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Marxist Revolutionaries or Cowardly GOP Politicians – Which Is The Bigger Threat?

Ray Bradbury’s novel, “Something wicked this way comes,” is an allegory of the struggle between good and evil. In present-day America, Trump supporters represent the characters Will, Jim, and Charles fighting for morality and good. The GOP establishment represents Mr. Dark and his carnival freaks siding with evil in servitude. Like the fantasy storyline, deception and deceit blur motives, and it is tempting to succumb to a sense … that all is how it must be.

So how is it – really?

The Republican party politicians are simply a faction within the Uni-party, and while a few individual members may still be free agents with “pure hearts,” the effectual organism is wicked-hearted indeed! Both parties take to the stage, through scripted rhetoric and divisive tactics, and media allies, to create the illusion there are two defining ideologies forging principled governance for the greater good of “We The People.” Nothing could be further from reality. Right Wire Report is not wrapped up in a mass delusion and sees the sheer display of incompetence, dereliction of duty, and brutal abandonment of voters, during a period of genuine crisis and existential threat to our Republic. Dare we say for some in question, this apathy and gross negligence rises to the level of being seditious in nature.

Long gone are the days of just the Republican in name only (RINO). A term used over the last decades to describe a candidate that ran on a Conservative platform but in practice advanced or capitulated to the Democrat agenda. Oh, how we now long for the average RINO, as even they used to draw the line when national or domestic security was in play and voted with an American heart.No, the present GOP leadership is one of strict Dhimmitude to the leftist power grip they cede all their political power all while professing their commitment to being sentinels guarding our freedoms, our values, and way of life.

Brace for it – these Dhimmis are the only ones left to keep our American gates from being fully breached. Fox’s, Tucker Carlson, sums it up succinctly:

For a clear illustration of the depth of cowardliness and slow-wittiness that abounds within our GOP warriors, look no further than first-term, Indiana Senator Mike Braun. If this is our defensive line, may we humbly request a knee cap and sideline, and substitution with a “Deplorable?”

Senator Braun knows nothing except what the left-wing media and twitter tell him to know. He has not a clue what the Black Lives Movement supports despite it’s criminal and Marxist goals outlined right on their website. He appears oblivious to the domestic and foreign funding and direction of the revolutionaries or the goal to destabilize our country. But worse, he does not appear to care that he is ignorant of the issue he is espousing. Braun, repeats several times, the Dhimmis conditioning state of being on your knees, which is if we do not do what the mob dictates the Democrats will make us pay. The “US” in the equation is the GOP of the Uniparty, not Jane or Joe voter. Braun seeks to maintain his power within the Uni-party, which means he must follow the directives. This “Conservative” Senator, in under nine minutes, assigned guilt to an officer, threw out due process, free speech, defined governing as negotiating a truce, appeased criminal actions, and spewed every Democrat talking point he could remember. So this is our choice? A green army toy figure could defend in the foxhole better.

Behold the Uni-party in all its splendor and note that Utah has two Republican Senators. 

Here is the above video slowed down clearly, showing the man with a gun that aimed and hit the driver with bullets.

Right Wire Report agrees with Cernovitch:

Right Wire Report is flabbergasted and shocked, and yes we still can be shocked, to learn of the latest acute madness on parade passing for conservative leadership. ( The Hill)- “Republican senators are debating whether Juneteenth, a day that commemorates the end of slavery in the United States, should replace Columbus Day on the federal government’s list of official holidays.” No, you read that correctly, Senator Ron Johnson(R-Wis.) and Senator James Lankford (R-Okla.) response to Senator John Cornyn’s (R-Texas)bipartisan bill to establish the Juneteenth holiday was to sponsor a bill to abolish Columbus Day!

There are so many examples of quivering lips, pearl-clutching, and backstabbing their constituents that this article could become a War and Peace size novel if we do not edit. However, we must not leave out the undermining of the president and their voters on the monument removal, mask-wearing, and of course, the walk to church with the raised bible “Photo Op.”

What does it mean when the average Conservative voter can articulate a defense of Conservatism, The President, and his agenda and champion his accomplishments, far more effective that the elected GOP politicians? Why do they appear more fearful and anxious to displease Democrat leadership and voters, and media personalities than their own party’s leader and voters? No, really … what does this all mean? 

Do we have a Uni-Party that the majority cannot or will not do the right thing out of fear of retaliation? Have so many been corrupted or blackmailed? Hardly conspiracy at this point in the game, as we have all watched the GOP become mute and impotent, during the vicious and dangerous attacks on Potus over COVID response. These outrageous claims asserting Trump murdered thousands of Americans fell from Pelosi and her lieutenant’s lips -yet the GOP just dodges and weave hoping the charge would not be lodged at them giving Credence with their silence and lack of push back. Now we all watch in horror as the Republicans pitch forward to bow their heads to race-baiting, enabling blood libels, and project the propaganda- like a few rambunctious kids got a tad unruly in the streets with all that pent up passion!

