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Op-Ed: Why the World Hates Donald J. Trump

Ok, maybe not the WHOLE world but, it sometimes seems like everybody hates Donald Trump – Why?

If you listen to big network news a lot, that’s what most people come away with. Before the election, they assured us all he wouldn’t be President like it was some big joke, laughed at people who dared to say he’d win, and when Trump actually won, they had visually amazing meltdowns all over my TV set. Honestly, I thought in four years they’d get over it, but no.

After a lot of thought, I think I have come up with some reasons that go beyond the obvious answers to that, like … “Hillary lost.” Nobody has ever cried big boy tears on camera because of losing an election, no matter how pivotal. What is going on?

Let’s start with the Left, and the reader should know this author is a former longtime Democrat. Trump left the Democrats after eight years in the late 2000s, and so ideologically, you’d think they’d have slightly more respect for him. After all, having once been one of their “own” and being labeled by the extreme right never-Trumpers as “a liberal,” Trump has never been ultra-conservative; he is a moderate. You’d think at least the moderates in the Democrat party would like him just a little bit. For instance, for being way ahead of the gay marriage topic, before Obama, surprisingly. In fact, before Hillary, even – but nope. Maybe it’s because Democrats are a little jealous that Trump has done more for the black community than the Democrats ever did in decades of empty promises – see here.

I’m sure there are many more reasons why corrupt business leaders and politicians would especially reserve hatred for President Trump if you stop to consider his past. I am pretty sure Donald had to navigate the tilted bureaucratic wheels, as ANY New York City Constructionist must, in that business. Here’s a fact, you can’t raise a big building in Manhattans skyline, without greasing some palms. So that alone would make them hate him because they know he can expose them all. That looks like a likely rationale since nobody had any problem with “The Don” until he ran for President.

Before leaving the Democrats, Mr. Trump had been a lobbyist for his own business needs and hired lobbyists as well. So he knows the “inside scoop” about corruption on both sides, that includes dealing with not just Democrats, but also Republicans. The whole mess led “The Don” to put a 5-year ban on lobbying. Notice that’s this was a bipartisan ban. Can you imagine the fury? No lobbying!

Since assuming office, he’s sifting through the executive department, state department, government agencies with the same kind of broom sweeping clean, dismissing the deadwood, and getting a ton of flak while purging the government of latent, lazy, incompetent, and malicious Obama holdovers. While in 2016, they mocked, “He’s just a hotel owner and a TV actor!” They also neglected to mention he’s the creator of “The Apprentice,” his favorite phrase was – “You’re Fired!”

Mr. Trump hasn’t changed since then. So, if you’re not competent at your government job, Trump will fire you pretty quickly. That should be no shock, but apparently, it’s driving Democrats and Republicans out of their gourds. Yes, you read that right, Republicans too. Honey Badger Trump doesn’t care which side of the aisle you’re on if you’re corrupt, or incompetent, you’re in his cross-hairs.

The Republican party is full of RINOs, moderates so wishy-washy and disingenuous even God would spit them out in disbelief. Traitors, in a sense, to their constituents who gave them power and representation by proxy. Americans seemingly not phased didn’t hold them accountable, or even squeal about all that insider trading, which made all them so wealthy. Donald, on the other hand, is fully aware of it. They realize he knows the game the swamp plays and who is guilty. It’s going on even now, disgusting traitors cashing in on American misery, as they profit off the current pandemic, see here

These criminals know that the party is drawing to a close. Rumors fly about on social platforms and in private discussions around the water cooler, of the possibility that those drained from the swamp, may find themselves serving prison time, stateside, or perhaps even Gitmo. Americans ponder whether or not treasonous or seditious acts will be proven and if these complicit opportunists end up hanging, or put in front of firing squads these days, or will lethal injection be used. I remember a report making a specific claim about something Hillary supposedly said during the 2016 election. Those words now come ringing back in my ears, “If that Bastard wins, we’ll all hang from nooses! Fix this shit!!” That was Hillary Clinton’s reaction.

Do you remember that there’s a “missing” six billion from the state department, under Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State? Or did you hear about the “missing” $1.8 billion US taxpayer dollars in Ukraine? Not just the energy company sweetheart deal for his son Hunter, this is more money that created Ukrainian bank, through Joe Biden. The money disappeared. Many billions of US taxpayer dollars have been siphoned off between these types of “oopsie” mistakes and insider trading, “deals” given to their friends, and extended families, and their businesses, and money that simply goes away. Congressional criminals today make a guy like Bernie Madoff look like a piker.

