China USA at War

Are We In A War With China?

Today we see the whole world pointing their fingers at China for what is occurring with this outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

It may seem reasonable because indeed, it’s where it appears to have physically started, according to Chen Quanjiao, an Institute Researcher,  who pointed the finger directly at the General Director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Wang Yanyi, for leaking the virus. Patient Zero denials aside, it appears that’s the first case from inside the lab itself, (see the EpochTimes Report), and investigations are going forward from that presumption.

But you have to stop and ask yourself if the origin of this virus did come from within the lab why was such a horrid virus made in the first place? Many reports now claim this virus contains a combination of, the unusual but very clever triad, of an S-spike from SARS, an HIV genome, and a bat Coronavirus. Professor Luc Montaginier, winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine for discovering HIV as the cause of the AIDS epidemic, is one that agrees with these reports. See here. If the reports are accurate this would be a frightening combination designed to be highly contagious to the human host and specifically weaponized against old people, and the infirmed. Right Wire Report considers could such a virus have arisen in nature?

What is its purpose if created in a lab, beyond creating bio-weaponry?  Is it to cull the herd, as the Georgia Guidestones and some conspiracy investigators suggest? Or, as Bill Gates said, would it help to lower the general trajectory of the advancing “over” population of the world? Let’s look at Shi Zahngli, the creator of COVID-19 – that’s C.O.V. ID 2019. Bill Gates wants you to have a “Certificate of Vaccination ID.” A medical tattoo that shows you’ve had your ‘vaccine’ and does not want you to socialize until then. Please wait until Fall 2021 in your home for this solution – click here. Yes, that’s 18 months total of lockdown.

While the COVID-19 virus was in development, Shi Zhangli was very proud of her ongoing creation, proceeding to give talks and lectures, showing her peers and students the step-by-step process in the making of this heinous, weaponized, viral freak of nature. Nobody batted an eye (see above video).

Meanwhile, Bill Gates is named as a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, yet speaks no Chinese (or any other foreign language), and funds vaccine and virology tech across the globe, along with George Soros. Why would these billionaires be investing in these technologies? Are they really just philanthropists? What kind of “Americans” do that? It seems to me there’s a number of people to blame who isn’t Chinese.

Regardless of China’s actions, Americans keep buying.

You have been aware, I’m sure, of the practices of China, going all the way back to the slaughter of Tibetans. By and large, Americans are fully knowledgeable about China’s forced abortion “one-child policy,” the horror Chinese women face if pregnant with a second child, dragged from their homes, their babies ripped up inside the womb, and handed to them in a bag. Yet, Americans turned a blind eye for decades, even while their politicians pandered to China by accepting such horrors. But until Americans were faced with this “China Virus” right at their doorstep, now locked in their homes, they hadn’t stopped to really think about it. Maybe now, the Chinese will stop getting a free pass. Maybe finally, people will see that the slogan “buy American” really means something.

Most folks knew about the Fentanyl being sent from China, killing thousands of Americans, run illegally over our borders, manufactured there. It was in the news, and many Americans “knew someone” who died of Fentanyl, including the rock and roll artist Prince. Maybe the American public hadn’t really stopped to think about the purpose of that, why the Chinese would flood our ports with this illegal and highly dangerous drug.

Americans also knew spyware was planted into their Chinese-made Lenovo computers to spy on their every activity. Clearly, this could be seen as an act of war. But Americans were complacent, and again, did nothing.

Many Americans knew about the Chinese gulags, too. Certainly, it was all over Facebook – showing Americans that Muslims and Christians were sent to scream state slogans until they die, made to work in factories for American products 16 hours a day, barely fed; when their usefulness was done, could no longer work, their internal organs were harvested and sold, and no, there was no anesthesia for them. See here and here

But instead of boycotting China, the best  some Americans could do was to make a meme and post it on Facebook, saying: “Pray for the Chinese.” Or why China would want to push their 5G technology all over our nation, with no American Industries independent testing of its effects (see Senate Hearings) on health or security considerations, whatsoever. Suddenly that looks suspicious, and some Americans are crying out to stop 5G at least until it’s tested properly.

In this war, Right Wire Report asserts, our own media, American moguls, and Congress are complicit with the Chinese.

Not everyone would be willing to buy from the Chinese, however, even if only because they knew that the food products of China were raised or grown in filth. So, to counter that – the leaders of the United States voted to hide the labels of food coming from China. The Chinese also began using fake labels so Americans wouldn’t know, saying the food, clothes, and other items were from India, South America, and other locations. They sold Americans poison dog food, human food, radioactive cheese graters, kitchen utensil handles, and other products, deadly baby products … and it wasn’t a secret.