Reality Check- our country is being destabilized and is under attack! Infiltration and indoctrination for decades have been by design, and those organizing, funding, and directing this revolution are committed to their overall agenda. Parts of our country resemble parts of war-torn countries, and our leaders are oblivious to the lives taken or injured, billions in monetary losses, and our trust in our leaders and institutions gouged out of our psyche. The trauma of the Coronavirus daily death ticker, crashing of our economy, and now multiple daily videos showing innocents being assaulted with impunity is broiling our spirit red but not in a good way. Dear Republican leaders, do you see our Republic is being torn apart by Marxist revolutionaries and their useful idiots marching mayhem up streets to the monuments and in between? Do you feel our pain? Democrats and media are now pushing the second wave (COVID-19) demanding lockdowns, election integrity scams, impeaching AG Barr, Impeachment 3.0 with another fake Russia hoax brewing, and massive censorship abounds, and what do the “warriors’ decide to do now?

Politico – “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday gave his clearest signal yet that Republicans are willing to move swiftly on another coronavirus relief package after some states have seen a spike in cases.

The Kentucky Republican said that the Senate will focus on the next coronavirus package when it returns from the two-week July 4 recess, with the goal of finishing before both chambers depart for their lengthy August break.”

TWO WEEKS OFF! One feels like the starving man in a prison camp who is made to sit through a cooking demonstration before being served his life source! Or an American who lost his job in a pandemic crisis and is dependent on these “wicked hearts” to fulfill their duty. Does the Right Wire Report wonder if Trump’s sinking poll numbers, especially on Rasmussen (42% down from 51% over three months), might not be a reflection of disgust and push-back for the GOP’s cruelty and indifference to the voter?

So these are our protectors? Our fate as an Empire comes down to our ability to somehow, in less than 125 days, behaviorally modify these useless, spineless, gutless, ignorant souls and fashion them into the new Sons of Liberty? And if we fail, our grandchildren will never be free, and the world will regress to 20th-century carnage and death from the rise of Communism?

Well, when you put it that way – hello GOP and welcome to your patriot makeover! We should start by making each Republican go to ” the how-to frame a policy debate, avoid the logical fallacy and straw man trap, and kick leftist A–“ school taught by White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany – no joke.

Time is up, and Americans have no choice available to them but to become American revolutionaries AGAIN. So come one, come all and stand up, be seen, and be heard. Grab your modern-day technology weapons and text, call, post anywhere, and everywhere to every American, you come in contact. Gather your law-abiding, redress militias from sea to shining sea, and like William Wallace, no, you do not have to paint your face blue and white or show your derriere to those who sling arrows, but you do have to organize your revolt against your representation. Like the Tea Party gatherings of 2009 and 2010,  bodies, signs, voices must peacefully assemble into crowds in town squares and state capitals and across from politician’s offices. Critical mass must be reached, so these weak, vapid, arrogant wisps of men and women will finally know enough is enough and rise to their destiny.

You bet it seems hopeless, and the sands of the hourglass are pouring thin. But remember the bloodline pumping through your veins and remember the sacrifice that came before. Remember our history and the “The Loyal Nine,” who in the Summer of 1765, sowed the seeds of rebellion against The Stamp Act and would go on to develop chapters of patriots across the thirteen colonies to rise against Britsh rule and eventually bring about the Revolutionary War.

Nine men.

What is worse, the Marxist Revolutionaries in our streets or those who sit idly by as our Republic disintegrates? Unequivocally the latter. There is no sacred honor in it to be found.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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  1. Too late now. In my opinion this is going to be a bloody take down of those who have taken over the USA these last 50 years or so. The people have sat on their hands and cuddled their guns at night wishing it all away but God helps those that help themselves as he is showing with these antifa backed BLM rioters and looters. It will be interesting to see what happens in the USA as the forces that destroyed Ukraine, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Cambodia, etc etc etc destroy them too and I don’t envy those that are living there.

  2. President Trump has recently become more visible and supportive of our Constitutional rights, ideals. national heroes, and citizens. Our entire national identity has been under attack from within like never before.
    The president has sent federal troops to protect that valiant couple, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, in St. Lewis who protected their home against hundreds of leftists who threatened them. (Amazing courage in true American tradition)
    The “protesters” who blocked a major route to the rally at Mt. Rushmore were dispersed by federal troops.
    According to President Trump, there have been hundreds of arrests of the attackers on our statues and monuments.
    The new nation of “Chad” was finally forcefully disbanded after Mayor Durkan’s home was visited by “Chad” residents and graffiti was left on her door. So it seems there are circumstances that even leftist leaders will not tolerate. (When they personally suffer as a result of their own policies.)
    President Trump’s speech at Mt. Rushmore was right on. More of that would be great at this point. Also, his words need to be followed by action, much more action!
    But we need to follow up with our own actions. Not only do we need his support, but he needs to ours! Some suggestions: We can organize in our neighborhoods, write letters to our politicians, support these articles, write op eds to our local newspapers, and/or contribute generously to conservative candidates or work on their campaigns. Few of us can do all of that, but we all can do something!

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