Recall that the President’s education is in business, he has run many successful businesses, he has an army of accountants, and along with coming in on time on every project he ever did, also comes in under budget. Here’s a hint: Criminals and dirty politicians never come in “under budget” on almost anything. Since Trump now runs the government the same way, on time and under budget, those profiting from $500 hammers aren’t raking in cash as before. So since January 2017, one after another elitist income stream shuts down. More reasons to hate.

Trump is a constant danger to this type of nefarious political criminal. If you were a corrupt old politician, making millions or even billions off extorting foreign nations, pay-for-play, dealing in inside information, taking bribes, and giving deals to your corporate pals, wouldn’t you hate a guy like Donald too? So really, this whole Trump-hate thing isn’t about Trump, it’s about his role, his job, as the new boss in a company where the employees have been stealing.

Then there are the banking cartels – they certainly don’t want Donald Trump to remain in the White House. The President is systematically demolishing their hold on the Federal Reserve, taking away the power of their fiat currency, and talking about gold-backed money. That would undoubtedly end the gravy train. They hate Mr. Trump almost as much as Mr. Obama does, for undoing all his beloved socialist work on our country.

Also, there are the criminal elements including child trafficking networks and pedophiles, yes, we don’t like to talk about that, but we must. I believe they are at the core of much of Donald-hate and Trump Derangement Syndrome, and the continual push in the media to distract, distract, distract. Human traffickers despise the wall, and not for what you would say are any philanthropic or humanitarian reasons. It’s because the wall stops the flow of bodies moving northward. 

It’s entirely the Trump’s administration’s actions that lead to the decline in the numbers of active child, sex slave rings, and his Justice Department is 100% responsible for the immediate halt of “” This website was where 80% of all global human trafficking was originating from. Go look again at this website it’s been seized by the FBI with a wonderful big government seal to show all the pedophiles that the game’s up and there’s a new sheriff in town. President Trump did that pretty much immediately after getting into the White House. Damn that evil man! I blame Trump for the destruction of that industry, brick by brick, starting with, so far, about 35,000 children rescued worldwide.

It’s shocking but not surprising that people are generally still not aware that Trump directed the focus of America’s law enforcement upon the pedophile rings, busting thousands of them across the land, thousands of pedophiles put in prison over the last three-and-one-half years. That’s probably Trump’s greatest legacy and why the “news” is especially silent. If you’re a pedophile doing business, you have 800,000 reasons to hate Donald. That’s how many children go missing in the USA every year.

Let me repeat again, not a word in the mainstream news about something so majorly wonderful, as literally tens of thousands of little children being rescued from the clutches of pedophiles across America. Every day, another group of pedophiles is caught and goes down the river – thousands of them.  Read about Operation Broken Heart by our Justice Department. Can you imagine why we hear nothing but crickets? It has been going on four years now folks – not a peep. Not even on Fox. Rupert Murdoch’s name was in Epstein’s little black book of powerful friends. Go look for yourself.

These people hate Trump for a litany of reasons. People also love him for the same reasons. One of which is that he is the builder of that great wall, 450 miles of which will be completed at the end of the year. Trump fought for that wall tooth and nail, against a congress that resisted every step of the way. It’s the same kind of wall that has been shown to cut human trafficking 99% in a place like Hungary and Israel. So don’t let anyone tell you it’s not working. Do you remember when they were shouting it wouldn’t work, on the view, and other mainstream sources? I do. The child and human trafficking industry know it spells doom for their business of selling people, and little kids as sex slaves.

If you dig a little deeper, it also explains why Hollywood appears apoplectic all the time and spews their hate for “The Don,” too. Hollywood has its share of actors, according to government documents, which were assets (CIA-controlled) since the 1970s (and earlier). The Hollywood community, film, and music, oddly attract types involved in criminal perversion. Read about those blowing the whistle on those perversions here, here, here and here. Singer R. Kelly is just the latest to be exposed.

