Tulsa BLM vs Trump Supporter

BLM vs Trump Supporters: BLM Protest Tactics, Flicking Sharp Fingernails at Eyes

President Donald Trump addressed an enthusiastic – though smaller than expected crowd of supporters at a campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on June 20th, 2020, as some BLM protesters gathered outside. Nevertheless, all in all, a successful Trump rally.

Social media reports estimate that the Trump crowd at about 14,000 (another 2,000 to 5,000 outside), and Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters around 200 to 500. It should be noted that many of the previous Trump rallies were in smaller venues, making this one appearing less attended. The BLM may have been bused in, and most definitely were organized. Looking at the video footage of the BLM protesters, one could see scatter signs and tee-shirts that were the same, indicating that someone had them produced for the event. One should note several important issues which may also have contributed to a lower turnout:

  • An online reservation strategy of Trump opponents to flood fake participants, to create the low turnout story.
  • Many Trump supporters being older, perhaps did not want to take the risk of a large crowd during the Coronavirus crisis.
  • With the President’s security at stake, it appears that entry to the venue was cut off. Scatter reports suggest a disturbance and/or chemical substance (smoke/stink bombs) may have been set off to provoke security to close off further entry to the venue.
  • With a rumor of a large BLM counter-rally, many did not want to invoke the potential of physical violence often accompanied by BLM protests.

By in large, the Trump Tulsa rally was peaceful on both sides. However, loud arguments broke out between BLM activists and Trump supporters. Some BLM protesters threatened to “beat up” their opponents, and told them to “go away.” Take a look at these videos to get a small glimpse of the heated arguments that occurred, and let’s see what we can learn from the tactics of BLM street protesting.

BLM protestors are the more experienced protester when compared to Trump supporters. After all, they don’t spend all day protesting – they typically have real jobs. More than likely, BLM protesters have been trained on how to incite, to obtain a more aggressive strike back to give them a license for further incitement. BLM is trying to get their political foes to react and get that “YouTube” moment to make the other side look bad and win the narrative that you are the aggressor, not them.

If a physical conflict should occur, they are prepared to sow chaos. Looking at these videos (there are many scattered across the social media sphere) there seem to be some key tactics to watch for and be aware of if confronted by BLM protesters:

  • BLM will try to get you to walk or go away, in an effort for you to cede street ground in a symbolic gesture of your submission to them. Walking away will often humiliate people. Those that hold their ground will be those targeted in an attempt to incite a strike back.
  • BLM targets are then surrounded by followers to further intimidate and block oppositional supporters.
  • Notice the BLM protester taunting with repetitive chants that are loud and emotional. The BLM protester is trying to get as close to their opponent’s face as possible. The BLM protester may actually even touch their opponent. This is another attempt to incite a strike back. Are you going to deck someone that merely touched you?
  • When the BLM protesters are in the face of their opponent, they flick their hands, or pointing with their fingers at their targets, coming within inches of their face. For the women, it is useful that the BLM protesters to have sharp fingernails. A suggestion may be to wear goggles next time.
  • Women make better antagonizers, especially at men – who could strike a woman if she would cut the face (or eyes) of her target?
  • With Coronavirus as the cover, a mask is essential to make it harder to identify the BLM protestor if trouble arrives. Notice in the first video the woman aggressing the Trump supporter kept making sure her face was covered.

Yes, it is getting dicey out there on the streets of America. It is sad to see that political discourse has come to this. Leftists and Democrats don’t seem to care – they seem to be encouraging it along with their Media friends. But Trump supporters should not cede the political ground to those who wish our Republic to fail. We need to hold our ground and peacefully continue to support our President and our cause. Just be smart and strong and be aware of what you are up against.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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  1. Highly informative information. The faster the average American can wake up to understand that these “grassroots movements”are neither organic nor motivated by sincere motives ,the faster we can collectively defend our Republic. There are significant elements within these groups on the street that are well funded and highly trained in insurgency warfare. These people are as dangerous and capable as those in Middle East who surged against US Military troops.

    • Many, if not at least all of the influential ones, are “public servants” and this is by design, as coordinated by unions of government employees. As “public servants” they have legal protections purely endowed by “legal scholars” that “presume good faith” on their part regardless of any magnitude of circumstantial evidence of malicious intent; seriously. This means that without confessions, no subpoenas will even be issued for their communications. Unless somehow one of their higher-ups has a diary with a confession that legally winds up in police hands and is miraculously admitted into an otherwise unrelated federal case against the defendant.

      Our intelligence agencies likely have some amount of information regarding their personnel-networks, but are also likely prevented from using that information against domestic residents. This may or may not relate to recent court rulings regarding DACA status.

    • Thank you for an excellent article and warning us what might occur in a confrontation. We don’t see this antagonism by BLM or leftist groups against conservatives in main stream media. It’s extremely disheartening to see the damage done to our great country and its heritage by the leftist groups. I believe rational, patriotic, freedom loving, people still exist and will be voting in November.

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