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Joe Biden Tries to be Presidential on a Bizzare Color Coded Stage

“President-elect Joe Biden” urged Americans to resist surrendering to the “fatigue” of the coronavirus pandemic and come together with the shared goal of defeating the virus, echoing calls of public health officials who are calling for the nation to scale down their Thanksgiving celebrations amid the surge in COVID-19 cases nationwide. If Biden should become the eventual winner in the Electoral College, he wants to put the country on a war footing in his very dark message.

“I know the country has grown weary of the fight, but we need to remember we’re at war with a virus — not with each other,” Biden said.

Biden said he wants to have a unifying message – but so far, it has been all talk and little substance – see here. Biden quoting the Bible, twice mispronounced “Psalmist” as “Palmists” during his 18-minute Thanksgiving message. Another one of Joe’s gaffs? Or is he just so unfamiliar with the Bible he didn’t know he was making a gaff? Aside from his droning on in his dark speech, this author was struck by the supposed presidential stage’s imagery. Scan the following video and see what you think. Note that we have included a long version of the video to get a better look at the stage.

What’s with the bizarre presidential stage with a theme of yellow and red imagery? Being triggered by this, what is a presidential stage supposed to look like? See a few samples below. Typically a presidential stage is adorned with a more blue, maybe a little red, theme with more Americana imagery. Even the poster of the above video must have had a few issues too, as they had to use a stock, more traditional presidential themed featured thumbnail photo of Biden – as opposed to what was actually in the video itself. Strange?

I know, perhaps we are being picky here. After all, it is just colors on a stage. But many of these events are very well-staged – the position of flags, background settings, etc …  But red and yellow? Color does have psychology. Red can trigger danger, so one would want to use the color sparingly. Yellow revolves around sunshine. It evokes feelings of happiness, positivity, optimism, and summer but also of deceit and warning. But when combining the two colors, it conjures up dark historical imagery.

Remember Barack Obama’s Democratic speech that was delivered from an elaborate columned stage resembling a miniature Greek temple? Obama strutted out to a raised platform to a podium that can be raised from beneath the floor. The show provided a striking image for the millions of Americans watching on television. Many criticized Obama for this imagery as if Obama was a conquering Alexander the Great, in a narcissistic edification of himself as a supreme ruler to lead people to his idealistic utopia over the people.

Perhaps it’s nothing, but one does have to wonder if Biden’s handlers are trying to send us a color-coded message. When listening to this recent speech, I thought I was listening to the beginning of some “1984” dystopian movie. But this movie might be real. What do you think? Was there a message being sent in this speech’s imagery?

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Written by Jefferson Thomas

Concerned citizen.


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  1. The office of The President Elect – the PRESUMPTIVE President.Pushing the word PRESUMPTIVE to the limit here.
    Yellow has a pacifying effect on me….at first…then I feel a revulsion at the attempted manipulation in this context above.
    The overwhelming use of yellow also subconsciously makes me yearn for blue to balance it.
    Blue meaning Democrat and/or UN blue?
    Obama’s stage has been compared to the altar of Pergamon in ancient Greece (Altar in honor of Zeus) which also has comparisons to the backdrop structure and stage used at Hitler’s Nuremburg rally.
    The altar of Pergamon resides in Berlin where it has been since the early 1900s.
    I tend to believe that the devil is in the details and less things are random than we might expect.
    Just my rambilings. I wonder what other’s think (or don’t think)?

  2. The left is all about coercion and manipulation as it seeks to gain power more and more.
    What we are seeing here is another attempt to control us.
    Do not let the left occupy your mind!

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