Republican National Convention 2020

RNC Convention Week Summary: See Daily Summaries and Links to Videos

After four nights of the 2020 Republican National Convention, there can no longer be any question – this is not your father’s Country Club Establishment GOP anymore. This is the Trump Republican party now. Finally, GOP voters saw why they vote conservative represented in “The American Story’s” reflection.

  • God-Family-Country
  • Defend Constitutional Rights
  • Sanctity of Life
  • Strong Military and Peace Through Strength
  • Border Security and Law and Order
  • Equal Opportunity and Equal Liberty and Justice For All
  • Limited Government and Fiscal Responsibility
  • School Choice and Strong Work Ethic
  • American Exceptionalism and Divine Providence

No longer the cowering to political correctness or special interests like The Chamber of Commerce and uni-party think tanks whose focus groups dictated a water-downed version of Conservatism for the leftist and media consumption. The Reagan “bold colors and no pale pastels” made a comeback and dare we say with hues even more brilliant and dauntless.

When making a broad comparison between the RNC vs. the DNC Conventions a stark difference appears. Democrats presented a vision of America that has been fundamentally bad for humanity and must change to something other. The Republicans presented a vision of America that is aspirational for all Americans. A truly positive and unifying message.

Please see the following breakdown of each day in summary. You then can click on each day and be taken to a page where we bullet list all the events, speech topic summaries, and speeches, with the associated video links. A good way (a portal) to review the entire RNC Convention in brief in case you did not see it in its entirety live.


RNC Convention Key Takeaways, Day 1

Land of Promise was the theme for the first night of the 2020 Republican Convention. Visually, night one of four was dynamic and flowed from one speaker to another with smooth transitions and attractive backdrops like the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium and the White House. Time-wise, it did not drag rather moved at a fast pace.

Stylistically there was high energy and real “Feels” as each person shared their stories live. They limited the number of video montages, but the ones chosen were informative, optimistic, inspirational, and offered powerful messages. Despite the virus restrictions, the RNC managed to deliver high production value for the first night and message discipline.

President Donald Trump released his second-term agenda in advance, and many of the items were highlighted tonight – see here. The four objectives for night one:

  1. Boldly call out the Media and Democrats cynical lies and expose Americans to who Trump is and what he has actually accomplished as President to date without the filter of the media.
  2. Showcase what the Republican Party stands for versus what the Media and Democrats narrative says it is. Night one was young, female, diverse, and direction was inclusive and optimistic.No victims or Identity politics, just unity and vision for all.
  3. Show Americans the real Trump record on the pandemic response and lay down markers exposing the lies perpetrated on them by the media and Democrats.
  4. Contrast Trump’s vision for our country with Biden/Harris’s vision and reviewing accomplishments without the media filter. Personal stories addressed the smears about Trump being a racist, lazy, lacking empathy, authoritarian, and “a danger to our democracy.”

Right Wire Report will be doing a summary on each consecutive night remaining, so check back. But in the meantime, we leave you all with an intellectual exercise that will be both enlightening and affirming as well as depressing. Take 15 minutes of your day and google headlines after each night, and compare and contrast, to Democrat convention headlines. Truly, eye-opening.

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RNC Convention Key Takeaways, Day 2

The GOP chose to build on their first night’s theme, “Land of Promise,” and rolled out the theme “Land of Opportunity” for night two of the Republican Convention. Visually, night two of four was essentially the same using the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium and the White House interiors and gardens as a stage. There were montages, especially the Vice President’s one, where we see interviews taking place in different locations around the country. Additionally, a speech delivered on Navajo land, Shiprock New Mexico, with stunning scenery that takes your breath away. 

There were less smooth transitions tonight and, some edits were glitchy. The most noticeable issue was when Nick Sandmann spoke from the Lincoln Memorial and, the ambient sound from visitors bled through the audio. Stylistically the energy was high but more intimate if that is even possible from last evening. There were plenty of bridges that connected Americans born on our soil to those just arriving, culminating in Mrs. Trump’s immigrant journey as well. The emotive thread of opportunity, redemption, and the sense that we are all America’s community stood out. Again message discipline was fierce. There was no day session for public view.

