Chicago Boarded Up

Did a Terrorist Attack Hit Chicago? Boarded Up Magnificent Mile

North Michigan Avenue, also known as The Magnificent Mile, is one of the great avenues of the world. The heart of downtown Chicago and an international tourism destination, The Magnificent Mile is one of the most vibrant and successful commercial, residential, cultural, and tourist areas in the world. But it is no more.

This dramatic footage of the collapse of America’s biggest cities is literally happening in real-time. When the author of this video drove down The Magnificent Mile, all the businesses are bordered up. What happened? Did a terrorist attack occur? It is as if a 911 terror attack has come to Chicago. Are we looking at the worst domestic terror attack on America since the Twin Towers came down? As you can see, there’s not much left of the many of the high-end Chicago and NY downtown area stores. Everybody has gone. They are and out of work and afraid.

What is happening to all these cities across America? One would have to be living in a cave to not know of the national even international carnage going on in the Western world. It is the planned destruction by subversives amongst us. Groups like ANTIFA, Black Lives Matters, radical leftists, anarchists, and teens looking for dangerous fun – even many of our political actors and media are encouraging this attack. One does also needs to consider the possibility of foreign intervention. Using racism and victimology of disaffected social classes, the old Marxist playbook (The Marxist Plan to Destroy America) is now fully engaged in the takedown of America. This has decimated American life in the biggest business centers across America, from Atlanta to Dallas, Philadelphia to LA, dozens of other cities, standing with property damage, and loss of lives.

In California, the same scene appears as Santa Monica lays in smoldering ruins, like other places there, you see the aftermath of a domestic terror attack that Americans are just starting to realize is still going on in various places in their country. Remember, these photos and videos are cleaned up, after all the fires are put out, charred police cars removed, broken glass swept up. Even more “Protests” are being planned for America’s future.

This cannot be dismissed as “peaceful protests gone wrong” when we see these systemically organized attacks. “Peaceful protests” have gone on for decades in this country – but not like this. Suddenly violence is everywhere. It is clear that this has been an attack in the planning for some time. Between the Pandemic Lockdown Hoax and these “protests,” it resembles a terrorist attack by insurgent mob riots.

The Right Wire Report is not necessarily endorsing Kim Clement, but his prophetic words are profound. A decade before Donald Trump was elected, a man named Kim Clement, a pastor, told his flock that Mr. Trump was going to be president someday soon. He made these predictions in a series of talks between 2007 to 2014. He also made another prediction, that while President Trump was in office, that there would be “an attack on America” that was “more subtle than 911.” Clement was a Christian prophet, who incorporated worship in services where he would offer prophecy and various subjects. Here were his predictions:

  1. Donald Trump by name
  2. Trump’s hot-blooded nature
  3. The mockery of Trump by mainstream media
  4. Trump Impeachment
  5. Trump’s desire to protect America
  6. Trump’s successful economy
  7. (yet to occur) Trump’s second term.

Pastor Clement died right after President Trump won the election. Perhaps a positive that he did not have to live through the horrors of the past few years – but his predictions are with us today and we can take some solace in his words. How long before Americans get angry enough to stop all this current carnage going on across America? Let’s roll up our sleeves and ensure his 7th prophecy occurs, or prepare for the worst.

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Written by L. M. McCormick, M.A.

Former Fortune 500 writer and university writing instructor, the Author of "The Psychology of God: Ten Sons of Haman" about the biblical Book of Esther, L.M. McCormick is a Christian conservative writer, who holds degrees in Psychology/Physiology and Organizational Communication/Semiotics, from University of Washington, and Purdue, respectively. Her graduate degree emphasis was on Semiotics, the study of signs, symbols, and meaning, where the focus is "connecting the dots".

A long time professional copywriter in advertising, Ms McCormick has recently come back to her original and first love, Journalism. As a member of the QAnon collective of citizen investigators and journalists, LM loves the snarkiness of Ann Coulter, with the fun of old-fashioned consumerist writers such as Erma Bombeck ("I Can't Cook", "I Hate Housekeeping", and other titles.) You can help Ms McCormick most by sharing her articles. Thank you. L.M. is currently working on her next book. LM left the Democrat Party in 2003, and is registered as an Independent.

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  1. Good information. People are afraid to say anything. They don’t want to be called raciest. From what I have been reading on social media they have all the history wrong. I will never support a hate group. I will not support any group that destroys people property.

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