Buildings are Sexist! The WOKE Idea of the Week

Buildings are sexist! The urban landscape is nothing more than a testament to white supremacy, particularly that of the evil, sexist, straight (cisgender) white male. Well, it is, according to Leslie Kern, author of “Feminist City – Claiming Space in a Man-made World,” who also proclaims that skyscrapers are simply “Upward-thrusting buildings ejaculating into the sky.” In the reality of Ms. Kern, one should never look skyward in an urban landscape lest their eyes are assaulted with perverse imagery and inanimate manifestations of toxic masculinity. Relax, Leslie Kern, and they’re just buildings.

Of course, she doesn’t understand or care about the economics of real estate and land usage that influenced the construction of skyscrapers to create maximum office space and monetary return on a small footprint of land. As with most Marxist, anti-capitalist spokespersons who advocate for “NEW” and “WOKE” forms of governance based on progressive ideas, individuals like Kern don’t understand history, nor the meanings of words.  Far from “NEW” and “Progressive,” the miraculous blueprints they’ve envisioned for a better tomorrow are nothing more than a rinse/repeat of failed socialist and communist philosophies, and how this fact eludes them is a more profound mystery than the great pyramids mingling with the sky in Giza on the outskirts of Cairo or the ancient mound-builders of the Adena culture in Ohio and surrounding states.

The frightening thing about Leslie Kern is that she is an associate professor teaching actual kids this drivel. She even created the position she has at the university, and she invented the concept of feminist geography. As an academic, Kern writes about gender, gentrification, and feminism and teaches urban, social, and feminist geography. Basically, the message is: when you step out your door and see human-built structures, roads, and most aspects of infrastructure, you’re looking at the architectural equivalent of misogyny.  In her book, Kern manages to hit all the SJW (social justice warrior) notes that are fashionable with ANTIFA, BLM, and other terrorist groups roaming our streets expressing outrage over made-up grievances. Kern, like her misguided familiars, is bent on abolishing police and has a plan to achieve it. In the utopian world of wokespeak, Kern suggests that crime can be “designed out,” as can the “patriarchy that is enshrined in the urban environment,” and also “white supremacy that is also the ground upon which we walk.”

In the following excerpt from her book, it is evident that Kern is not a fan of the nuclear family structure; people that live responsible lives by going to work each day to earn a living. She does not support the nuclear family despite statistics that clearly demonstrate children of intact family units overwhelmingly find success in life compared to the offspring of single-parent homes. The idea of participating in a market-based economy by being gainfully employed is not something Kern believes people should emulate. And, like many on the left today, she’s an open racist who generalizes whites, particularly straight, white males as villains in her concocted theater of victimization. The following is an excerpt from her book, “Feminist City – Claiming Space in a Man-made World.”

“The evidence of inequality is hidden in plain sight. It’s public transportation-oriented around a nine-to-five office worker in a central business district; the preponderance of housing oriented around the nuclear family; the neighborhood amenities and architectural styles used to market urban living to gentrifiers; how the perception of fear and crime against women contributes to hyper surveillance, over-policing, and mass incarceration (also known as carceral feminism) that actually makes cities less safe for certain groups; and how all of these things have prevented people who aren’t cisgender white males from fully inhabiting their cities.”

Even the idea of private property is egregious as Kern takes aim at the fifth amendment of the constitution. “We can’t just take for granted the land that we’re on and that the kind of regime of power and property that it’s based on should remain the same going forward.”

Kern is not some aberration on the periphery of society. Quite contrarily, her thoughts are rampant on university campuses and in the corrupted minds graduates, many of which we see erupting on our streets applying the rage they’ve been pumped full of by “institutes of higher learning.” Leftist professors have removed all historical context and force students to view the past through the lens of today’s societal norms. The importance is not placed on the immense strides that have taken place over centuries to create a more perfect union. They simply overlook the roughly 700,000 who died in the civil war that eradicated slavery. They ignore the real, authentic struggle of women to gain suffrage and equal rights. They overlook the civil rights movement that segregation.  In short, they have neither respect nor understanding of America’s historical arc that is the envy of the world.

Here is an interview Kern gave to illustrate these points:

The Left is here. They’ve come for the statues, the movies, the monuments, for you, me, and now to satiate their unquenchable thirst to erase everything, Leslie Kern has identified skyscrapers and entire city infrastructures as oppressive and as candidates for removal.

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Written by Liam Salvatore


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  1. Old, ugly and has a very bad case of penis envy. Probably could never get a man and so has come to hate them.
    She sees tall buildings as penis symbols, hence her envy of them. Why the hatred of “white” men? She’s white
    herself. Seems like a case of self loathing because of her skin color. Appears not to be bright for a professor.
    I feel pity and sorry for this sad pathetic woman.

  2. People in the future will marvel that we had such entertainment dressed up as academia. I think they will be jealous of all these sad figures of fun we have around today. One thing is for sure and certain though they will laugh their socks off that anyone on the planet ever took this woman or anyone like her seriously. Roll on Sharia. Then she will understand how lucky she was to be living in this “misogynist” West and not the one she and her friends have invited in.

  3. I am sorry …but can you imagine having any type of relationship with this woman ,much less a teacher student one that imparts knowledge? I shudder to think what goes on in her head every waking moment if she literally feels buildings threaten her biological predisposition! Do not ask this woman to pass the salt she may write a book on how salt in male hands is a weapon.

  4. Sure… Let’s all live in grass huts and carry spears around like the black folks used to do.

  5. Tell your kid to be a plumber. The world actually NEEDS them.
    Keep them away from the rotting halls of “education.”

  6. I enjoyed this read. Feminine Geography is a new term to me, but amazingly, I’m not even shocked by the concept. It fits right in there with the rest of the cismale gender bashing that passes for intellectualism. I suppose Kern has no problem living with modern conveniences despite writing as if she would prefer living in a lean-to and rubbing sticks together to stay warm. I nominate her to give up her housing privilege first.

  7. I’d like to point out she did not choose the title for the article, the Guardian did to get click-bait and reactions from insecure people such as yourself. She did not ‘invent’ feminist geography, there are many scholars in the field who have come before her. She is an amazing woman, and in the history books racists like yourself will be the villains. Don’t have kids.

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