Still, Americans kept buying their products.

And while all this was going on, the elites at the top were totally aware of it all. Still, American businessmen like Larry Fink, Bill Gates, and George Soros poured billions into China, (most notably through donations to the NIH and WHO, which distributed money to Chinese labs and universities), and to a Global Fund where research experiments and studies are produced. Dr. Deborah Birx, the lead expert on the Corona Task Force, sits on the board of The Global Fund. In short, Gates and the rest were invested in biowarfare and vaccine technology up to the eyeballs. And then, Lo and behold this year, Gate’s former university, Harvard, had Chinese students who were then arrested smuggling biological materials out of the university.

There appears to have been a shift in what entities the United States Government allowed to engage, inside the United States, in bioengineering pathogens around 2015. This is also the time frame that many moved their operations (research) to China. The NIH, under the supervision of Dr. Anthony Fauci handed millions, your tax dollars to, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, back in 2015. Yes, that’s right, the WIV received $3.7M of your taxpayer money through the NIH and global WHO. Surprise – Gates funds both of them. This is now the same (WIV) who may be responsible for bioengineering a bat virus, possibly breaking safety protocol by infecting a worker in the lab, still denies patient zero, will not allow outside countries experts to onsite inspection or data and gave inaccurate information to the world. In fact, NIH is the largest public funder of biomedical research in the world, investing more than $32 billion annually of taxpayer funds.

China buys America.

Here we are sitting in a pandemic that originated in “China,” and yet there’s U.S. and Canadian money and hands all over this event. The Americans seem not to notice or not to care. Why not? Simple. A lot easier and more profitable – not to even look at the issue. People are greedy, including Americans, and would partner up and sell out to the Chinese as they bought up thousands of American homes and businesses, snapping up strategic land and companies that they now hold. The Long Beach port, for example, Hollywood production companies for another, in fact, many of our “American” corporations are actually Chinese-owned.

Recently in order to dial back the Chinese takeover of the USA, Trump forced China to sell the port In California. Surely everyone knows that today, so many Chinese food and other companies produce so much American product that unless it says, “Made in America,” you simply do not know. It might say “Cowboy Treats” for your hot dog and have a picture of a guy on a horse, and it all seems so Texas, but it’s made in China. They are brilliant at American marketing and use shell companies to hide that fact as well. On the package, it will say “Distributed by …” a company with an American name and American address. But … nope, it’s Chinese-owned all the way.

Our congress is in bed with China, too.

For instance, when Diane Feinstein was found to have a Chinese spy as her chauffeur of 20 years, did the Americans say anything? Not a word. Her husband has made a fortune in China, nobody cared. The Feinsteins have nothing but good to say about the CCP. Hillary’s long relationship with China had her on the board of Walmart for decades. Inevitably, her policy-making was never influenced by Chinese interests, as their manufacturing sectors completely wiped out all American manufacturing, right?

China also has a long history taking our technology and science through theft of patents, which has made them a superpower. It’s also been shown that American politicians and leaders have many times allowed them to steal our military secrets, and now. As a result, China is a major military power that is a serious threat to the world and aims to dominate the world.

Are our government doctors “compromised,” too?

The Chinese lied about COVID-19 as did its benefactors, WHO and CDC – and allowed it spread all over the world. Make no mistake, this a crime, perhaps even an act of war, against the people of the world. Working in tandem with the media, these organizations have now been working to instill fear into every citizen, to shut everything down,  despite most of the population who are not aged, immuno-suppressed or high co-morbidity being at significant less risk of complications from contagion.

Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, chosen by Mike Pence for the Coronavirus Taskforce, are both long-standing members of the bureaucracy. They, some would accuse as Deep State Actors, are driving this whole measure of social distancing, (lockdown) of the country. The choices made they claim or based on data that cannot be trusted from both China and disingenuous organizations like the WHO and CDC. The CDC is using a “Coronavirus test” with a 70% false-positive rate, which could create inflated numbers of this ‘new virus’ which only drives fears further for the public. That’s only 30% accurate, more dangerous than good, as a diagnostic tool.

So as might be expected, as we start actually testing for the virus itself, with antibody tests, we find the numbers are greatly exaggerated. And these “experts” did not know this? Really? Why are they using this inaccurate level of testing?

