Marriage Drops to Historic Lows – What Does this Mean for Conservatives?

UPI – The U.S. marriage rate is lower than at any point in over a century, with only 6.5 unions per 1,000 people, a government statistics agency reported Wednesday.

The National Center for Health Statistics’ National Vital Statistics System, a division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said data for 2018, the most recent year analyzed, showed a decline from 6.9 marriages per 1,000 people in 2017. The 2018 figure is the lowest rate since the federal government began collecting data in 1867. Take a look at this long term historical marriage chart below modified to reflect this update.


On the other side of marriages, divorce attorneys have seen an uptick in inquiries from couples about heading to splitsville and anticipate more people will file for divorce as courts reopen in more states in the age of the Coronavirus pandemic. The flood of filings likely happened with offices closed for more than a month as delayed requests pile up, coupled with people being confined with a partner for an extended period of time, which could bring underlying conflicts to the surface, according to the report. We know as well as domestic violence rates during Coronavirus has also spiked. What does all this mean?

I am a little taken back on how most see these statistics and ignore them and move on to other stories in the news. Coronavirus, Trump, Politics, deepstate indictments, crime, just to name a few. The unfortunate reality is that these types of statistics are the only thing that matters. Why?

A report, which analyzed the 2018 birth rates and fertility rates in the United States, also confirmed that the US fertility rate continued to decline last year. The 2018 general fertility rate hit a “record low.” The replacement rate in many countries is now far below the amount needed to replenish the population. This means whatever the culture the West is evolving to, it is not sustainable and will disappear or be replaced via immigration. Darwin is culling our behaviors. Reproductive family formation is key to this statistic. Hence, the basis of Western civilization is in decline.

As most conservatives should understand, morality starts at home with a functional family. Far too often, families are dysfunctional. In the U.S., single-parent families were only around 5% in the early 1980s. Today it is around 27% and even higher in certain minority communities. Single-parent families are a key determinate to unsuccessful outcomes of children moving into adulthood. It is also a key determinate in terms of poverty.

More increasingly, the father in the home is being replaced by the “daddy” government. This is causing the general shift to the rising cry for socialism. People (mostly women) search for security for their families. Women being about 50% of the population, tend to vote Left (more socialist) by about 8 to 10%, especially if they are in a single-parent household. This becomes problematic for the conservative ideology electorally.

The point here is that if these numbers do not reverse, nothing else matters

Strong marriages make strong families. Strong families make strong communities. Strong communities make a strong nation. These statistics do not bode well for the future. What shall we do?

 RWR original article syndication source.

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  1. Marriage is not for a sissy. Marriage is work for both people. It is that simple. People have gotten lazy and that is one problem. Now in stating this view on marriage it does not mean that any one should stay in a abusive marriage. To often people over look key things when dating and think they can change people. Not going to happen. I do hope there will be a change in this information and someday we will see a strong family unit again and it is worth it. This is good information. Hope we as a country can change things in this area. Just being honest.

  2. This problem has been inflicted by government and liberal policies upon us. I don’t look for government to fix anything that they eph up. Liberals can’t see the forest for the trees so there is no help there. The U.S. is in a lot more trouble than anyone realizes … especially ineffective politicians.

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Written by Jefferson Thomas

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