Remember 911

Remembering September 11th

It has now been 19 years since the horrible events of 911 occurred. Americans are commemorating 9/11 with tributes that have been altered by coronavirus precautions and woven into the presidential campaign, drawing both President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden to pay respects at the same memorial without crossing paths.

In New York, a dispute over coronavirus-safety precautions is leading to split-screen remembrances Friday, one at the Sept. 11 memorial plaza at the World Trade Center and another on a nearby corner. The Pentagon’s observance will be so restricted that not even victims’ families can attend, though small groups can visit the memorial there later in the day. Trump and Biden are both headed – at different times – to the Flight 93 National Memorial near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Trump is speaking at the morning ceremony, the White House said. Biden plans to pay respects there in the afternoon after attending the observance at the 9/11 memorial in New York. See here the 911 time to remember once again the events:

On this tragic remembrance day, our thoughts first turn towards the victims, first responders, and their families who suffered. On the day after, it was remarkable to see America and the world pull together in solidarity – regardless of race, gender, or freedom seeking nationality. Then the world mustered the courage to confront the terrorist who perpetrated this tragedy. But events are moving on and new threats are appearing.

This great country who has survived vicious attacks over the years including the atrocity of 911 is now seemingly allowing itself to be torn apart by even a greater threat. There are evil and vile elements in our midst today, that are the new freedom-hating terrorists – those who seek change via violence. They seek to divide America based on race, class, and religion. The Right Wire Report hopes and prays that the good people of this great country once again, muster the courage to face this new challenge. The alternatives could make very dark times. Never forget the 911 event and its broader context to keep America safe and prosperous for our children’s generations to come.

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  1. Thank you Jefferson Thomas for reminding us all what was lost and still could be lost if we do not unify to fight the enemies both outside and from within. In the immortal words of the American Hero on Flight 93, Todd Beamer, -Fellow Americans “Lets Roll !” Vote Trump 2020 and give us all a chance to save our Republic.

  2. It still hurts my heart today to see the day our world stopped. We came together as one nation. People would hug strangers in stores. People calling to check on family and friends. The America Flags sold out across this country. I will never forget that day!

    • Yes, what happened to that wonderful spirit of support and patriotism.
      I think it is still there…it is coming back under Trump’s presidency…but the patriots of America got it rolling.

  3. I want to always remember the souls of the victims of 9/11 and keep their memory in my heart.
    May they rest in the loving bosom of the Lord for ever.
    Reading this article made me realize that the current violence poses a far greater threat even than 9/11.
    It made me realize we are in a great struggle against a ruthless enemy and cannot afford to let our guard down ever again.
    Thank you Right Wire Report for having the patriotic love and courage to speak the truth.

  4. We will never forget the victims of 9/11.
    How did it ever come to this tragic event?
    Until evil is contained we must never lose vigilance ever again.
    Now is the time that Americans need to be united more than ever.
    Send out the call…let us unite for once again the enemy approaches.

  5. If we forget 9/11 then we are unfit to enjoy freedom and we then deserve destruction.
    On that day we saw deep raging hatred confront strong gentle love.
    The enemy showed just one of its many evil faces.
    We actually saw the true face of a foreign evil ideology that continues to hate America.
    But now a new enemy has arisen in America – a domestic one.
    What we do now determines who we are and our own survival.
    May America’s deep wounds be healed one day but until then we must fight for freedom.

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