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Op-Ed: America’s Child, Asks Cop, “Are You Going to Shoot Us?” Indoctrination Revealed

I am livid!

My day ran long into the wee hours of the morning, yet just before 3 am, I ran across this video and became so incensed I had to put down my thoughts immediately. A simple request. Would the adults please make their way to find a seat at the table? 

Americans have spent the last ten days witnessing civil unrest across forty-plus states. Law enforcement and the National Guard have been on our streets attempting to quell an insurrection. The Federal Government even had portions of the 82nd Airborne on standby outside Washington DC as a precautionary measure in case the president had to implement his full authority to keep Americans safe. There have been billions in property damage, hundreds of officers injured (300 plus in NYC alone), and dozens murdered, innocent citizens attacked, gravely injured and murdered, and random arsons’ roaming about setting ablaze urban landscapes like some meth-head street artist hollowing out blank spaces on a canvas!

Oh, and did I mention we are living through an Orwellian response to a pandemic era where social distancing is still standard protocol as well? And experts warn of a second wave coming.

Why would anyone bring a child, much less a 5 yr old child out to be among massive crowds under the above-described conditions? Seriously, why? Yes, I have seen a few children dragged out into this chaos on video, wholly a negligent and abusive choice by those who chose to do so. But today, before sunrise, my focus is on one gorgeous little 5 yr old girl. let’s call her “America’s Child.” 

I wish to place the safety issue of taking this specific child to a Houston Tx. BLM protest for George Floyd in the proper context. This is a video of the protest in Houston, yes they are attacking a Children’s Hospital! There are other videos over several days of violence exhibited during protests in Houston as well.

Children by nature and design have no consent. This is why caregivers are the difference between thriving or failure to thrive. This 5 yr old is defined as a preschooler, and as such, regulation of emotions is difficult. 5 yr olds mimic and seek to please parents and authority figures and are highly persuadable. The entire nature versus nurture debate flows from the fact young children are cognitive sponges and absorb everything they are exposed to. But absorption is not equal to understanding.

Complex and adolescent/adult-themed concepts like death, romantic love, sexuality, and certain political and social paradigms are for those with critical thinking skills and rational thought, not 5 yr olds. The choice to expose a child to emotional and cognitive age-inappropriate settings and experiences falls to an adult’s shoulders, not the children.

So back to “America’s Child” seen in the video below. The parents of this angel seem well-intended, and unfortunately, their thinking the George Floyd protests were a healthy and vital experience for their 5 yr old, is more a symptom of conditioning and indoctrination than lack of love or concern for the child. The virtue signaling and “woke” posturing is a choice an adult makes about their advocating their world view and value system. If an adult processes the Black Lives Matter list of demands (read here) and signals allegiance, so be it. But a 5 yr old cannot know if they think disbanding law enforcement is a good or bad outcome. And a 5 yr old has no other input on the actual FBI crime statistics that the ones her caregivers allow her to know, and therefore cannot rationalize if the premise that police target black people is a fact. The preschooler cannot rationalize the concept of reparations and so forth. 

Do you believe a child can grasp the leftist’s concept of White Privilege? Of course not, but they can be indoctrinated. So what was our “America’s Child” exposed to at the Houston, TX. protest? Well, for once, this is an easy and non-debatable answer. Listen to “America’s Child” tell you, tell the world, what she saw and felt:

By the parent’s account, “America’s Child” was crying inconsolably, and a police officer approached to hug and comfort her. “Why do you have on this outfit, are you going to shoot us?” cried America’s Child. This 5 yr old was in emotional distress, but why? After all, her parents chose to take her to a gathering, presumably not to make her cry or be upset. To intentionally do so to a child would be cruel and abusive … right?

This preschooler is crying because she is afraid – FEAR!

One more time – this child is with her loving parents, and she is crying inconsolably from fear – why? Make yourself think about the question. Force yourself to feel the question. Do you assume for one second, “America’s Child,” two weeks ago saw a uniformed officer and did not feel fear? Do you assume it was just that day, that gathering of protesters, who in a brief time of exposure instilled in her a fear of cops? The first would mean she has been TAUGHT to fear cops, and the latter would signify extreme words and visuals inputted into her psyche over just a few hours at that gathering were so disturbing that she instantly developed a fear of police.

