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How the Left Can Abolish the 2nd Amendment in Days not Decades

The Founder’s legacy considers our individual right to own guns intrinsic to the Founders’ desire for us to be captains of our own destiny. To preserve and protect not just our homes and families but the very liberty secured by the Founders and paid for in blood in wars and battles without number via the 2nd Amendment to the Consitution.

Though at times Democrats won’t admit it, they are actively making plans to impose extreme gun control and even abolish the 2nd Amendment. These Leftists claim the 2nd Amendment is why we can’t go to school, or work, or a house of worship, or a nightclub, or a movie theater, or a music festival, or pretty much any public gathering without fear of getting shot to death. They further claim the 2nd Amendment is how law enforcement justifies the need for military-grade armaments – to match the “firepower” they meet in the streets. The 2nd Amendment is why we have a generation of young people that are scarred or missing from gun violence. Rember Beto O’Rourke on gun control when he said, ”Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15.”

But changing the Constitution is not an easy thing to do. Many Leftists believe this is a decades-long effort worth undertaking. Their strategy in the past was a state-by-state effort along with changing out Judges to obtain favorable opinions and chip away at our rights. But in this new lawless America created by Leftists, they may have found a way to accomplish their goals in days, not decades. This new insidious strategy, that has come upon us in a few short days, can be seen in this much-reported incident in Missouri that begins to demonstrate this new strategy.

Fox – A Missouri couple under fire for brandishing guns in the front yard of their home as protesters passed told police the group broke a gate to get onto the private street, and the pair say they only retrieved their firearms when they spotted “multiple” people who were already armed, department records show. Al Watkins, an attorney for Mark McCloskey, 63, and his 61-year-old wife, Patricia, said the protest was largely peaceful, and the pair did not bring their guns outside of the home until two men, in particular, both of whom were white, started menacing them. The McCloskeys, he said, were hesitant to come forward with the full story out of fear that they would “disparage the importance of Black Lives Matter (BLM).”

A Missouri couple Mark McCloskey and Patricia McCloskey can be seen in action in the following video:

This on the surface would seem like an open and shut case, where a couple is using their 2nd Amendment rights to protect the property and life. The St. Louis police are investigating the incident as a case of trespassing and fourth-degree assault by intimidation against the couple. But not so fast. Local circuit attorney Kimberly Gardner issued a statement characterizing the events as a “violent assault” on the protesters. She stated:

I am alarmed at the events that occurred over the weekend, where peaceful protesters were met by guns and a violent assault,” said Gardner, who says she’s working with police to investigate the confrontation according to Fox19, We must protect the right to peacefully protest, and any attempt to chill it through intimidation or threat of deadly force will not be tolerated.”

Wow! We are now living in a new America where apparently law and order are being thrown out the window. Via Antifa thugs, their mobs use fear and force, turning the country into chaos by design, using the racially charged cover of BLM political propagandists. The Democratic party, now synonymous with BLM, is ordering the police to stand down, out of the idea that they can placate the mobs and promote their agenda – with the Media as their cheerleaders. Even to the point where it is an actual policy to “defund and abolish the police.” Under the Democrats, they are basically telling the American people – “you are on your own.” And neither the government nor individually will you be able to do anything about it.

The Right Wire Report could go into endless citations (though we have written on this extensively already – see here, here, here and here), but effectively in this new America, the following are now becoming true statements:

  • If you should use your 2nd Amendment right to defend your property and life, you may face prosecution as the perpetrator, not the original aggressor.
  • Furthermore, the social media mob will hunt you down and doxx you, and you could lose your ability to earn a living. It may even extend to lawless harassment and threatening violence against you if you do not support their agenda.

So yes, on paper, one has 2nd Amendment Constitutional rights. But if government officials do not enforce these laws, via police law enforcement and a functioning justice system, what good is this right? And it’s not just the 2nd Amendment, these same people have done similar things to the 1st Amendment of free speech – and other rights as well. The Leftist ilk has done in a few days, what would normally take decades, if ever, by bypassing the Constitution altogether. The 2nd Amendment is effectively being abolished – and coercing you to agree.

