlation are not necessarily true – most understand this. Right Wire Report staff are not microbiologists, specializing in viral genetics. But I think we can safely say there most likely is no geopolitical genetic component to the Coronavirus. Media hysteria vs. Coronavirus is another matter. Is the answer media hysteria? This needs more research. See if you can explain with citations in the comment section of this article these apparent correlations.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Written by Jefferson Thomas

Concerned citizen.


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