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Let’s Go All-In With Communism In Minneapolis

Powderhorn Park, an older neighborhood consisting of upper-middle-class, white leftist families South Minneapolis, is a microcosm of what happens when leftist policies are actually implemented without restrictions.

You may recall a New York Times article from a few weeks back that quoted local resident Mitchell Erickson as saying he regretted calling the police after a few young, black thugs held him at gunpoint while demanding his car keys. His – anyone’s – natural response was dialing 9-1-1 and reporting the crime. However, because he has also accepted the narrative that blacks commit crimes because we call the police, or something to that effect, he chose not to cooperate with them. Did those young gangbangers go on to commit more violent crimes? We will never know, but the odds seem likely. Erickson should be held personally responsible as an accomplice when they do.

That particular incident was a few weeks ago, near the end of June, and while the national media has largely moved on – after all, there is nothing happening to further their deceptive narrative – local news stations keep up with the goings-on. An older piece noted that the city enabled this development, to the point of installing bathrooms, showers, running water, electricity, and trash collection. A more recent piece on a tent encampment that began with about 20 or so when Erickson was held at gunpoint has now swelled to an estimated 560, according to the author. Growing with the physical presence of tents are the daily interactions related to alleged prostitution, drug use, and drug trafficking. There have been three rapes, with two of the victims being minors in the past nine days alone, and deaths related to overdosing.

Despite the obvious danger and moral decay of the area, local residents are nonetheless torn on their response. They accept that historical oppression plays a role in their current condition, which seems like “soft bigotry from low expectations” to normal people and therefore racist, but to the do-gooding upper-crust white leftists of Powderhorn, the tent dwellers are also deserving of our sympathy and saving. Who cares if people die or kids are raped in the process?

The mental gymnastics required to set aside basic humanity and reason to contort conclusions that fit their white guilt and white pity would have been beyond believable even just a few years ago. Never mind the fact that the playground and park as a whole are now entirely off-limits, as are basic walks through the streets, these residents somehow think that the tent city…well, will do what exactly? What is the logical conclusion here? Will the kids that grow up in tents, if they aren’t raped or get sucked into the drug culture, eventually attend college and move out to the suburbs? Are we willing to wait eighteen years for that to happen? I don’t see the logic or endgame here. That’s probably just my white fragility.

In the weeks that followed the tragically unfortunate death of a black man in police custody, Minneapolis, like much of the nation, lost its collective mind. Suddenly, it wasn’t immoral or illegal to commit crimes, but it was racist to call them out. Erickson is Exhibit A and Powderhorn residents are Exhibit B. It’s been only a few weeks, but there is enough of a white presence in the neighborhood to ally with the tent folk and Minneapolis leaders to keep this dream alive. I say, “bully for them.”

It seems that every legitimate counterargument relying on basic things like logic, experience, or evidence only results in the cultural messages planting deeper roots. Remember how Obi-Wan Kenobi told Darth Vader that if “you strike me down I’ll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine?” It’s like a Bizarro version of that, where Obi-Wan is the leftist narrative and Vader is conservative proof that the narrative is a lie and failure. For every legitimate laser sword that cuts through the narrative the outcomes only get worse.

I have more analogies if the Star Wars thing fell flat. Think back to your history class, if you had one not seeped in anti-American cow dung, and recall that the Inca and Aztec (those wonderfully peaceful people that the Spanish brutally colonized!) would sacrifice a few dozen, hundred, whatever, amount of people for the greater good of the society. Some blood had to be spilled to the gods in order for the sun to rise.

Now, imagine you’re swimming in the ocean and you get caught in the riptide. Even with persistent kicking, you find yourself stuck in the swirling tugs of tidal fluctuations, and against all protestation only get pulled further away from shore. Advanced swimmers know that fighting the riptide usually results in little forward progress and can lead to fatal fatigue. Instead, the best approach is to let the tide do its part by taking swimmers out and go sideways until the current is less aggressive.

Perhaps a lesson could be learned from the Inca and Lifeguarding 101. It’s time we sacrifice a city and give into the riptide of social and cultural narratives. In other words, it’s time somebody hit rock bottom so that we can close the chapter on this book. This would seem wholly unnecessary if people were honest with themselves; hasn’t the 20th-century provided enough proof that Marxism, in any form, ultimately fails? Moreover, that on the path to or in the maintenance of Marxism it doesn’t work out very well for people that are educated, religious, resistant, and most importantly, early adopters of the cause? I’m looking at you, Powderhorn fools. None of this matters, though. They need to do it right to show that it works. Well, ok then. Try to do it right.

