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Voting Democrat for Decades, NOT Skin Color, Put Blacks at Risk for Coronavirus

There are very few things in this world that are a given, but the weaponizing of COVID-19 for a political agenda was never in doubt.

Enter stage left: Dr.Fauci stepped to the microphone at the Coronavirus Task Force briefing and either, knowingly or not, launched the set up of the race narrative. Fauci informed a Progressive Left-leaning press pool that preliminary data reveals Black Americans were suffering disproportionally from the virus because of existing health problems that were prevalent in Black communities. We see higher mortality rates in that population. Vice President Mike Pence followed up by saying the Coronavirus Task Force has asked CDC to assemble data on “the unique impact that we’re seeing reported on African Americans from the Coronavirus.” The rabid hounds were unleashed, and American structural racism was the howl!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rolled out COVID-19 data providing an analysis of 14 states population, covering roughly 10% of the U.S. population, supporting that Black Americans are more adversely affected by the disease. A sampling of that data showed in Illinois and Michigan that 40 percent of Coronavirus-related deaths are African-American. Louisiana’s Department of Health reported 70 percent of Coronavirus deaths were Black Americans despite making up just 32 percent of the population. See the graph here

President Trump commented as well, “We’re seeing tremendous evidence that African Americans are affected at a far greater percentage number than other citizens of our country, But why is it that the African American community is so much, numerous times more than everybody else? We want to find the reason to it.” There is no evidence that melanin levels make a person more susceptible to contracting COVID-19. However, those who contract the infection who have comorbidities are far more at risk of fatality.

Black American populations have higher rates of Diabetes, Hypertension, Stroke, Asthma, Coronary disease, Sleep Apnea, and Obesity. Rates of Obesity in America are the highest in Black communities. In fact, “among nonhispanic Blacks age 20 and older, 63 percent of men and 77 percent of women are overweight or obese.” Circulation and oxygenation issues are present in Blacks with sickle-cell anemia. The U.S. Bureau of the Census estimates that there are 44 million people of African origin living in the country comprising 13.4% of the total population. African Americans, however, are over-represented among drug and alcohol addiction in the United States. Did the mainstream media choose to provide context, nuance, and introspection while covering this COVID-19 related issue for Black Americans? Did they offer any review of causation other than racism? Hardly.

The rabid media hounds have been provided the racial scent and ran wild. Here are a few headlines:

  • Mother Jones – “Black people Are Dying From COVID-19 at Higher Rates Because Racism Is a Preexisting Condition.”
  • Washington Post  – “The pathology of American racism is making the pathology of Coronavirus worse.”
  • ABC – ‘Torn up’: African American family mourns four loved ones as COVID-19 racial disparities exposed.”
  • The Hill – Cuomo vows to investigate racial disparities in COVID-19 deaths: “Why do the poorest people always pay the highest price?”

MSNBC – “COVID-19 disproportionately killing Blacks because of “deep structural racism.” Watch Princeton Professor Glaude here:

Politicians chimed in the chorus too – see the following AOC triggering video:

Right Wire Report rejects the claim that structural racism is the cause of poor health status in Black Americans unless one makes the case that Democrat elected officials legislated policies were motivated by their individual racism. Sorry, Social Justice Warriors, it is not inherent American history that is causation. Black Americans voting Democrat for decades created the legislative policies which birthed generational poverty and poor health outcomes.

The Negro Family: The Case For National Action (known as the Moynihan Report, 1965) was written by Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who was the Assistant Secretary of Labor under President Lyndon B. Johnson. Moynihan was among many things, a sociologist, who warned that the Black family was on the verge of a “complete breakdown” because of growing illegitimacy rates. The out-wedlock birth rate in 1963 for whites was 3%, and for Blacks, it was 23.6%. The Moynihan Report concluded that more Blacks were being born to unmarried households, and more Black communities were becoming dependent on welfare to survive, which would hinder the progress of Blacks toward economic and political equality.

Moynihan also focused on the nuclear family disintegration leading to Black males no longer being providers with a strong work ethic and how increasing crime rates correlated. Once the report was publicized in a national magazine, the backlash was fierce, and accusations of exaggerating the problem and “blaming the victims” followed. President Johnson mired down with numerous political weight, such as the Vietnam War and riots on U.S. streets, distanced himself from Moynihan’s recommendations. LBJ’s The Great Society and the War on Poverty prevailed with a series of social engineering legislative policies enacted into law that adversely affected Black Americans over time.

Five decades plus, and 25 Trillion taxpayer dollars later, “The War on Poverty” has mostly failed. Welfare policies pushed and enacted by democrats have essentially hardwired generational poverty and poor systemic outcomes for many Black Americans. Ninety plus federal, state, and local welfare programs and today, according to the latest Census data,38.1 million Americans are below the poverty line or 12% of the population. This is a marked improvement from the previous decade numbers and following a significant change and implementation of economic/tax/regulatory policies of the Trump Administration. The percentage of Black Americans in poverty is 23% and shares a heavy burden of the rate per population stat applied.

