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Can Democrats Get Us to Forget Reality and Prevent a Trump Victory in November?

A recent Axios Podcast predicated that on election night, it would appear that Donald Trump would win re-election in a major landslide, but not to be too hasty because “mail-in ballots will take longer to count.” Translation: the Democrats learned their lessons from 2000 and 2018, and this time, they’re going to take the time to manufacture enough votes (or perhaps visit enough cemeteries) to try and make it appear as if they’ve won.

The dry run for clawing back just enough votes after results were tallied happened in the 2018 Mid Terms when each day post-election results yielded flips from seats called for Republicans to wins for the Democrats as ballots magically appeared. Fraud has always been a component in the Democrat playbook, but in 2018 they played boldly and with impunity. Who can forget the Broward county count fiasco that resulted in a high-level resignation and investigation? Read more about the 2018 Clawback here and here.

In an unprecedented clarion call by Democrat leaders to prepare not to concede the election under any circumstances, Democrat strategists have even been running scenarios utilizing the Blue States legislatures that would involve invoking a Constitutional crisis. So the question remains: Can Donald Trump win the election in November when the Left (which I use interchangeably with the Democrat Party; they are one and the same) has announced that they will cheat in order to unseat him?

Yes. Yes, he can. And he will.

Consider what the country has been put through by the Left over the last three years. Select one or all of the following:

  • The Russia, Russia, Russia, hoax, and appointment of a Special Counsel.
  • A phony impeachment backed with not once “scintilla” of valid evidence. The entire charade was revealed to be cooked up and funded by Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and Barrack Obama.
  • 93 to 95% negative news coverage by a “media” who aren’t even trying to hide the fact that objective journalism in the United States is dead and buried.
  • The rancid smear job of Brett Kavanaugh, again based on no evidence.
  • Baseless, ugly accusations ranging from racism to rape by multiple “anonymous sources.” The latest by The Atlantic, claiming Trump said horrible things about service members.

And the list goes on.

Let’s not forget about the COVID-19 pandemic and Donald Trump’s “botched” response to it. You know, the response whereby the President turned U.S. industry around and had them manufacturing ventilators – where the President had Army Field Hospitals set up that saw few or no patients. Or perhaps the Navy Hospital Ship that was sent to New York that departed having seen fewer than 200 patients – even as a Democrat Governor and Democrat Mayor were stuffing Covid-19 patients into nursing homes. For a better summary of Trump’s Administration to the pandemic – read here, here, and here.

How about the economic response to the pandemic? The President knows Americans are hurting after the clumsy (and some would say unnecessary) shuttering of the economy. Yet Americans have been subjected to watching Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her Leftist comrades treat their families’ economic health and their very future as a political hostage in their quest for power over those same Americans. To score cheap political points against a man who was put in office by those very Americans.

How about American cities being looted and burned down and police officers injured or murdered in the streets?  Most recently, two officers sitting in a patrol car in California were shot execution-style and are clinging to life. Democrat mayors across the country mocking President Trump when he intercedes to protect Federal property and offers to help them clean up the very mess they made on the one hand, and then have the cheek to ask him for help in the very next breath. Americans have watched their very heritage assaulted and impugned as illegitimate and “racist,” and yet the Democrat party refuses to rebuke the thugs who tear down our cities.

The message is clear, but it’s not the one the Democrats think they’re sending. You see, America is not Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, or Facebook or the cable talking heads, although they’d love to have you believe that. America is you and me, and the sum of all our interactions with other Americans unfiltered by the propagandized media narrative. America is the freest, most generous nation on earth. We as a people come together through wars and pandemics. We honor fallen soldiers and fallen police officers. We stand for our flag and our National Anthem. These are the Americans the Democrat Left has put through the wringer for the last four years for daring to say, “Enough!” in 2016 by casting a vote for Trump. They want us to forget who we are and the legacy of freedom and justice that is our true heritage. They want us to forget that they have spent four years giving us a giant middle finger for daring to take back our government. They want to try and raise enough sound and fury via their sycophants in the media and their idiot foot soldiers in the streets that we’ll look away just long enough for them to steal power back from us.

Well, we won’t forget, Democrats. And unlike 2016, the “unforgotten men and women” ranks have swelled to now include independents and moderates who are horrified by the depths of deceit and fascist behaviors you have enabled. Get ready for us to speak again in November and let you know just how good our memory is.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Written by Sgt. Rock

A journalist by training, with a degree in Broadcasting. Worked for a National Public Radio in college. Also did media relations (public affairs) for the United States Army for almost thirteen years.


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