Is it really just a coincidence that so many of the names, like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, and others, were connected to convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein? I believe many Hollywood types are up to their eyeballs and connected to the type of perverts who would gladly ride the Lolita Express, given the opportunity.  No wonder, other than insisting it’s all a ‘hoax,’ a ‘conspiracy theory,’ anything to make it go away. Funny, the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy are hoaxes too, but we don’t spend so much breath objecting to them in the news.

Is “Pedogate” real or a  conspiracy theory? The funds set up by congress to handle sexual harassment cases in the many millions of dollars are the tip of the iceberg, in comparison to the overall sex-crime addicts in our country’s ranks of corporate leadership and celebrities. I believe there is some credibility to the general claims involving Pedogate.  Please, you really must see the testimony of Isaac Kappy. Unfortunately, Kappy “jumped from a bridge” right after this, if you believe he was not “suicided” like the very long list behind the Clintons. Although Kappy, self-described his battles with depression and anxiety, Kappy’s words are still shocking to hear and appear very genuine. As you watch it, you recall “Eyes Wide Shut” and start to realize that movie was made to make the public’s eyes wide open, why Kubrick is dead too. I encourage you also to spend the time watching this documentary called “Out Of Shadows,” written and produced by life long, credible, Hollywood insiders. Link here.

Most of the famous names on Epstein’s planes and those involved with Weinstein have been the loudest in their vibrant POTUS-hate rants. Mainstream articles discussing Epstein never mention that Trump also threw the rascal out of Mar-a-Lago and barred him from his hotels, a couple of decades ago, when he saw evidence of Epstein’s “preferences.” So those that are trying to paint Trump as Epstein’s “pal” are barking up the wrong tree.

During the storming of our southern border invasion in 2017-2018, yet another attack funded by these same clowns, it was exposed that not only were a minimum of one-third of the children not with any sort of family member but also that the terrorist groups Hezbollah, Taliban, were paying South America for USA lottery green cards. Terrorists and pedophiles and their Democrat enablers super hate the wall too, and Donald Trump along with it. By the way, notice you haven’t heard from ISIS? They would still be voicing their hate of Donald Trump, but they are far less vocal or effective now. Isn’t it interesting how the mainstream media never mentions that, either?

So terrorists, pedophiles, suppliers of illegal weapons and human traffickers, elitists, globalists, corrupt politicians, media-brainwashed celebrities, indoctrinated professors at all our universities (like the “finest” – a Harvard professor recently busted smuggling “biological materials” to China with their Chinese-planted communist spy students), all despise Trump, many teaching and preaching Donald hate in open view.

Now you see the hysteria, the snarling and snapping at the President, as the criminals in the swamp see the walls are closing in, Russia! Russia! Russia! The hoax didn’t work. The “Shampeachment” didn’t work, the desperate cries “abuse of power!” were useless, Trump’s administration marches on, and is beginning to arrest the low-hanging criminal fruit

So, as you might imagine, the panic from the Left is palpable of late, as they are cornered and dangerous, I ask … what else might they do. Suddenly out of nowhere comes the hyper echo chamber of fear-driven by the media in the “Coronavirus Lockdown,” putting an immediate halt to the steaming Trump train pulling up a new, robust economy and the possible unsealing of criminal indictments, a list of Trump swamp haters would be a good guess.

As we wait to learn if any of Pacer’s unsealed indictments include those swamp dwellers known as the deep state, it is worth reviewing that they operate like a mob. Many of these political actors had parents closely associated with mob activity: Nancy Pelosi, whose father was forced out of politics because of his connection to the mob, Hillary Clinton, whose father, some claim maneuvered within the Chicago mafia after Capone. There have even been some on the internet claiming  Michelle Obama, whose father was the second son born to Fraser Robinson III, a well-known cocaine dealer and union thug for Crime Lord/Mayor Richard J. Daley, and Marian Shields Robinson, a transient street prostitute, to name just three. It appears the acorns haven’t landed too far from the trees. Thus, our government is operating as a cartel. And since it is exporting its criminality, wantonly, without any governing authority to stop it, it is, by definition, a rogue nation.

