Healthcare Worker Block Protests

Supposed Pro-Lockdown Healthcare Workers Block Open America Protests to What End?

Daily MailHealthcare workers clashed with anti lockdown protesters in Colorado on Sunday, defiantly standing in front of the cars of demonstrators who flocked to the state Capitol in their hundreds to urge Gov. Jared Polis to lift COVID-19-induced stay-at-home orders.

Titled “Operation Gridlock,” the day’s largest demonstration took place in Denver, where hundreds of protesters ignored social distancing guidelines to huddle together on the lawn of the state Capitol, waving flags emblazoned with slogans such as “Your health does not supersede my right,” “Freedom over fear,” and “I would rather risk Coronavirus than socialism.”

A group of healthcare workers stood in the street, clad in their scrubs and facemasks, to counter-protest the calls for re-opening, silently obstructing cars as they drove down towards the Capitol. Nationwide protests continue, as a fervent disdain for the restrictions that have shut down much of the country’s economy, continues to slowly spread across the US.

It is not just in Colorado. Right Wire Report had it is own reporter on the ground at the Patriots Rally to Reopen Arizona. Take a look at this photo from this Arizona protest:

Of course, the pro-lockdown protesters are not really trying to push Coronavirus healthcare, rather something else. Take a look at the following photo below from this same story coming out of the Colorado protests. The healthcare worker is not concerned at all about social distancing, in fact, the person seems to be challenging and wishing to get a photo op to ridicule those who do not agree with the Coronavirus response in their state. 

And yes it was a good photo op. Medical professionals dressed in all the healthcare garb emits a certain moral authority. In fact, the person in the photo is clean and almost looks like a doctor. The narrative from the photo is trying to suggest that the protesters are stupid and unscientific unlike them. Disregarding the issue of civil liberties vs. reasonable healthcare risk. It is a reasonable question – is the cure worst than the disease? Healthcare workers do have a first amendment right to protests, but to block others with that same right is wrong.

But let’s take a closer look at these photos. Are these really healthcare workers? We don’t really know, but there is some rationale for this. Would a real healthcare worker take time out of their busy schedules to sit in front of protesters to stop other protesters? Take note of the two protesters in both Colorado and Arizona. Their body positions with folded arms. It almost seems as if these protesters have been coached on how to pose for cameras. Are these well-organized protests by pro-lockdown protesters funded by political organizations or really homegrown?

We know from a strategic political point of view, where this is going with these pro-lockdown supposed homegrown protests. These forces want the economy to fail in an effort to take down our president, Donald Trump. Globally, these leftist would love to see nothing less, than to see the world economy collapse in order to usher in their Marxist new world order. Do you think the Right Wire Report is joking? This is something these people have been yearning for decades – click here

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Written by Jefferson Thomas

Concerned citizen.

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  1. My vote is that while some of these obstructionist may in fact work in some position in the medical field , they are certainly not all Nurses and Physicians. Leftist co oped the medical field through Unions in NY and California decades ago, in fact the AMA only comprises less than 30% of all physicians practicing. Democrat operatives would be easy pickins within the medical field and my vote is these are totally organized DNC operatives.

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