In both instances, “America’s Child” would be a victim of gross indoctrination. Shall we break this down further? Indoctrination is the process of inculcating a person with ideas, attitudes, and teaching that person to accept a set of beliefs uncritically. This is what I know:

  • I am told that there is systemic racism throughout the police in my country (approx. 800,000) despite statistical evidence to the contrary.
  • I am told by law enforcement and FBI stats that Black Americans commit the highest level of violent crime in areas of the country that have been under Democrat leadership at all levels for decades, which is why Blacks have seven times more interactions with police than any other race.
  • Stats show more whites are killed by blacks, and more police officers are killed by blacks than any other race.
  • Stats show blacks resist arrest more than any other race and do not follow simple commands like keep your hands where I can see them.
  • In 2019 there were approximately 10 million arrests and 1004 police shootings. Of those shooting 41 were unarmed and 19 were white, 9 were black, and the remainder other races.  Eighty-nine police officers were killed in the line of duty.
  • 82 black Americans were shot in Chicago last Memorial weekend, and 19 died, and there are no protests or riots scheduled for them.
  • Pin on a map of the highest violent crime rates and black on black murders, and you will see a correlation of liberal leadership and high black demographic in inner cities across the country.
  • Blacks make up 13.7% of the population.

I know these things not from indoctrination but from factual stats and realities. I see a police officer, and I respect the badge, follow instructions which are designed to keep both of us safe, and the biggest of all – I do not engage in committing a crime, violent or otherwise. Why? I was taught those values very young.

When “America’s Child” sees a police officer, she is full of fear she will be shot. She has been conditioned very young to believe cops want to hurt people, and specifically, black people. How many black children grew up being indoctrinated by their caregivers, media, race hustlers, movies, music, and Democrats with their divisive identity politics, to not respect the law? How many grow up having the excuse that “White privilege” justifies why they fail to stay out of a life of crime addiction and broken families, and why their communities fail rather than decades of democrat policies and dependency on the state?

Out of the mouth of babes, “America’s Child” shows us all correlation to why we may have so many black Americans, mostly black young males, acting belligerent, rageful, indignant, and dangerously when their paths cross with law enforcement. They have been indoctrinated to do so from an early age and reinforced by thug life/rap life culture as well.

So which is it? Chicken or egg? Systemic racist cops or criminal behavior have driven crime stats that create an accurate profile?

One thing is set in concrete – as long as we collectively allow only one side of the equation to be addressed (police) and ignore the other side (black culture), nothing will ever change. And if nothing changes, that cop who hugged “America’s Child” yesterday will still have a far greater chance of being victimized by a black American than vice versa in the future. And sadly, “America’s Child” as a black female will statistically have a greater chance of becoming an unwed mother, living in poverty, with the black father of her children either absent, dead, or incarcerated.

I still want to believe the adults will get to the table and speak truth to power about the entire equation. Every American child deserves it! Until that day arrives, I implore all parents to keep their kids home and safe during the adult behavior of redressing your country in protest!

 RWR original article syndication source.

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  1. OMG Becka, what a great article. I Think it is crule to take a young child to a protest. You don’t know what kind of violence you are subjecting them to these days considering how many of these BLM protests attract ANTIFA militants where a riot with violence looting and bodly harm including shooting of inocent people breaks out. No wonder so many Afriocan American children grow up to hate and disrespect our police.

  2. WOW, Wake up America! Why can’t people see what they are teaching our youth? They are being taught to hate and fear. This hurts my heart. When I was growing up, I was taught if I got separated from my parents in a crowd go find the police and I would be safe. This has got to stop. Children don’t need to witness this so call protest. Great article and I just hope it reaches across America. Please post to your social media!

  3. truer words on the subject have not been spoken. It’s a sad commentary that the content in this article is spot-on and accurately illustrates a situation in a pragmatic manner, but would be regarded as a racist flourish by much of media and many in the public. I would say that a person who reads this and sees it as racist, is a person who, as you said so eloquently, has been indoctrinated or conditioned.

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