Hollywood Moral Rescue, Meanwhile Rapper Blueface Throws Stripper Party, Ends in Fight 

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread throughout the world, Lady Gaga is using her celebrity platform to lend a hand to the fight against the disease. She’s collaborated with Global Citizen to curate a special broadcast starring a number of celebrities and musical performers to celebrate frontline medical workers and help the World Health Organization (W.H.O) support them. Lady Gaga and Beyoncé lead celebrities in this Coronavirus concert raising $55M for the W.H.O organization, which has been discredited for lying to the world, resulting in countless Coronavirus tragedies.

The program, called One World: Together at Home, aired worldwide on a number of channels and social media platforms. You can see a rebroadcast below:

Hollywood seems to think it has the moral high ground leading the way for the rest of us on how to live. So how do they live?

Well, this is super irresponsible … Blueface threw a party for a group of strippers – or as he would say, drunk strippers – and it was beyond reckless as the women broke into a realty-show-worthy physical fight. Johnathan Michael Porter, known professionally as Blueface, is an American rapper. He was known for his tattoo of Benjamin Franklin on the side of his face and for a remix of his song “Thotiana,” featuring Cardi B and YG, which is his most successful single to date.

It went down at the rapper’s California estate Saturday. Blueface, with the Instagram, handle @bluefacebleedem, posted this vid of a bunch of women in bikini tops and g-strings. They were there to shoot a music video, but there is NO SOCIAL DISTANCING … quite the opposite. The video begins with the women in a circular formation with Blueface smack-dab in the middle. It then devolves into a physical fight that violates every safety measure Dr. Fauci and so many others have urged everyone to follow. The women had each other by the hair … in one case, one of the women had her wig pulled off. If you must see the video – click here.

Is it just Blueface? The list of celebrities is long who have contracted the illness. The Coronavirus pandemic has spread to at least 185 countries and territories. Among the Coronavirus cases recorded globally are government officials, celebrities, and sports personalities as authorities around the world grapple to contain the spread of the virus. Check out this long list – click here. Even Hollywood’s disgraced kingpin Harvey Weinstein succumbed to Coronavirus. How did that happen? 

How sincere are they? The physical distancing brought on by this pandemic has made it overtly obvious how deep the desire is on the part of some celebrities to manufacture para-social behavior and to create levels of intimacy with us – the people they need to maintain their star power.

Elton John’s iHeart Living Room Concert for America, Kevin Bacon’s #IStayHomeFor Twitter challenge, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s urges for people to stay home (from his California mansion) are all examples of celebrity public service announcements (PSAs) becoming the new “gossip” content. Celebrity gossip has become an industry onto itself over the last 30 years thanks to outlets like TMZ. As we’ve been taken behind the curtain, not only do we feel like we know celebrities, they, in turn, treat the public like we are their real friends. The problem is, we’re not.

Larry DavidSamuel L. Jackson, and former Jersey Shore reality star Mike Sorrentino have lent their voices to PSAs. Many other celebrities, like Rihanna, have responded with charitable donations worth millions of dollars. Where does this money really go? After all the Congress past massive bills to take care of anyone that contracted Coronavirus.

This came up most notably when David Geffen posted a pic on Instagram from his giant yacht with the caption, “Sunset last night … isolated in the Grenadines, avoiding the virus.” Surely his post did little to comfort those in housing precarity right now.

Similarly, celebrity chef Bobby Flay who has a reported net worth of $30 million, set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise $100,000 to pay his restaurant employees who are currently not working due to the Coronavirus. Couldn’t he use some of his millions to help them out?

These celebrity announcements – along with the new glimpses into their private homes – has raised a lot of questions about their level of privilege and sincerity. Ultimately, some celebrity moments during the pandemic have felt genuine, while others have been downright bizarre. Is this really about helping Coronavirus victims or about raising their media profile in an industry in decline?

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Written by Jefferson Thomas

Concerned citizen.

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