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If I Vote For Joe Biden, Will the Rioting Stop?

For the past few months, America has been shocked by the riots that seem to never stop concerning Black Lives Matter as well as a host of other concerns. Many of these riots are concerned about erasing the history via tearing down statutes we once thought foundational to our Republic. Add to this chaos, the ever-present, sometimes insane, wokeness being coerced in our culture via “cancel culture” tactics. 

By political design or not, the electorate in America is experiencing the pain of unrest. There has been an idea floating around in the political sphere that if I vote for Joe Biden, all these riots and pain will stop. After all, the rioters are mostly rioting because of President Trump – correct?

If you think removing Trump and putting Biden into the White House will change this dynamic – you would be terribly wrong. We present to you two examples of why you would be wrong. Neither of these two examples are complaining about Trump. In fact, they are complaining about Democrats, with very serious threats to remedy their dissatisfaction. If you vote for Joe Biden, will the rioting stop?

Rapper Ice Cube took a swipe at the Democratic party, complaining that the DNC has financially abandoned the black community and that even if Trump is voted out of office – “then what?” “Where’s our f*cking bailout?” asked the rapper. “They just pulled three trillion dollars out they a** and gave it to they friends.” 

A “Black Contract” for America? Since when does any group get a special contract? Aside from wanting to suck on the tit of government – why not many want to – Ice Cube understands clearly that the Democrats most likely will not deliver anything towards their agenda.

Black Lives Matter laid out a threat to Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Speaking to local media, Taylor Norwood accused the mayor of “not protecting the black women in this city.” Furthermore, she asserted, problems have been created “in black brown communities to protect white people.” “We really see you for who you are,” she insisted. “You’re not fooling anybody.” “You can listen to us or you can get ran over.” Is this not a threat of more riots and violence?

These are just two examples and may be emblematic of what the future holds if Joe Biden gets elected and does not deliver on their Progressive agenda. The question we must ask, can Biden deliver on their agenda? In order to do this, Biden would need to double the federal budget, and by inference also double the taxes to pay for it – see here – or expand the deficit and experience the horrors of currency debasement – see here. If you add in some reparations agenda, it will just make the situation worse – see here

Many think that if they can just get the “Orange Man” out of the White House, somehow things will blossom into a utopia, and the riots will stop. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, prior to Coronavirus, President Trump’s policies boosted significantly the African American’s lot in life – Black and Hispanic unemployment are at record lows

Once African American’s figure out that Biden will not and can not deliver on their Progressive agenda, the riots will only intensify – they will be even angrier. Or perhaps they will not even let up on the rioting after a potential Biden win, under the idea to keep the pressure on Democrats until they deliver – which will never happen. Furthermore, since Biden has supported the Black Lives Matter agenda, he has no mandate to stop them. This could become a nightmare situation across America.

With a Trump win, he will have the mandate to stop the riots and return America, along with African Americans, to a safe, even better prosperity. Your VOTE this November will determine which path America takes. VOTE wisely.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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  1. Nazi Democrats promise the moon and stars to every percieved constituency and seldom deliver anything but the bill for the undelivered promise.

  2. The “manufactured revolutionaries” will never stop on their own. This particular “mob ” has been witnessed through out history and always MUST BE STOPPED BY FORCE! Only ticket that will do so is TRUMP 2020

  3. What we are witnessing with all of the violence is not about Trump anymore, and may never have been. Trump is but one of many excuses for these people to loot and destroy. This is an insurrection for revolutionary change to destroy everything about America and remold it to a perceived image in the eyes of socialist/Marxist radicals. The second American revolution or civil war, call it what you will, has started. What are you prepared to do?

  4. Very timely and relevant article at this incredibly critical time as we approach the most important election perhaps in recent history.
    There is a great split in the Democrats between the very extreme left and the less extreme left.
    The very extreme left (ANTIFA, BLM etc) are applying violent pressure and pulling out the (for the moment) mock guillotines against the “moderate” or less extreme left.
    A vote for Biden means the Dems go further to the left and America falls into deeper chaos.
    This article must be distributed, broadcast, disseminated NATIONALLY NOW!

  5. Incisive and accurate article!
    Once someone goes down the path of Marxism it snowballs and its inherent, intrinsic flaws and injustices beget greater extremes and intolerance and violence until the ultimate END is achieved – the total Marxist dream – ALL POWER CONCENTRATED IN THE HANDS OF THE STATE.
    Just as ISIS will never be satisfied with moderate muslims…the extreme left will never be satisfied with the less radical leftists.
    Deep calls unto deep…the leftist machine cannot be stopped except by a greater opposing force.

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