Democrats Tried to Steal Trump Tulsa Rally, They Would Steal Your Vote Too

Do you remember America? Every day that passes leaves any memory fading and juxtaposes to a country that no longer resembles the one we grew up in only a few decades ago.

Have you ever heard of the Whistlestop? Candidates and Presidents would ride the rails hitting several towns and cities across the country over a few days. The politician would stand at the back of the train once arriving at the station and deliver a rousing political speech while asking for support from all who had gathered. Every political candidate holds campaign events and rallies. Some become things of legend when speaking of the likes of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Truman, or even Kennedy, who was assassinated as he traveled to attend one in Dallas.

President Obama raised the bar complete with Ancient Greek temple columns erected as a stage and held events at other large venues. One such event in 2018 reportedly 100,000 were in attendance. Political campaign events and rallies are both essential and standard to the American experience, that is until Americans dared to support Donald J.Trump.

COVID-19 shutdown status placed President Trump Rallies on hiatus for the last few months. Then came the month of civil unrest where violence, destruction, and lawlessness broke out across major cities organized and funded by leftist groups. Finally, last evening Trump and his supporters gathered enthusiastically in Tulsa Oklahoma (June 20th, 2020) to kick off his 2020 re-election campaign. So how do you think this long-awaited celebration of American citizens exercising their right to choose and support a candidate unfolded? The media headlines tell us what they want us to know:

  • CNN – “Sick staff and empty seats” How Trump’s triumphant return to the campaign trail went from bad to worse.”
  • AP – “Trump comeback rally features empty seats, staff infections.”
  • NYT – “Trump’s Tulsa rally fizzles as seats go empty.”
  • WAPO – “Trump gives grievance- filled speech to the unfilled arena as protests stay mostly peaceful.”
  • USA Today – “Coronavirus slur and other takeaways from Trump’s Tulsa Rally.” ( Note paper changed the headline hours later to remove slur and replace with “lighter than expected crowds and other takeaways.”
  • The Guardian – “Trump sows division and promises “greatness” at Tulsa rally flop.”

Trust us, those are the least offensive headlines out of the bunch.

 Indulge us please – Right Wire Report would like to write some additional headlines:

  • “Media and Democrats attempt to COVID shame Trump and his supporters for an irresponsible rally planned.”
  • Judge denies leftists claim to stop Tulsa Rally claiming COVID super Spread.”
  • “Acute Media bias on full display leading up to Trump Rally.”

  • “Speaker Pelosi accuses President of endangering Americans over the rally, champions millions of peaceful protesters as thoughtful.”
  • “Tulsa Mayor imposes curfew after credible threats made against Trump supporters, announces to the public, they may be at risk, then rescinds it at last minute.”
  • “Campaign staff members are tested for COVID-19 as part of the campaign’s safety protocols, and six who tested positive were not allowed to attend the event.”
  • “Leftist sabotaged rally attendance by reserving seats online they knew they would not show up for.”
  • “BOK Arena capacity is 19,199, and it was two thirds full for Trump rally at approximately 13,500 in attendance inside.”
  • “The average capacity of past Trump rallies has been 10k-12k with two venues which held more.”
  • “Leftist agitators arrived hours before the start of the rally to terrorize the Trump supporters leading police to clear the outside venue resulting in Trump canceling outside  venue event.”
  • “Protesters block checkpoint entrances just as they did at Trump Inaugural, causing delays and no entry to the event.”

Trump supporters came out in huge numbers despite the Virus, fear and intimidation tactics, political manipulations, and physical health obstacles. Those included running the gauntlet of protesters taunting and blocking entrance through the metal gates and harassing them as they exited the building after the rally. Additionally, the entry time was expanded due to temperature checks and medical waivers related to COVID-19. Shall we compare the Tulsa Rally to any of Biden’s events?

Trump rallies are usually full of children of all ages, and the Right Wire Report is disturbed by the noticeable decrease in families with children at this rally as opposed to others. Children are not at high risk to become infected, so this is most likely related to the very real threat of bodily harm the supporters knew they might be facing and not so much about the virus.

Déjà vu? “Deplorables” remember how the left infiltrated Trump rallies in 2016 resulting in vicious attacks and violence. Refresh your memory here and here. During his presidency, supporters have watched and experienced severe intimidation and degradation, physical attacks on person and property, Doxing, and brutal censorship. Again, refresh your memory here, here, and here. Sadly, if you support this president, you are stuck in the movie Groundhog Day.

What does all this mean? Right Wire Report thinks it is straight forward. Those who assign themselves as supporting the present Democrat Party, Progressive fascists, The Deep State, and allies in the media and Hollywood-will not stand down! This grotesque robbing of Americans’ right to free speech, political assembly, and basic rights to live without fear under the rule of law is not happenstance or impulsive emotion. This is by design. This is for an achievable end. Absorb this tweet by a sitting member of Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as if your freedom depended on it:

Leftists who control the Democrat Party do not hide from you what they will do to you, and they declare it with glee. The Right Wire Report’s question is, what are you willing to do to them to survive? If you have not thought about this question yet, or do not have an answer, chances are it is already too late for you and our country. From Right Wire Report’s vantage point, most of you are doing nothing but handing the instrument to the surgeon and kindly asking him or her to remove your heart. It takes character and authentic courage to beat back evil when it comes for you, and everything you hold dear – so far, it has been a complete surrender.

Reality check – In the United States of America, there had to be National Guard and a full SWAT team on the street between Americans attending a peaceful campaign event and those who were determined to take that right away. Overall their tactics have been effective. Do you doubt they will take away your vote?

 RWR original article syndication source.