When LBJ launched The War on poverty in 1965, the overall rate was around 17%, and by 1982 the rate was still at 15%. So at best, from 1965, close to a 3% decrease in the overall population had been achieved. The problem lies in how we calculate the poverty rate. The government does not count most welfare benefits as income when measuring poverty. A welfare recipient may earn 14k annually but receive 38k worth of benefits from the government. This citizen is not living on the merely earned incomes rather a combination of monetary value.

The Left, including the media dogs, informs us that Black Americans encounter barriers to health and well being as a byproduct of Slavery, Jim Crow laws, and protracted gross discrimination. They claim this has led to inequalities in health, education, employment, incarceration rates, housing, environmental safety, entrepreneur ownership, and such for six decades. This hypothesis is never really challenged by those who disseminate it, and any debate on the efficacy of past legislation towards the problem is taboo and seen as partisan rhetoric. This is why any negative aspect of being Black in America presented to you by the left is through a political prism.

Poverty does not only affect Black Americans, and they are not the only demographic that has severe disparities in comorbidity rates. Abject poverty among white Americans in the Appalachian region correlates with extremely poor health status as an example. However, Black Americans comprise a much smaller percentage of the U.S. population than whites, which results in the alarming disparity in health numbers, rather than concentrate on the pigment of the citizen hone in on the poverty status. Poverty is what leads to poor outcomes in all categories above. Democrats relentlessly pass laws costing trillions over the decades to address poverty, education, housing, and so forth, and for democrats, no amount of money is enough. Assigning correct causation to a problem or reviewing the outcomes years past legislative policies being implemented is never a consideration for the left. Utilizing the wedge issue of poverty and attaching it to racism keeps Democrats in positions of power and their primary constituencies impoverished.

Perhaps Right Wire Report can teach a dog a new trick or at least make them smell what is right in front of them? Moynihan pegged it correct. The number one driver to being raised poor in America and the remaining poor is being born to an unwed mother. Births out of wedlock in Black American women stand at 70%!  Hispanic rate is around 50%, and whites are 28% and climbing. Welfare rates are also climbing in Hispanic and White populations over the last decade. LBJ sold The War on Poverty as a way to shrink dependence of government and address causation rather than just symptoms of poverty. But nearly every social program the Left has promoted has only exacerbated the original symptoms. Listen to Thomas Sowell, the Black, American Economist blames liberal welfare policies rather than the legacy of slavery for poor Black’s problems:

Here is a thought experiment – search for a breakout of statistics on the health of Black Americans who are not on welfare. Hint, you will not find them. Unfortunately, antidotal is all we have to go on, but other than hypertension in Black males and sickle-cell, most Blacks who do not live in inner cities and who are not dependent on government have better health outcomes. We are lectured that housing, rodent urine, lead-based paint, and a host of other environmental factors create comorbidity in Blacks. However, the concept of building overcrowded boxes known as projects was a policy, and may I add not a conservative one. The dismal performance of inner-city public schools is directly tied to progressive policies and Unions as well as resisting Charter Schools and School Choice. Increased Entitlement expansions led to higher unemployment rates in Black communities prior to the 2017 Trump initiatives.

Excuses are made for high Incarceration rates, claims of police brutality, and Black on Black crime, when honestly examined per population stat yield strong evidence that democrat policies drive conditions for high crime. “A reasonable discussion about Blacks and police practices cannot take place without acknowledging the disproportion amount of crime committed by Blacks. According to the Department of Justice’s “Felony Defendants in Large Urban Counties, 2009,” in the country’s 75 largest counties, Blacks committed 62 percent of robberies, 45 percent of assaults, and accounted for 57 percent of murder defendants. The No. 1 cause of preventable death for young white men is accidents, such as car accidents. The No. 1 cause of preventable death for young Black men is homicide, usually committed by another young Black man, not a cop. In 2016, according to the latest data from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, 7,881 Blacks were killed. Blacks commit the majority of violent crimes in the country despite being 13% of the population.

Think tanks publish articles about “food deserts” or “food swamps,” meaning Black neighborhoods predominately lack fresh meat and fruit choices as big chain Supermarkets do not exist. They point to barriers of public transit to forage healthy foods far away from home base. Totally ignoring the white elephant in the room, which is a crime. No employer is going to set up a multi-million dollar operation in the middle of a war zone, much less attract employees to service that business. Processed foods and fast foods laden with sodium are easily accessible, and snap benefits enhance access. The Liberal list to support claims of structural racism as causation to poor health is long … far too long to go point by point here. But the highlights were covered.

