Leftist Teaching to Hate America

Here in America, opportunity abounds for all who endeavor to improve one’s lot in life. It’s a place where the sun rises upon the hopes and dreams of more humans than any other destination in the world. So, how is it possible that the United States has become the object of hatred for so many of its own citizens, especially those under 40? What is it that animates them to destroy our statues, history, buildings, and people they don’t agree with? If the name Howard Zinn is not familiar to you, it’s time to take a look at his influence in our educational system relevant to the teaching of American history.

Karl Marx’s spirit has taken several leaves of absence over the years from his position as high-lord of collectivist hell to further his interests here on earth.  When he’s not lording over the long-passed souls of bourgeois and proletariats wandering aimlessly through blighted streets behind un-pearly gates, he’s busy infusing college professors, politicians, and media-types with the desire to run amok proselytizing for the poisonous ideas contained in his Communist Manifesto. In 1966, he animated Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven to create the notorious Cloward/Piven Strategy meant to overload the public welfare system to precipitate a crisis that would lead to its replacement with a new national system of welfare and universal income. To this day, disciples of “The strategy” are slowly making incremental gains towards its implementation in many countries.

More recently, and definitely more nefarious, Marx’s influence is evident in Howard Zinn’s A Peoples History Of The United States, written in 1980. Zinn’s work is one of historical distortion, plagiarism, omissions, and outright fiction at times, conceived to undermine the moral founding of America. Over the last decade, Mr. Marx has re-emerged in our universities to double-down on the mission of possessing college professors to do the dark work of convincing our children to choose socialism over market-based capitalism. Father Damien Karras in the exorcist had an easier time expelling Beelzebub from that little girl, Reagan, than we will to excise the demons of Marxism that currently inhabit the shells of today’s university professors and the indoctrinated minds of their students across America.

A young Thomas Jefferson admired the thoughts of the great political philosopher Montesquieu and recognized the wisdom they contained.  He copied the following passage to his journal for future reference and inspiration:

“A government is like everything else: to preserve it; we must love it. Everything, therefore, depends on establishing this love in a republic, and to inspire it ought to be the principal business of education.”

Howard Zinn’s ideas now permeate every level of education in this country and are the antithesis of Montesquieu and Jefferson.  In the book, Debunking Howard Zinn by Mary Grabar, she succinctly sums up Zinn’s influence on generations of Americans. She writes:

“A People’s History is more than another left-wing interpretation of American history.” Zinn’s propaganda has been spectacularly effective. His dishonest American history is not the only factor in Americans’ turn away from their heritage of freedom toward communist fantasies … but he has been instrumental in this destructive transformation.

Stanford University professor Sam Wineburg, who was astonished by the Zinns insidious use of deceptive rhetorical devices to compose such a dishonest, unfair abomination of a so-called history book wrote:

“With dozens of … outlandish suggestions and grossly dishonest rhetorical tricks … Howard Zinn has succeeded in convincing a generation of Americans that the nation Abraham Lincoln truly called ‘the last best hope of Earth’ is essentially a racist criminal enterprise built on murdering Indians, exploiting slaves, and oppressing the working man.”

There is a long list of respected historians who harbor similar sentiments to those of  Sam Wineburg at Stanford University, and there is a good reason for it. Zinn reduces all events of American history to its shortcomings without emphasis on the great strides to overcome them. Like a good communist, Howard Zinn refers to North Vietnamese communist leader Ho Chi Minh as “A people’s leader and liberator.” He conveniently excludes the two-million murdered under Pol Pot in Cambodia. Regarding WW2, Zinn says The United States was no better than Hitler’s Germany or Japan. In fact, America fought only because our “main interest was not stopping Fascism but advancing the imperial interests of the United States.” It’s no surprise that Zinn coddles Marxist leaders, given his history of membership in Soviet front groups and helping found the socialist New Party that helped begin Barrack Obama’s political career.

The indoctrination of radical declarations by Zinn and others is playing out daily for all to witness as we navigate the days of rage and civil unrest in our cities. Observe the normalization of seditious speech:

Over 2.6 million copies of Howard Zinn’s, A People’s History, have been sold, and over the last 40 years, they’ve been placed in libraries and school districts all across the United States. From coast to coast, young people are destroying statues, demanding name changes to anything remotely out of line with the new “Woke” ideals of progressive radicalism. Most of these youth have been exposed to Zinn’s incomplete and slanted version of history, and it’s evident in their contempt for the country, its founders, and anybody today who expresses any allegiance to America. 

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  1. I can’t believe that all this hate is being taught to a child. But I know its true. Good research and reporting in this article. Wake up America!

  2. I swear it is like watching a slow moving crash knowing every aspect of injury and destruction that will occur and when you alert the public involved beforehand they shrug their shoulders and call you anti – crashers. Anyone with a 6th grad education who takes only 15 minutes to review Zinn could see the false narrative and damage his thinking would facilitate. Great Article.

  3. Very powerful, very informative, well researched, educative.
    This article was like cold mountain water on the face totally waking me up to see reality.
    This type of article is the antidote for the poison that is contaminating America.
    Well done.
    Spread this across the nation …and beyond.

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