President Donald Trump released his second-term agenda in advance, and many of the items were highlighted tonight – see here. The four objectives for night two:

  1. Religious faith and freedoms are of critical importance and serve to maintain a healthy republic for believers and non-believers. Absolute commitment to defend life and gone are the days of the Republican Party, making apologies for one’s faith or religious principles.
  2. Women talking directly to women and impressing upon them Trump’s platform aligns with their needs and concerns. Female voices advocating that Trump is fair and cares about women issues Safety law and order, healthcare, education/school choice, income and employment, and no war. The Republican Party is a natural fit for women.
  3. Small Business is the engine of our economy. Tax and regulation policy can enhance growth or crush it. Trump has a proven record on building a strong economy he did it once he will do it again – YOU can trust him on the pocketbook issues. The alternative will drastically change your economic picture.
  4. Trump loves our country and its citizens and is not anti-immigrant. But American citizen’s prosperity and safety are before that of those who do not follow our laws and reside in our country illegally. All policy objectives must adhere to that above principle if we are to be a sovereign, safe, and prosperous nation. Espousing that principle does not make you racist or a bigot. Law and order is justice for all.

So far, one thing keeps bubbling to the surface – this is not your Daddy’s Republican Party anymore. The Country Club, Corporate lobbyist, CEOs, Hollywood elites, Big Tech were off the stage the last two nights and, star billing was the Red White and Blue Jane and Joe American.

We will be doing a summary on each consecutive night remaining, so check back. Like night one’s brief, we will ask again for you to engage in an intellectual exercise that will be both enlightening and affirming as well as depressing. Take 15 minutes of your day and google headlines after each night, and compare and contrast, to Democrat convention headlines. Truly, eye-opening.

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RNC Convention Key Takeaways, Day 3

Thematically, The 2020 Republican Convention is constructing an American Arc starting with “The Land of Promise” then “The Land of Opportunity,” and on night three, it is “The Land of Heroes.” President Trump and the GOP are making the case that to achieve the promise of the American dream and utilize one’s opportunities, the Republic must defend and protect these principles and the citizens who exercise them. 

The third night was the best visually with seamless transitions and dramatic music and video montages to punctuate the importance of the moment. The locations remained the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium for podium speeches, and exterior White House images and DC monuments as backdrops. But it was Vice President Pence’s locale that made you catch your breath and be still in reverence. Vice President Mike Pence stood in the quarantine yard, filled with social distancing attendees, of the historic Fort McHenry with old glory waving from above.

Tonight, there were so many stellar speeches that loading in the video rather than just linking them seemed paramount. How can anyone bash honoring past and present American heroes? How can anyone complain or attempt to shame those who celebrate law enforcement and the US Military and commit to “Law and Order?” Right Wire Report has full faith the media and Democrats will find a way with impunity. Like the two previous nights, night three’s message discipline remained strong. Day Sessions were (Party business working groups).

President Donald Trump released his second-term agenda in advance, and many of the items were highlighted tonight – see here. The four objectives for night three:

  1. The Republican Party and President Trump stand with Law enforcement and US Military members and their families. “President Trump has your back!”
  2. There can be no freedom without security. The Republican Party and President Trump will protect your civil liberties and sacred right to life and defend our right to live in safe communities. There is nothing racist about identifying decades of failed policies in minority communities, and implementing solutions to change those failures is making all lives matter. 
  3. The Republican Party and President Trump are not going to take away your private healthcare. The GOP plan is quality care at lower costs for services and medicine with individual choice. President Trump is committed to protecting pre-existing conditions.
  4. Adherence to the US Constitution and founding principles delivers the best outcomes for all of us. Free markets and sovereign self ensures liberty. Socialism is not compatible with the guiding mechanism in our founding documents that secures us from tyranny. National pride in our country is not bigotry. The rule of law, and love of country and its flag, is essential to the American dream and we all can be heroes by honoring and protecting those sacred principles and honor our divine providence as one nation under God. 

We will be doing a summary on each consecutive night remaining, so check back. As we have after each night, we will ask again to engage in an intellectual exercise that will be both enlightening and affirming as well as depressing. Take 15 minutes of your day and google headlines after each night, and compare and contrast, to Democrat convention headlines. Truly, eye-opening.