For this noble experiment, I nominate the bluest of blue cities, home of the simultaneously nicest and most naive residents in the country, Minneapolis. It serves as a great backdrop for the additional reason that it is the site of the George Floyd desecrations and hometown of the most quintessential ingrate ever to come to America, Ilhan Omar. President Trump didn’t do enough when he suggested she return to Mogadishu and fix it; he should have sent his private jet for her the same day and mandated it. The people of Powderhorn Park don’t get it, Omar only knows rot, and we are slowly losing the city to leftist fools anyways. We would actually be doing Minneapolis a favor by letting it burn down. Forests are usually healthier after a fire.

When I say we give them Minneapolis, I mean give everything to them. Let them have full control without any conservative interference. We will not intervene, we will not help, nor will we say or do anything relating to the municipal affairs. It’ll be Powderhorn to the extreme. The city has been run entirely by Democrats for fifty years, but the left still points fingers toward imaginary foes whenever possible. Even though the city has mayors, city councils, school leaders, and police chiefs that are wholly left-of-Marx, and most recently the police chief was black to boot, they still find excuses. Historical or systemic racism lingers. Somehow.

Fine. Make it how you want. It’s yours. The only caveat is no outside help. That means no food donations, no state or federal money not already allocated, and nothing outside city limits. Basically, no capitalism to prop up communism. If we’re lucky they will build barriers like in CHAZ/CHOP.

That now-failed anarchist nation-state was a step in the right direction, but it didn’t go far enough. We need to truly surrender a city to the glorious ideals of Marxism espoused and parroted by Black Lives Matter, Democratic candidates for president, Omar herself, the contemptible Minneapolis city council that unanimously – I say as much out of cowardice as dogmatism – voted to defund the police, and the entire academic wing of America from Kindergarten through doctoral programs. I say have at it.

You want to defund the police and reallocate resources to social workers, mental health therapists, and family counselors, giving them full autonomy to respond to rape and shootings? Go right ahead.

You want to eliminate cash bail and increase parole rates for violent offenders, increasing crime in predominantly black and brown neighborhoods? Be my guest.

You want to take away 2nd-amendment rights of legal citizens to possess firearms, even though criminals will be the only people on the streets with weapons? You got it.

You want to allow men in vulnerable women’s shelters, increasing trauma, and physical safety issues? That makes sense.

You want to make it illegal to evict homeless encampments from public lands that abut private properties? More power to you.

You want to do away with school suspensions and expulsions for habitually disruptive and violent students, which prevents mostly black and brown students from learning? It’s your city to do as you like.

You want to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, even though studies and failed legislation in places like Seattle and Los Angeles show that it does the opposite of helping the poor? I say go to $25 an hour.

You want to provide free college and forgive existing student loans, paying off the backs of the many people who either satisfied their loan obligations already or chose not to go to school for a four-year degree in sexuality and find themselves unemployed? That’s your prerogative.

You want to pay reparations to black families, even those that willingly arrived from Liberia last week? Who am I to say no?

You don’t know how to match needs with production efficiently? That’s ok, toilet paper and bread are overrated anyways.

Seriously, we need to back out of everything and watch the experiment unfold. The people of Powderhorn, Minneapolis, and ignorant Americans as a whole won’t get it until these policies are in their living room. The way I see it, too, there are only two possible outcomes, and they present a win-win for the conservative movement. That’s right, just two possible outcomes, both extreme in their consequences. Either the experiment is a success, and Minneapolis becomes a shining beacon of societal reform, or the experiment is a dismal and deadly disaster, at which point sanity must prevail when discussing politics maturely like adults. It must, right?

Now, as to the former, nobody is rooting for failure. We anticipate it with the certainty of the Earth revolving around the Sun, but we don’t actively root for it. Conservatives, to the surprise of leftists, care about people. We care about whites, blacks, browns, reds, and yellows. If the insane project works, that means the lives of the currently underserved communities will have an opportunity to thrive and live up to the American ideals promised to them. We want that. Better communities make a better America. Conservatives are all about a better America. By all means, please be successful. And I will be the first in line to admit I was wrong the whole time.

Obviously, though, it will fail completely and with mortal repercussions. Right now, saying stuff like that aloud makes us bad people. For daring to state the obvious (we need police, we need law and order, etc.) we are identified with any number of epithets, especially ‘racist.’ Side note: That’s a word with diluted value if there ever was one. Would you believe the word racist is now equally applied to your white two-year-old as it is David Duke? Great use of language. But, that’s why our noble experiment has to play out. As long as the utopian ideals exist, they pose a constant destination for leftism. It needs to be sanctioned in order for it to be witnessed as an actual failure.