The election coming in 2020 becomes even more critical than ever. If Democrats obtain power, our very Republic and Constitution are at stake – to say nothing of your property and life. Think carefully when making your vote this fall and decide what America you want to live in. Choose freedom or bend your knee in submission to the power of a tyrannical government.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Written by Tom Williams

Born down on the farm in America's Midwest, my early life was spent climbing the ladder via a long career in information technology. Starting as a technician, and after earning a degree going to night school, I eventually found a place working at ATT Bell Laboratories as a software engineer.

Later moving into management and then a long stint in a major management consulting firm working with major banking, telecommunications, and retail companies. Working in various states in America, I also spent considerable time living and working in several European countries - currently expat in France. As a side career, I was heavily involved in real estate development and an avid futures trader. This experience can give one a unique view of the world.

The storm clouds of dark change are near. Today America is at a crossroads. Will it maintain its prowess as a national leader in the free modern advancing world, or will it backtrack in the abyss of the envy identity politics of tyrannical socialism, and the loss of individual freedoms. The 2020 election may have decided this. Join the Right Wire Report team and make a stand.


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  1. B.S. Flag thrown.

    The evil (D) can attack the Constitution until JESUS comes back. Our Founders and Framers enshrined our “RIGHTS” in something more permanent.

    NOTE: The Constitution only uses the word “right” 1 x, and it is in Article VIII with regard to “Patents”. The Declaration of Independence recites that our rights come from GOD, and thus are UNALIENABLE. Further: all “rights” are essentially protections FROM GOVERNMENT, thereby government cannot also be their protector.

    We only have the 2nd Amendment because The Constitution (essentially our 3rd try) was not getting what we want of/by/for/and from each other under THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. We only wrote The Constitution because our original constitution The Articles of Confederation weren’t getting it done. The Bill of Rights had to be added to The Constitution to try to bring it closer to achieve what The Declaration demands.

    We could chuck the Constitution entirely, and write a new one, but it will only better obtain what we want under The Declaration, or people will pay in body parts.

    The Declaration states 2 x, in its “flesh-language” that you should chuck your government “whenever” you deem necessary. One of those times it recites that it is your “duty” to. AND THERE’S NO FING WAY OUR FOUNDERS WROTE THAT, BUT YET WOULD REQUIRE THE CITIZENRY NEEDING TO REPLACE THEIR IDIOT AY-WHOLE NEIGHBORS WHO NEEDED A JOB (their “gov’t”) TO ASK, THE GOV’T THAT NEEDED REPLACING, FOR THE MEANS, OR THE PERMISSION TO OBTAIN THE MEANS, TO DO SO. Therefore the 2nd Amendment requires PARITY of “arms” not just “guns” with our gov’t, and it’s not our fault what that parity might entail.

    A N D: The Declaration of Independence (thankfully) CANNOT BE REPEALED OR AMENDED.

    We could write a new one, but I guarantee that would cost everyone who made us do so, their pelt. So Help Me GOD.


    • None of these documents mean a thing if people simply refuse to even acknowledge them let alone abide by them. You can assert constitutional rights all you want but if no one is inclined to listen then what has been accomplished? Nothing.

      We lost freedom of association over 50 years ago. Speech is being severely curtailed at this very moment. The right to bear arms is being rendered into a legal liability by our “legal system”. What good is any “right” if by exercising it you can wind up ruined or in jail? When the left takes power that will be the end of all constitutional protections.

      Assert your “constitutional rights” all you want it won’t make a bit of difference if the people you are asserting these to simply ignore you or, as is more and more the case, simply assert other “rights” they claim supplant yours.


    • We are in a post constitutional nation.

      Not a single member of the coup cabal has even been prosecuted. That is just to name one.

      All of this. All of this pandemonium is just the dnc playing politics while the GOP has their hands in their pants playing with their marbles. .

  2. The prospect of state supported angry violent mobs is terrible enough, and the specter of removing the protections of local police is scary. But then to take away our ability to protect ourselves? There are historical records from other places (Germany, the Soviet Union, etc.) that show us what to expect. Our founders showed infinite wisdom in including the 2nd Amendment in order to protect the people against a tyrannical government. (Not included to target shooting or hunting) It is likely the only thing that has kept us from sharing the sad history of Germany under Hitler, the Ukraine under Stalin, and countless other nations down through history.
    We need to work hard to help elect Trump in 2020. I hope to hear President Trump talking about this 2nd Amendment issue as the campaign continues.

