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Why are French Restaurants and Shops Burning Down?

Here somewhere in a sleepy town in picturesque France, a new nefarious activity is occurring as a result of the Coronavirus “pandemic.” All of a sudden, restaurants and shops are coming up destroyed by fire.  

In the night from Saturday to Sunday (Right Wire Report reporter), a fire damaged three businesses located at the port in this sleepy town. Two restaurants in another part of the town were also affected. It was barely 11:00 pm this Saturday evening when the owner of the Chez Nous restaurant, was informed of the fire that hit his establishment. By the time he arrived, the fire had unfortunately ravaged his terrace, consumed the furniture that was still there, melted the blind, and cracked the windows. A neighboring restaurant also suffered significant damage. 

On the side of the firefighters, the origin of the fire was not brought to light, and it is the police who must now determine the causes of the incident. Or rather their claims. A suspect, without a fixed address, was placed in police custody. The investigation is based in particular on the images of video surveillance of the city but also on testimonies, says a police source.

Now you might think that this is just one town in France. Firefighters were notified of a “warehouse fire” in a motorcycle sales shop in the town of Villers-Semeuse required the engagement of 40 firefighters that night from April 6 to 7. The firefighters started with the evacuation of the machines and managed to limit the spread to the adjoining store.

The fire was extinguished at 1.15 am, thanks to the 46 firefighters from four fire and rescue centers. On this 2,000m2 building, 1,800m2 were impacted by the fire. Roads were closed during the fire. This Tuesday morning, the criminal identification was on the spot. Traces of break-ins were found. A ram car was found inside the store. This clearly indicates a criminal intention.

This is just a couple of examples, but there are many more all over France – click here, here and here. So what is going on here? For sure, the authorities are not going tell-all, as they don’t want to let this situation go viral. Not all the fires may be nefarious, but I think we must open the possibilities of arson during this Coronavirus lockdown.

Small businesses in France are under extreme financial pressure this Coronavirus period. The government has offered a 1,500 Euro grant to each small business, but for many, this will not be near enough to cover their monthly fixed costs. Businesses were already under financial pressure and running near breakeven, due to the poor financial-economic situation. The Coronavirus situation would make arson and insurance fraud of desperate business operators an easy nefarious out.

Meanwhile, the French police have been getting the “blue flu.” Hence, the French government succumbed to the unions and gave every government worker 1,000 Euros to get back to work. Another 150 Euros for people living in government housing to stop any vandalism, we guess. The list of giveaways commences. The guess is that the reason the military is out protecting businesses, not from looters, rather from owners themselves. Perhaps new work for the clandestine immigrant workers. French President Macron says the country might open up May 11, 2020 – we shall see.

This is not to say that arson is at play, but the number of fires occurring is highly unusual. The point here is that France is soon to explode with not only the business situation but civil unrest as well, over Coronavirus. The traditional May Day protests are fast approaching and are said not to take place. On that date, the French will still be confined to their homes due to the coronavirus epidemic. Needless to say, the French authorities are worried about whether protesters at that time will continue to observe the ongoing lockdowns. A situation developing.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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  1. “France soon to explode.” Coronavirus or not, it is against human nature to submit to self-confinement for long periods of time and watch their livelihoods, jobs and social existences destroyed. With respect to arson and other crimes against decent people in France, an old adage comes to mind – “When the cat’s away the mice will play.” Seems the virus has actually increased opportunity for a particular group, criminals.

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