Another shocker is revealed, Dr. Fauci is on the Scientific Advisory  Board for the Gates Foundation and reportedly recently got $100M grant from Mr. Bill Gates, and Dr. Birx is tied to Bill Gates through the aforementioned Global Fund where she has access to the billions Bill Gates donates there, for her research. So, is it really any surprise that out of all the models studied, that Dr. Birx would choose Bill Gates’ model?

These people are parroting the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) narrative, and they obviously all have a vested interest. The Chinese communists are desperate to stay in power and must keep their usual iron grip, and it appears this is partly how to rid yourself of dissenters. But could they have used a bioweapon to do it? Some speculate that as the virus hit their country: suddenly, 21 missing cellphone accounts disappeared as in purging 21 million dissenting voices. Reports that urn buying went through the roof could also be an indication of what really happened. One could ask what if any role Google executives who helped create “Dragonfly,” the software the Chinese used to track their citizens and do “social scoring.” might have played in this tragic event as it unfolded. The full and accurate accounting of this world-altering event is still to be determined but asking the right questions now, like do Gates, Fauci, and Birx have conflicts of interest or even are they carrying water for the Chinese … maybe in order.  

And with the WHO under their control, China appears to be doing a service for the United Nations, who has always salivated at the thought of a global registry, and this virus is the way to achieve that, in fact, now they want to come to your home and take your temperature, and “the test” to see if you’re sick:

My grandmother had a saying, “If you lie down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas.”

If we keep doing business with the Chinese Communist Party when we’ve known that since Tienanmen Square that they had no regard for even the lives of their own people, we can only blame ourselves for continuing to do business. We shouldn’t wonder why we wake up with “fleas” like these weaponized viruses. COVID 19 is just the latest in a long list of viral outbreaks from China, the past few decades.

So, I say, don’t just blame China. We need to blame ourselves. We saw all this coming. And we let it happen anyway.

Some have even posted video evidence reportedly showing the boarding up of apartments and homes, people inside left to die. We saw people who appeared healthy stuffed screaming into metal boxes and hauled away –  this is China during this “pandemic.” Like a giant, digitally-driven, modern Tiananmen Square, on steroids. “See below:

The world has witnessed, the gulags, the killing of people in gas chambers, the bent for world domination, by Nazi Germany, and some fear this could be the same, just a different time and place. No more endless suffering, war, power-mongering, and human atrocities swept under the rug. This time around countries must take a stand on trade and business with the CCP and demand investigation with transparent accounting, of this outbreak and actions applied. There must be an answer for what led to the hundreds of thousands dead around the world. We can’t turn away this time. Because if we do, what about next time? Next time the pathogen could be even worse.

If not in a war with China, what would you call it? We’ve let the genie out of the bottle. Isn’t it about time we rethink doing business with China?

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Written by L. M. McCormick, M.A.

Former Fortune 500 writer and university writing instructor, the Author of "The Psychology of God: Ten Sons of Haman" about the biblical Book of Esther, L.M. McCormick is a Christian conservative writer, who holds degrees in Psychology/Physiology and Organizational Communication/Semiotics, from University of Washington, and Purdue, respectively. Her graduate degree emphasis was on Semiotics, the study of signs, symbols, and meaning, where the focus is "connecting the dots".

A long time professional copywriter in advertising, Ms McCormick has recently come back to her original and first love, Journalism. As a member of the QAnon collective of citizen investigators and journalists, LM loves the snarkiness of Ann Coulter, with the fun of old-fashioned consumerist writers such as Erma Bombeck ("I Can't Cook", "I Hate Housekeeping", and other titles.) You can help Ms McCormick most by sharing her articles. Thank you. L.M. is currently working on her next book. LM left the Democrat Party in 2003, and is registered as an Independent.


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  1. Wow, this article punches hard..and justly so since it is the RAW TRUTH and the situation calls for it. PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP!!!
    We know China has long range goals to increase its global influence and has no moral scruples.
    We do face an existential threat from attacks on many fronts in a critical US election year when the fate of the Free World balances on a knife edge.
    China’s aggressive and outrightly criminal behaviour may be designed to push America over the edge into economic, political, social and possibly military destabilization.
    At what point does this become war?
    We must remain increasingly vigilant. WAKE UP AMERICA! WAKE UP FREE WORLD!!!

  2. Of course China is trying to oust President Trump. He’s the first US President since Reagan to stand up for America. China, the Left and other countries would rather have H Clinton or Biden whom they have leverage and a history of collusion.

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