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Mitch McConnell Throws Trump Off the Deck of the Ping May

AP – Fending off a messy fight that could damage Republicans ahead of Georgia Senate runoffs, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warned fellow GOP senators on Tuesday not to join President Donald Trump’s extended assault on the Electoral College results. In public remarks and private warnings, McConnell worked to push ahead to the Biden era and unite a fractured Republican Party ahead of the runoff elections to determine Senate control.

First, the Republican leader praised Trump’s “endless” accomplishments as he congratulated President-elect Joe Biden during a morning Senate speech. Then he pivoted, privately warning Republican senators away from disputing the Electoral College tally when Congress convenes in a joint session on January 6 to confirm the results. Watch McConnell throw Trump “off the deck of the May Ping.”

That fight would yield a “terrible vote” for Republicans, McConnell told the senators, according to two people granted anonymity to discuss the call, which was first reported by Politico. These background stories, “sources say,” have overwhelmingly turned out to be false during Trump years so take them with a grain of salt. If true that privately Mitch is pressuring senators to stand down that would be ominous. They would have to choose whether to back Trump or publicly buck him. So has McConnell succumbed to the Washington swamp?

No Republican senator spoke up in contradiction.

See Trump’s swift response saying, “Republican Party must finally learn to fight. People are angry!” 

The Republic Report, the mission statement is dedicated to rooting out the corruption that is so corrosive to American values. They investigate and uncover the buying and selling of politicians and institutions entrusted with upholding the public interest. Their mission statement was made for Mitch McConnell. In this 75-second video, it aims to distill the essence of McConnell’s soulless corruption. 

Mitch McConnell earned the name “Cocaine Mitch” from his ties to an incident concerning a cargo boat, the Ping May. McConnell and his family have extensive ties to China. His father-in-law, who founded and owned a large Chinese shipping company, has given Mitch and his wife millions of dollars over the years. The company was implicated in smuggling cocaine from Colombia to Europe, hidden aboard a company ship carrying foreign coal with 7 million dollars of cocaine.

On 25 August 2014, the Colombian Navy, in collaboration with the Office of the Attorney General of Colombia (CTI), reported the seizure of roughly 90 pounds of cocaine hidden in the anchor chain storage space of a dry bulk transport boat named the Ping May. According to U.S. Coast Guard records and maritime tracking services, the Ping May was then, and is still now, a Liberian-registered cargo ship owned by a shell company (Ping May LLC) controlled by the Foremost group. That group is now run by James Chao’s daughter Angela Chao, whose sister is Elaine Chao, the U.S. Transportation Secretary and wife of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Snopes called the claims false but then went on to show the links into the deep Washington swamp. Mitch McConnell’s connection to this incident was the fact that his wife’s family-owned and operated a shipping company that contracted out a Liberian-registered dry bulk cargo boat for the transport of coal in which back in 2014 attempted (and failed) to hide cocaine. No evidence made McConnell legally liable for the cocaine incident, and Mitch McConnell does not own the Ping May directly – though the family connections are clear.

Then there is this latest news reminding us of the past:

In fact, conservatives may have to deal with McConnell and the Republican Party in the event that Trump’s 2020 election challenge fails. This may be necessary to keep a Biden presidency in check from the rabid socialist progressives in the House. But if McConnell made a deal to hide his corruption underneath a Biden presidency – this may be wishful thinking.

One can presume that there are three possibilities in McConnell’s thinking. Mitch McConnell is either:

  1. Calculating that political expediency will win him favor in the next coming Senate session with Joe Biden as President – in time the Trump supporters will forgive and forget,
  2. Is compromised by either some foreign or domestic entities, or
  3. Making his decisions apparently, because he disbelieves the endless testimony from the countless witnesses on the alleged election fraud – this, the story the mainstream media is giving us.

Which is it? Will McConnell’s political calculation that the Trump supporters will forgive and forget correct? This decision will be up to the voters of Kentucky, but also for those voting for the Republicans that are following his lead. Recent polling reveals Republicans overwhelmingly believe election fraud happened and even 20-30% of Democrats do as well, see here and here. Perhaps Mitch and his followers may have made a miscalculation of the strength of the Trump support when he decided to throw Trump “off the deck of the May Ping.” 

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  1. So, after President Trump wins, it’s time to drum this running dog of the CCP from the party in the next phase of draining the Swamp.

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