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WFP Says We May Need to Add 27 Million More Deaths to the Coronavirus Death Ticker – WTF?

I am from the New World Order and I am here to help you. What on earth are we talking about?

Assisting 86.7 million people in around 83 countries each year, the World Food Programme (WFP) is the leading humanitarian organization saving lives and changing lives, delivering food assistance in emergencies and working with communities to improve nutrition and build resilience.

David Beasley the current director of the WFP is sounding the alarm that many are about to die in 2020 of hunger from a coming famine and COVID-19 complications. Ut oh, here we go again. Beasly states, “It is critical we come together as one united global community to defeat this disease and protect the most vulnerable nations and communities from COVID-19.” Then begs for money. Seem him in action:

David Beasley makes quite the passionate plea. But hold on here. Let’s look at these numbers a little closer. Go back and glean some of his assertions and juxtapose them with a few realities. In summary (globally), what we are being told:

  • 300,000 will die each day for three months in a coming famine (non-COVID-19), mostly due to war-ravaged regions of the world. This equals about 27 million.
  • Double this for COVID-19 complications (i.e., COVID-19 supply chain and economic fall out). So this is 27 million new COVID-19 deaths.
  • So if we understand correctly, this is a total of 54 million people will die of starvation before 2020 ends.
  • Around 9 million people die every year of hunger and hunger-related diseases. Or about 0.000125% of the global population.
  • Current COVID-19 deaths as of the date of this posting are 180,000. What the final number will be is anybody’s guess – maybe one million – perhaps 2 million?

Shall we start another Johns Hopkins University death count ticker? Or should we just go ahead and add these 27 million new deaths on to the current COVID-19 death count ticker? So let’s understand well what the insanity of our experts and leaders are asking us to believe and participating in. We have driven the entire globe into a potential depression to save how many? Only to see another 27 million die because of the depression we are creating? Does this make common sense? Remember, Beasley said that this is on top of the other new 27 million deaths from the coming famine – striking while the iron is hot.

Right Wire Report for sure believes that some tragically die from starvation and famines do happen. Perhaps we should do something for the 0.000125% of the global population. Does the WFP do good work? Perhaps, it is hard to access at a quick glance. The WFP management costs are about $335m annually, with country participants donating about $6b each year to the program. For this new coming crisis, Beasley wants his budget doubled. Another article for the WTF folder.

Is Beasley correct in his assessments? I am from the New World Order and I am here to help you. Run …

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Written by Jefferson Thomas

Concerned citizen.


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  1. As the global village gets “smaller” due to greater mass communication in an increasingly data-driven and data-conscious world, our lives hinge more on the latest data/stats to be pumped out.
    We lose sight of the bigger picture and long term realities and focus on the latest data points that are presented with their Globalist spin.
    We know the UN and its affiliates use the cover of humanitarianism to assert greater control of people, states and our minds.
    We are geese being force fed and prepared for total subjugation.
    It is time to think for ourselves and walk upright once again.
    Freedom is won or lost in the mind.

  2. I wish people would wake up and see what the One World Government wants to do to America. I pray we have enough Americans who can see through all the lies and trash being told to them and Keep America Free. We will not give up our Freedom! SMH!

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