Now, some Americans are beginning to push back against the fear-and-panic narrative. They are starting to understand that the Chinese Communist Party and its controlled media interests have gas-lighted the virus panic globally. Some point to the evidence that CCP banned Wuhan citizens from traveling to other regions in China but shipped possibly infected citizens out flying around the globe, purposely infecting the whole world. The fear and frustration of the deep state actors are driving the whole shebang, with the prime directive to eliminate Trump by any means possible. So far, they have failed miserably at killing Trump off, as they did with the others who tried to buck the system, like JFK, RFK, JFK Jr – and that bullet that almost killed Reagan – so you can see why as I said – there’s been dozens of thwarted assassinations attempts against Trump. I lost count last year at 30 attempts.

You can see how serious they are. Serious as a heart attack. Or should I say, as serious as a Coronavirus?

China hates Donald Trump too. They can’t bribe him or blackmail him the way it appears they have Pelosis, Feinsteins, Clintons, Bidens, who gladly cooperate with them for profit. He’s winning the trade war against them, as he closes deals with other countries, moving manufacturing out of China. So they’re desperate to stop Trump, too.

Trump knows this. This is an Alinsky-like battle to overwhelm the government, the political system, and the American people until it all collapses under the weight of corruption – and drawn from Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” in how to topple a nation’s government – its final instruction is to outlast your opponent. That’s what’s happening now, the end game of Saul’s plan. Hillary never made any secret that she loved Mr. Alinsky and wrote encouraging letters to him. She wrote a thesis at the university on Alinsky, in fact, and he even offered her a job.

But Mr. Alinsky never imagined a man like President Trump, that might come along and take the bull by the horns and try to actually drain that nasty swamp. After three years of lawyers securing cases with no wiggle room, nobody getting off on a “technicality,” and corrupt 9th circuit judges replaced so nobody can bribe their way out,  I believe Trump is coming close to securing arrests.

Then out of the blue, suddenly with absolutely perfect timing, this “plandemic” arrives on the scene. The Coronavirus accomplishing so many key points of this agenda? This has instantly put a stop to Trump rallies, crushing all employment gains, hiding Joe Biden’s gaffes, slowing trade negotiations with China, all to delay or cost Trump’s re-election. Why are democrats urgently trying to legislate COVID-19 aid by slipping in changing the election rules seven months in advance, suggesting easily-manipulated mail-in votes? And all of it at the cost of our businesses, our children’s educations, our livelihoods, our very lives?

We’ve had all kinds of diseases come to our shores, including Ebola and Swine Flu, suddenly we’re shutting down at this very opportune time? Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like, but that sure smells fishy. They want to shut us down forever, really. The “flu season” ended May 6th, but blue states keep moving the re-opening dates further and further out. Is the virus worse in the Democrat-run states?

Mainstream media, always ready to pounce and start kicking Trump, bends stories to the breaking point to blame Trump for the Coronavirus. The media had helped to hide treatments for COVID-19 and, then when Trump announced they discovered these treatments, mocked them. The President said you “should inject disinfectant” came part of the media rant when Trump mentioned some of these new modalities. Cheap, effective remedies that wouldn’t fit in their patented plan for making money off the Coronavirus “plandemic” with another, more expensive drug. That’s the underlying motivation.

Here’s how that little story goes:

Mr. George Soros has a vaccine company called Wuxi partnering with Gilead, the maker of the very pricey drug called Remdesivir. Remdesivir is of particular interest because it treats Coronavirus. So, it should make sense to you why Soros, the media, and Dr. Fauci would mock Donald Trump’s mention of Hydrochloroquine sulfate (HCQ), an inexpensive possible solution to this disease, that gets just as good results in clinical trials, to treat Coronavirus. HCQ has been around for 70 years, treats 11 different illnesses, and is relatively safe.

But there’s one side effect that these vile profit-makers don’t like: It undercuts the need for a global vaccine or the expensive drug that Mr. Soros and his associates like Fauci, and Bill Gates, have investments in. And, it unravels their beloved globalist vaccine narrative. Awe, shucks. Since HCQ is only $20 a pop, Soros and his friends at Gilead, associated with Wuxi, Soros’ pharmaceutical company, can’t really make any money on it. HCQ has pages and decades of testing and documentation as used for Malaria, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Lupus treatment. Here is one study that was done by Fauci’s own organization, the NIH.

Does Dr. Anthony Fauci not remember past studies now, and saying it hasn’t been tested?  Fauci and Gates are attempting to force everybody to take the vaccine. Well, have the vaccines been tested? No. Isn’t that what they’re objecting to about Hydroxychloroquine being used to treat Coronavirus? Gilead owns the patent on Remdesivir, not China, as some conspiracy theories suggest, but China was chosen instantly for its manufacture. It appears China even tried to steal it, so it’s a real big money-maker.