  3. The Constitution does not grant the right. The right exists with or without being written on a piece of velum.
    If our rights had been granted by some deity, we wouldn’t have had to take them at the point of a bayonet. Believing that some deity will protect them is the surest way to lose them. We had to fight to take them, and we have to fight to preserve them.

    • You obviously miss the entire point of our founding documents that separate us from the rest of the world. And it’s pathetically sad.

      The Founders believed in a Creator. By us being born into this nation we are immediately free to take part in life liberty and the pursuits of happiness. This is the same for the world over …however our Founders put Ink to this. . They established it as the very basis of the United States of America. They never said don’t fight for these rights. They just made sure as an American our rights came from something higher than man.

      The Constitution is what the government CANNOT do to us on the federal level, and supports the declaration and pushes control of the population as close to the citizen as possible.

      Atheism is its own religious entity and just because you don’t believe in a creator does not mean the very fabric of this amazing experiment is meaningless.

      We are supposed to fight for our rights per many of the founders comments and beliefs.

  4. This activist circuit attorney Gardner has been under investigation several times, especially with her efforts to oust the governor of Missouri. She is as crooked as the day is long, and will do ANYTHING to trample anyone of the caucasian race because….THEY ARE RACIST. This piece of slime needs to wear a virus mask – like a plastic bag tied at the neck.

  5. The Second amendment exists for one and only one reason and purpose: To threaten tyranny with annihilation.
    The framers did not engage in robust debate and deliberation in an effort to recognize and establish the right of
    citizens to own and use firearms for target shooting, competition, hunting collecting, or personal protection.
    The tyrannical left fears an armed citizenry (militia).

  6. Peaceful protesters? They crashed through a gate to get into this private community to do their “peaceful” protesting. The were on private property and made threats against this couple. Time to start shooting some of these antifa terrorist and BLM (Burn Loot & Murder) thugs.

    • Keep using Burn Loot Murder I have been for weeks yours is the 4th comment ive seen past 2 days glad people are using it….not sure where I first seen but it stuck with me and now it flows everytime I post…..great job Patriot

  7. In any OBVIOUS self defense situation, the local P.D./Sherriffs have to assume that YOU could POSSIBLY be the AGGRESSER/INSTIGATOR of said shooting.. So in order to collect testimony and evidence they put YOU in cuffs and do initial questioning. Same with the person who got shot, even if that person is unresponsive or dead.
    Unless you have 50K $ + in reserve you could be charged with murder and face jail time until a trial. which could take weeks to MONTHS
    Ones 2nd amendment rights are, in a way, put on hold till a court date @ the discretion og the local DA or AG.!

  8. The article is pretty reasonable, with the qualifier that; as long as we possess our defensive weapons then any law to forbid their use or malicious prosecution therein, becomes moot.
    Responsible owners would have already deduced, perhaps instinctively, that the use of the weapon automatically follows a mortal fear. And that lacking the means to defend oneself is also a mortal fear. Therefore to not use the weapon to prevent being dispossessed of it becomes the old “Catch-22”. You’re a goner whether you do, or don’t.

  9. This is their endgame and every incident like this feeds their narrative. Never mind that these people were defending their property after an (armed, incidentally) mob broke through their gated. Never mind that these people actually support Black Lives Matter. To the neo Visigoths besieging the gates of our civilization, nothing is more intolerable than the civilized being armed to stand against them. It also doesn’t play well with their Democrat puppet masters, who have a vested interest in the violence and bloodshed propagated by their useful idiot street soldiers.

    If you live in a state where the Democrats have hijacked the reins of power, beware that the state is arrayed against you. It may as well be your mayor or your governor or your city attorney breaking down that gate because you using or even having deadly force to repel them is intolerable. You see, if you can defend yourself against their cannon fodder, you can defend yourself against the State, just as the founders intended you be able to do. That’s a deal breaker to people whose ultimate lust is for complete control over their fellow citizens.

    What do you do? You join a pro 2A group for starters. As the 2nd Amendment Foundation, the Gun Owners of America, the National Rifle Association (note I did not list them first) and the United States Concealed Carry Association. I’ve been a member of USCCA for a few years now and I’m pretty impressed with their product and their advocacy. Make your voice heard, and do not be afraid of the barbarians. Fear is their currency and courage in the fact of it renders it useless, just as it does with any other corrupt bully.

    Above all, do not surrender your weapons to anyone.

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