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  1. Those with disturbing trends will lose out in the end. A free people are not stupid but they are peaceful. They will take a lot, but once touched off, then those with disturbing trends had better watch out. Even Black Lives Matter will find their own kind going hard against them.. Talk to any black person who has a good job, home, family and possessions, and ask them if they support BLM. I have, and did. Most of the blacks do not support BLM and would rather they go away. They do not support other blacks who would rather steal, take and destroy, rather than get a job or go to school, to secure a better future. Makes you think, that those who support BLM, must have bad mothers, and the women who are supporting BLM most likely do not discipline their children and this can be seen by the way BLM people act.

  2. While the likes of Avacado Cortez & her co-conspirators chuckle & salute the mindless minions whom they conned into performing this act (which I must believe is illegal in one way or another) they fail to realize the galvanizing affects of their spitefully immature folly.

    While it did defraud & cheat honest people out of their chance to peacefully attend a true free speech assemblage, it DID NOT STOP Trump’s message from being heard by the MILLIONS more who viewed the event electronically.

    Has it not occurred to anyone that this infantile action to stifle free speech & the attendance thereof is evidence of a failed party & will be forever regarded as their last great act of defiance.

    It is undeniable evidence attesting to what every thinking person knows; That the Democrat Party has no faith in it’s own platform & proposed solutions. Rather than bring achievable solutions to the table & beat Trump based on merit they chose to (once again) lie, cheat, steal & defraud the American public.

    These are the very same tactics that Trump/WE have suffered for years now.

    Now begins the time to test what this country is made of once & for all.

    I personally believe that half this country isn’t worth saving.
    I think if half the country were to trip & fall, they’d be too stupid to stand up & they’d just start eating grass.

    That percentage coincidentally corresponds to the usual 50-50’ish split of party voters.
    Which party do you think I refer to?

  3. Tucker Carlson was right and Trump is wrong. Democrats suck and that’s for sure, but Republicans did nothing, continue to do nothing and, for the most part are no better. Between these two establishment parties, there is little choice. Actually that is the only reason Trump is President today.

    It’s time Trump woke up to the new day he himself once promised. Hiring Karl Rove who once again smells the money isn’t the answer either. Trump seems to have forgotten why he was elected. It’s past time he got to work and started fixing what really needs fixing, prosecuting, firing and reforming the swamp he promised to drain.

    TikTok may have dupped his political operation, but Trump at Tulsa was tired and uninspired, the same old, same old marketing speech. The formula is fraying. His core message for reelection was old, slow, demented Joe Biden will destroy whatever wealth you may have whether it’s in stocks, or real estate. While all that may be true enough, with the nation on the brink it was hardly inspiring and neither was Trump himself.

    Sure Trump roasted Biden. Who wouldn’t, or couldn’t ? Biden has been rotten & corrupt to the bone for the last 45 years. Now he’s sequestered in his basement. He belongs in a federal prison and Trump should have said so. What we got was another marketing speech, which isn’t even very entertaining anymore. Trump himself looked old and tired, over weight and worn out. His presentation reflected same.

    Trump rallies will soon enbough become a factor of diminishing returns. What we need is radical, effective leadership, promise of real reform and change. If he continues to stand with RINO, establishment Republicans this is going to be a very close race indeed. A fired up and dedicated communist Democrat cadre may very well end up eating his lunch. Trump will have only himself to blame for betraying the promise and the dream he himself first inspired.

    • Rickey , I have same gut instinct on Rove, What is Trump thinking? Basically, most in the GOP up on Capitol Hill are no different than Democrats, it is one uni – party . Yes there are some patriot warriors still ,but not enough! The dark clouds are gathering everywhere and I struggle to see just what will be the final straw that wakes the country up . I fear it will all be too late if that red pill ever comes. Thanks for comment.

  4. I don’t know that I agree with Trump looking/acting tired but…if it’s true, wouldn’t you be as well?
    Trump came in believing the best of people, especially his own small circle.
    As each of the people he trusted & valued revealed their true colors, he removed & replaced them.
    It’s a tiring labor to find trustworthy people on which to delegate responsibility & “cover your back”.
    It must be an exceedingly difficult process since most everyone in politics is a ladder climbing, personal agenda carrying shit.
    If I were Trump today, I would feel that half the country isn’t worth saving.
    I might be tempted to just say, I tried to do good for you people.
    Despite my efforts & achievements to begin making your lives better, you let other people’s lies get in the way.
    I did what was in my power to ensure that you could excel but…. YOU didn’t carry YOUR weight.
    Did you think success & achievement would just be handed you on a silver platter?
    Was there no concept in your minds that you might actually need to get your hands dirty?
    Well, I’ve achieved what I wanted to in my personal & professional lives.
    And since YOU’RE unwilling to heed my warnings & advice, you’re on your own.
    I’m going back to my comfortable life now & I go back knowing that you didn’t value the ideals & assistance I offered.
    You wasted me. You’re no longer my problem & you have no one to blame but yourselves.
    Best o luck to ya’s…… Heyyy would ya look at the time…… I got a thing….. I gotta go….You’re fired as constituents.
    The other half of you are fired as Americans.

    You can lead a Democrat to water…..But ya’ can’t make’ em think!

  5. The Tulsa police dept is responsible for keeping people away ; too many stories of attendees being told ‘building is full’ , blocking entrances, covering entrance signs and allowing the communists to block entrance are out there for it to be coincidence. The TPD, like seemingly every city PD, is complicit in the marxist coup in the country.
    The rino ‘mayor’ closed the overflow area with a big screen. Traitors all.
    Add that to the dim-o-crats stealing tickets, the County Health Board lying and trying to scare people and the local media lying, and the attendance was down WAY below what it should have been.
    The upside is that even the (((morons))) who shipped in ‘protestors’ figured out that Tulsa ‘aint seattle’ and decided – accurately – that they wopuld be handed their asses on a platter, so no burning or looting occurred.

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