Perhaps millions will die because of these so-called “scientists” hiding other treatment modalities they knew about years before this “Pandemic.” Simultaneously, Trump pulls the profit-rug from under their feet by bringing up “New Technologies” that would destroy pathogens as quickly as the world’s need for Remdesivir, which is expensive, and their whole vaccine narrative goes up in flames. No wonder they are mocking Trump for mentioning UV light, Pelosi is calling it “Lysol in your veins.” She knows better. Trump even recently said he takes HCQ himself along with zinc as a preventative. Sure, they would hate him for that, especially George and Hillary. Gilead was even a heavy donor for Hillary’s presidential campaign.

At any moment, Donald Trump can expose the fact that they didn’t “randomly” choose the Gates model, which has been proven wrong, they chose it because Gates was giving billions towards the research that Birx and Fauci’s affiliations perform. Fauci himself has a $100M grant from Gates and is listed as an expert of the very suspect Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. You know, the same little foundation Gates created, right after going through all the anti-trust hearings, about Microsoft. Why, he was so sorry about all that, so much anti-trust guilt, that he made a big philanthropic foundation to “help the world.” What a shame that countries in Africa, and now India are so ungrateful, after having had such bad luck with Gates tainted vaccines. The 490,000 little crippled Indian girls would like to talk to Mr. Gates about his vaccines, that crippled them.

Still, want that jab? The foundation tries to take credit for conquering polio in its marketing materials, while the Africans had to hire a different company to help eradicate polio when Gates was failing. But Mr. Bill wants us to shut the country down until 2021 until everyone can get his vaccine, and possibly get a medical tattoo to prove you’ve had it. Like your dog, and their rabies shot, nobody should want to be near you.

Folks, it isn’t the black plague. This has gotten absurd. Tuberculosis has the same kind of numbers and is curable with medication compliance over time ( unless a person is TB drug-resistant), and I don’t see anyone wearing a mask other than direct medical treatment providers for TB or devoting the media’s attention to it 24/7, seven days a week. Yes, Tuberculosis is contagious and airborne too, and increasing with our immigration numbers. Black plague has even resurfaced in Los Angeles in very recent years – nobody did a lockdown there.

No wonder Gates hates Donald Trump for telling the truth, informing the country about inexpensive cures, encouraging Americans to go back to work, to open business back up. For crying out loud, it’s been months, and China itself was only locked down for 16 days as original Ground Zero. Now that the real data is being released, and it appears Birx and Fauci and their Gates-model were in error by several folds. The USA might not have had to lockdown at all.

The numbers of dead from COVID-19 are way, way lower than previously predicted. In fact, given data about real rates of infection and new studies on herd immunity, it may have been the opposite of what we should do, and opening up immediately would be in the country’s best interest. With all the manipulated data, it’ll be a long time before we really know. But both Germany and Georgia, at least for now, suffered no “spike” in cases after re-opening. That’s encouraging.

What’s discouraging is that even though Trump’s enemies praised him for the handling of this crisis, the hate goes on. One would imagine that these criminal big pharma, money-grubbing, patent-grabbing scientists and their Democrat enablers are very nervous about Trump exposing them and their real agenda, on why they lied, hid treatments, allowed people to stay sick, ruining businesses and our way of life, trying to keep us on house arrest indefinitely with scare tactics … in order to make a buck.

So, you see? Everybody has their reasons to hate Donald Trump. You only have to look and see why.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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  1. Thank God America’s enemies have been unable to bribe or blackmail President Trump. Thank God that he is determined to fight for America rather than garner the popularity of the mainstream media, Hollywood, and the Left in DC.

  2. New to rightwirereport via this article linked on Breitbart.
    What truly struck me was the section concerning pedophilia.
    I’ve been talking about the pervasive pedophilia in DC for years, and happy to see it presented in such a succinct manner.
    Thank you.
    I’ll add here that the two marxist creators of BLM are both sexual abnormals.
    Follow that money; well, before all the wackos, and sissy corporations started sending them money, and made them rich.

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    When I want my peace invaded by gratuitous voices I never asked for, I’ll ask for them.
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