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New York Times Lies About Hannity, Covers With Stealth Edits

Imagine boarding a fantastical time machine with the intention of visiting a landmark event in history, perhaps to witness the signing of the Constitution or the Wright Brother’s first flight in December of 1903, but something goes catastrophically awry, and you find yourself in Nazi Germany – more specifically in the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda headed by Joseph Goebbels. 

Unfortunately, the New York Times took that ill-fated ride and never returned. During the holocaust, the Times printed 26 front-page stories about the atrocity, but only six of them highlighted Jews as the primary victim. Instead, they employed euphemistic terms such as:  “refugees seeking shelter,” “Frenchmen facing confiscation,” or “civilians dying in German camps.” The times managed to avoid identifying Jews as targets during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944 by saying, “500,000 persons were herded into less than 7 percent of Warsaw’s buildings.” And, when referring to the concentration/death camp Treblinka, the Times printed “400,000 persons were deported to their deaths at Treblinka.” Obviously, they had little or no interest in identifying Jewish people as the primary focus of Hitler’s horrific holocaust.

In present-day America, the New York Times doesn’t have the holocaust to ignore, but they’re still a proud advocate of the Democrat party and more than happy to disseminate disinformation on its behalf. A recent example is an article written by Gina Bellafonte, a New York Times reporter and critic, about a man named Joe Joyce, a beloved Brooklyn, New York bar owner who died of coronavirus after taking a cruise to Spain.

Bellafonte suggested that Mr. Joyce decided to take the cruise after hearing Sean Hannity downplaying the virus. She wrote, Early in March Sean Hannity went on air proclaiming that he didn’t like the way that the American people were getting scared unnecessarily.” Of course, Ginia Bellafonte could care less about the truth, or she would’ve never written the article because Joe Joyce embarked on his cruise on March 1, eight days BEFORE Hannity made the remarks she cited in her hit piece. Bellafonte can’t let a little thing like a simple chronology or facts get in the way, her mission to destroy Sean Hannity is far more important to her, and her kind, than edifying their readers hence the stealth edits. See the following video on Fox’s Hannity:

Sean Hannity threatened to sue the Times and demanded they retract the fallacious, defamatory statement about him in the article. The New York Times refused to comply but edited Ginia Bellafonte’s article with the following:

Eventually, Fox changed course and took the virus more seriously, but the Joyces were long gone by then. A spokeswoman for Fox News said that Mr. Hannity made statements taking the spread of coronavirus seriously early on and that his comment about the public being scared by the coverage happened after the Joyces had left on their cruise. “We’ve reported fairly and accurately on Mr. Hannity, and there is no basis for a retraction or an apology.”

The New York Times response:

It appears that the New York Times lied about Hannity’s remarks influencing Joe Joyce to go on the cruise, then they admitted to the lie in the edit to Bellafonte’s article, then on April 28 they issued this: “We’ve reported fairly and accurately on Mr. Hannity, and there is no basis for a retraction or an apology.” –  see here.

Sadly, the New York Times is only one of many liberal news organizations that practice a sort of journalistic gratification upon one another to deceive the American public and benefit the Democrat party. 

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Written by Liam Salvatore

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