Look, this whole thing wouldn’t be so bad except a lot of people buy into it. I wish we hadn’t arrived at this point, but you know it’s bad when Robin DiAngelo is the author of a number one selling book. In any other country, Robin DiAngelo would be reduced to panhandling given such a limited skill set, but here in America, it pays to hate (hooray for capitalism!). Desperate times call for desperate measures.

So, having explored all options, the only remaining approach is unambiguous capitulation. No pushback, no “did you consider” commentary, no judgment. Nothing. Here are the keys to Minneapolis and Godspeed to you.

We have reached the point where no amount of logic or reasoning will appeal to the herd of sheep known as the American electorate. It’s partly a messaging fault of the Republican establishment, but most of it is human nature. People are guided by emotions, and most people don’t want to think for themselves, nor take care of themselves. Americans especially have become entitled because of our great fortunes (related entirely to the freedoms afforded us by the Constitution, but try making them understand that).

It might be a painful lesson for some, but I don’t see an immediate downside. Sure, a once-great thriving city will rot, but we have others. Plus, it’s going to hell slowly, anyways. This just speeds it up. Some critics might say it isn’t fair to the residents of the city that are already law-abiding. You know what? If you vote left, and most of the city does, you deserve it. Didn’t a former president say elections have consequences?

What will happen? Well, we know violent crime will go up. Without central leadership, we also know a power vacuum will have to be filled. To be honest, I don’t know what the left means when they say we need to dismantle white systemic racism. Dismantle how? And replace it with what? Naturally, the ‘how’ means looting and burning (the left only destroys; it does not create) and the ‘what’ becomes the strongest, most ruthless, and most violent male figure. This isn’t rocket science; it’s biology. And, thanks to CHAZ/CHOP, it’s self-evident. Raz Simone did not get nearly as much attention as he deserved. My guess is that it has something to do with him being vulgar, muscled, gun-toting, and surrounded by a posse sharing the same description. He was a lot of things, however fair, just, kind, and empathetic were not any of them. It didn’t make for good press. Still, no one came out against him. You know people have gone off the deep end when CHAZ/CHOP and its leader are tolerated and America and its leader are despised.

We know social workers can’t respond to crime the same way police can. Do you know what defeated Hitler? The American military. Do you know what didn’t? Chamberlain’s appeasement. Human nature is complex, but in some areas, it’s not difficult to explain. The strong prey on the weak. In the void of republican leadership where citizens vote in representatives and in the absence of a civilian peace force, there is only one alternative. Chaos and warlords. If it makes you feel better to call them community leaders, that’s fine.

What’s that? I said I would opine anymore on their systems? You’re right. You got this, social workers!

Like I said, conservatives are staying out of this. For the record, for conservatives, it’s about outcomes, not the intent. Leftism loves intent, though, so knowing that they filled the streets with mental health therapists to respond to a violent rape or gang-initiation murder, that’s fine and well. Maybe one day the left will actually be held accountable. To paraphrase the inimitable Thomas Sowell, architects are judged by how well their buildings stay up; leftists are judged by their drawings of the building.

I hope you’re convinced by now that this is the only way forward. Conservatives always push back just enough to cause social tension and slow down the imminent rise of the left, but they never change minds. Instead of being seen as fighters, they are labeled as haters. No matter the logic and rationale, conservatives cannot win over the hearts and minds of most other Americans, who are ignorantly guided by their emotions. If we say black lives matter and suggest Black Lives Matter is not the answer to saving black lives, we are called racists. If we want to honor American history by pointing out the obvious rights and liberties that she created, we are called white supremacists. I don’t even pretend to understand anymore, but do you get the point?

Grab the popcorn. This ought to be good.

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  1. I’ll say it straight out. I want this to happen in exactly this way because I want to see every last human *** and every bit of infrastructure utterly *********. And I want to watch it in real time and enjoy it to the max. I’m sick and tired of the trash ruining everything and I want them all **** and if that includes the so-called “innocents” then that’s just too bad.

  2. I had this thought a while back. It’s like tough love, but it has to happen somewhere so it doesn’t happen anywhere else.

    If we’re lucky they will build barriers like in CHAZ/CHOP.
    I’d go one step further and say we build a wall around it.

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