We have only one night remaining, and so far, almost every media narrative perpetrated about this President has been demonstrably challenged and exposed.

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RNC Convention Key Takeaways, Day 4

The 2020 Republican National Convention capped off their four-night “talk” with Americans with the theme “Land of Greatness.” A recap of all nightly themes is as follows: “Land of Promise,” “land of Opportunity,” “Land of Heroes,” and ending on “Land of Greatness.” Sorry media and Democrat allies but the Republican party loves and defends its country and its people, and just spent the last week heralding so. Any narrative that the Republicans painted a dark, dystopian, depressing, non-unifying vision is spin and not truthful.

Night four was flawless in execution and frankly dazzling. The locations remained the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium for the podium speeches, The South Lawn and exterior of the White House, and additional video montages that were slick and highly effective and well worth watching. Compared to the RNC’s 2016 convention, the 2020s were creative and more gratifying, and they managed to offset the loss of a massive live audience by keeping the energy level high with smaller crowds. To catch the vibe, check out this brief copulation of the spectacular Fireworks (the best we have ever seen) celebration and Operatic performances.

President Donald Trump released his second-term agenda in advance, and many of the items were highlighted tonight – see here. The four objectives for night four:

  1. Correct the record once and for all. Trump is not a racist, a xenophobe, a homophobe, Islamaphobe, a White Supremacist, a murderer, a criminal, a serial liar, intellectually daft, cognitively impaired, Lazy, misogynistic, Hitler-like, or a fascist. There was a heavy dose of trolling and exposing the Democrats and media’s complicity and malpractice as well.
  2. Trump and the Trump Republican Party is Inclusive and does not seek conformity of ideas rather welcomes diversity of thought. All Trump and the Republican Party policies are working for all Americans, and building back our economy is Trump’s wheelhouse. Trump attracts minority and women voters not by pandering but by action and solving problems in their lives. No victims or Identity politics.
  3. Promises made – Promises Kept.
  4. Why you should cast a vote for Trump, the vision was 29 minutes of his speech and laid out many new initiatives starting with a decentralized government( moving agencies outside of DC), consolidation of agencies, and limited government that serves the people NOT the people serving the government.

The 2020 Republican Convention has drawn to a close, but we must admit that for at least four nights, America did start to feel like the “Land of Greatness” again. The media was constrained and unable to dampen the base or enthusiasm it has for the President and their country. Sadly, the dangerous and infantile rage marched on in the streets, just outside the gates of the White House, and on cable news channel panels reminding us what is truly at stake in this election.

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Much to the chagrin of every media person or liberal suffering from acute Trump Derangement Syndrome, The President got to submit his resume to the American people. The administration’s accomplishments have been laid out for all to hear without the media control or filter. Sure, calling President Trump a liar is the media/Leftist favorite pastime, but start calling; a Wisconsin Dairy Farmer, a Lobster Fisherman, a Widow, a Widower, a Grieving parent, a reformed Felon, a School Teacher, a Paraplegic, and so many other working-class Americans liars too and see how many votes you pick up.

The convention exceeded all expectations and provided the sharpest contrast of choices. Even as the President tried to communicate his vision to the voters, the mob swarmed the DC streets around the White House attempting with air horns, sirens, and car alarms to disrupt his message. Attendees leaving the event were harassed and some were assaulted right outside the gates.US Senator Rand Paul and his wife had to be protected by police as the violent rioters circled and threatened to kill them – one officer was injured. Could it be any clearer? One choice is for peace, prosperity, and liberty and one is for chaos, destroying the economy, and Tyranny. One sees America as dark and nonredeemable and the other is filled with optimism and enduring love for America.

The Democrats and their media allies/polls steady drumbeat of a Trump demise have been highly exaggerated. Time to get your game face on-now begins the real campaigning despite the media’s duplicity. Trump is not in his basement, has the banner record, and a forward-leaning agenda. His base is fired up and ready to rumble.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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  1. I saw patriotic americans, I saw people proud of their president,and I saw enthusiasm these are the things that those who despise America on the other side ,the nazi Democrat party cannot compete with .

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