None of these issues are recent, fresh, or even considered shocking anymore. Black Americans in inner cities recognize poor health, addiction, crime, dependency, high mortality rates, lack of  basic education, public housing conditions, fatherless homes, lack of basic services as “A way of life.” So why do Black Americans vote decade after decade for politicians who fail them? Why are the 25 cities in the United States with the highest violent crime rates, lowest education scores, highest unemployment (pre-Trump administration) worse urban blight, worse environmental and health problems, and so forth all run by democrats? Why are the majority of those cities represented in Congress by Congressional Black Caucus members who constituents vote in every few years over and over?

Another thought experiment – of the few areas of this country where large Black demographics are present, but Republican governance has been in play for decades, what is their quality of health compared to Democrat-run areas? Again good luck with a google search. Right Wire Report, thinks these are profound questions when searching for causation. Democrat Mayors for decades have run, New Orleans, Detroit, St. Louis, Oakland, Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta, Baltimore, Stockton, Cleveland, Nashville, Oakland, Minneapolis, Chicago, Birmingham, and more yet nothing ever seems to improve the tax base, infrastructure, health care, (accept abortion clinics, plenty of those) crime rates, addiction rates, quality education, and so forth. But the unwed Black mother will vote democrat 98% of the time. Baltimore is a good example of how democrat policies destroy inner cities read here.

Dare to point out most of the entrenched multi-generational poverty in America is found in Black communities – you will be called a racist! Make the linkage between the collapse of the Black nuclear family within the paradigm of liberal policies and welfare, and you will be silenced in the political and cultural arena of debate on the issue. Dare to be the Black Surgeon General and “speak truth to power,” the left will come for your head! Here is just one example of this phenomenon that almost occurs daily:

Before the onset of COVID-19, in an election year. Trump’s approval ratings among Black voters were surging upwards to 38%! See three polls here. In the last forty years, Black support for Republican Presidential candidates were single digit. The Black vote is an essential faction Democrats must win to have any chance at the electoral college win for the president. Right Wire Report rejects any notion that the media’s focus on COVID-19 racial disparities and racism is a fluke.

Emphatically, the specific liberal policies made into law, which created perverse incentives resulting in loss of work ethic, self-reliance, less marriage, increased out-of-wedlock birth rates, inequalities in education, and increased crime cause poverty. Poverty causes poor health outcomes. If the media and the left truly wish to decrease health disparities in Black Americans, they must first relinquish their weapon. Race-baiting and victim grouping is the weapon, and it is designed to keep you stuck, dependent, and hopeless.

Now, Democrats fight for illegal alien families to stay together and have employment and benefits. Black Americans must stop giving away their power and vote for a new way of life. One that does not penalize marriage upholds the sanctity of life, encourages work ethic and upward mobility, self-reliance, and civic duty. Your vote is your defense. Start defending your children, your elderly, your aspirations, and your dreams. Hold elected officials accountable for outcomes that impact your life. Awakening from decades of indoctrination is not easy, and letting go of the crumbs so you may dine on the cake of your making is a scary transition. But Martin Luther King advised, “We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

Systemic and structural racism is not why you are unhealthy and at risk for complications from COVID-19, rather liberal policies have oppressed Blacks for decades. In candidate Trump’s words, “what do you have to lose”, ushered in a president whose policies have fundamentally changed the lives of Black Americans in just three short years. Read here and here.

Do not allow the same oppressors to hoodwink you during a crisis to advocate against your self-interest in the coming presidential and down-ticket 2020 elections.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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  1. Teach them to fish. then get out of the way. They make choices and have to live with them. “Racism” is a convenient excuse for their failures. They get preferential treatment and don’t take advantage. They prefer to be handed a fish then to catch their own.

  2. You Maam, need to be admitted to a Mao styled “re-education camp”!! You should be well aware that your commentary is causing a wrinkle in the collectivist quilt sewn by many esteemed social engineers! The facts and figures sprinkled here and there throughout the article are antithetical to the noble concept of social justice. Sorry about that, i was momentarily possessed by an evil Marxist deity. It happens. If ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN or any other democrat party news outlet were to comment on this piece, it would go something like this- “Another example of hatred utilizing technology to poison the internet”, or perhaps, “Author is clearly a strident advocate of institutional racism.” I say WE NEED MORE ARTICLES LIKE THIS ONE to highlight how malignant the media and the Left has become with it’s wholesale weaponization of race. A refreshing examination of how liberal policies have actually created barriers for those in challenged communities. Bravo.

    • Ha! Sadly , the points in this article actually support causation of the ‘Inner city poverty lifestyle” than any governmental body passing laws have come close to identifying for decades. The left will not read this article , they cannot afford the bubble bursting.

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