Updated Alleged Voter Fraud Summary – A Patriot’s Strategic Battle Plan

Updated 1/1/21-1/3/21 added to bottom of list.


Forty-nine days ago Americans cast their votes in the 2020 Presidential Election. The Legacy Media and Democrats have compulsively maintained the united front with a steady drumbeat “There is no evidence of election fraud and all assertions have been debunked.”

The Right Wire Report previously gathered a summary of a growing body of evidence, to support investigations and calls for legit recounts as well as digital audits, which reveals the media narrative is a false one. This evidence supports the media have knowingly misled the public to date. This summary included emerging evidence known up to Dec.4th.

Please review that summary: Summary Portal of Alleged Election Fraud in 2020

The latest polling shows an overwhelming number of Republicans believe the election process was not fair and considerable fraud happened, even 20-30% of Democrats indicated they concur, see here and here. Americans are witnessing a rapidly unfolding and fluid crisis over the issue of ongoing election integrity and the results of the 2020 election, including down tickets. 74 million-plus fear the election was stolen and the upcoming Senate run-off in the state of Georgia is also considered at risk.

The media continue to censor the election fraud stories declaring no evidence of any fraud. The Right Wire Report intends to inform -so here is the addendum to our original summary portal with pertinent updates.

Despite the media and Joe Biden’s claims:

  • The sixty election cases to date have not all been brought by Trump’s campaign and those filed by Trump’s legal team were not all shot down. Many entities have filed cases pertaining to the election.
  • No, the judges in lower courts did not review the evidence and determine election fraud did not take place. No judge to date has allowed discovery. Discovery is the legal process where evidence and witnesses are presented to the court. The Supreme Court did not hear any evidence in the Texas lawsuit either, the court refused to take up the case based on standing.
  • The media/Democrats heralded as proof a statement made by CISA former director, Christopher Krebs, that called the 2020 election “the most secure ever.” However, Krebs clarified his statement in testimony at the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on Wednesday hearing.  stated several times that his agency was not directly addressing fraud, which would be a criminal matter. “Despite some claims, this statement does not address voter fraud, which is not within this group’s ambit,” Krebs told the committee. “Instead, the statement focuses on manipulation or hacking of the machines supporting elections.”
  • Krebs also dropped a bombshell admission in the hearing that some precincts did have the voting machines connected to the internet.

December 14th Safe Harbor Date:

The state electors met on December 14th and cast their state votes certified by the governors. However, seven state legislative officials met to slate alternative dueling electors for candidate Trump in contested Biden state wins( NV, WI, PA, GA, AZ, MI, NM). This has happened before in history twice but it is unprecedented to have this many states slate dueling electors. The media did not report this conflict or what it could mean going forward when the Joint Session meets in DC on Jan.6th.

  • Read here to learn more about the Jan 6th session.
  • Here to read a Reuters story about the issue written before the election.
  • This link is to a video describing the Constitutional procedures in play. Note we provide video for comprehension on the accurate constitutional procedures but The Right Wire Report does not endorse the outcome stated that has yet to happen.

Pursuant to Executive Order 13848, September 12.2017, pertaining to election security and foreign interference, and extended on December 20, 2020 – The United States remains in a state of National Emergency. DNI Director must deliver a report to the president within 45 days after the election. DNI Director Radcliff told CBS News China, Russia, and Iran conducting interference in the 2020 election. Additionally, the recent Cyber Intrusion crisis has Intelligence agencies on full tilt and could be relevant to the election, drill down here and here.

Updates on States activities:

December 14th -Arizona Senate Judiciary Chairman E. Farnsworth announced in committee the authorization for a full forensic audit on Dominion machines and software. Subpoenas were issued and the Maricopa Board of Supervisors refused to comply.

  • Attorney Matthew DePerno Michigan case – Michigan 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin A Elsenheimer agreed to allow Mr. DePerno’s client, William Bailey, and a highly skilled team of IT experts to perform a forensic examination on 16 of the Dominion voting machines in Antrim County. Last Monday, December 14, Judge Elsenheimer agreed to allow the results of the forensic examination to be released to the public. the results are damning, here and video evidence here.
  • Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D) refuses to testify before the Dec 15 legislative oversight committee hearings.
  • Georgia Secretary of State will now conduct a signature verification recount on all ballots in Cobb county. Update, December 17, expanded to all counties.
  • Wisconsin Supreme Court Dec.14 rules the state did not have the legal authority to abandon voter ID laws related to the pandemic.
  • Michigan legislators subpoenaed hard drives and computers from Detroit precincts for a forensic audit.
  • Pennsylvania state auditor calls for audits.

Pending key Lawsuits:

  • The Trump campaign has just filed a petition on December 20th for a writ of certiorari to the US. Supreme Court to reverse three Pennsylvania Supreme Court cases that illegally changed Pennsylvania’s vote-by-mail law.
  • Georgia Supreme Court slow-walking Trumps filed suit in that state.

  • Sydney Powell has 4 cases, two of which are sitting on the Supreme Court Docket. She also claims slow-walking of her cases.

Some stats that make you scratch your head :

  • Trump garnished more votes for a sitting president ever, expanding his base by over 11 million but Biden received more votes in all American history, more than Obama,80 million-plus.
  • Biden won despite losing more counties than Obama and Clinton, and almost every Bellwether county, as well as Florida and Ohio.
  • Biden won huge despite Democrat’s down-ticket being wiped out.
  • Trump won 55% of the white female vote.
  • Trump won 94% of his primary vote, a historic record.
  • Trump won historic Gop numbers of Black and Hispanic voters.
  • Biden under-performed Clinton’s minority voter turnout from 2016.
  • Joe Biden won 212 fewer counties than Obama did in 2012.

Latest updated specific claims:

Breakdown of each contested state’s number of votes in question which would be enough to overturn results, here.

Data proposes to support the claim that 790,175 laundered votes were injected into the system across 8 counties in Arizona.

Read White House Economic Adviser. Peter Navarro detailed election report with gob-smacking data graphs.

Michigan Sec of State Official Caught On Video Telling Volunteers To Count “Multiple Ballots with the very Same Signature” During “Audit” Of Votes In Antrim County

Homeland Security Committee Hearing on 2020 Election issues:

Amistad Project held a press conference announcing a report which exposes the dark money apparatus of 10 nonprofit organizations.


Updated 1/2/21

Jovan Pulitzer testimony in front of Georgia’s Judiciary Committee( 12/30/20) reviewing differences in ballots and scanning issues:

Updated 1/3/21



Claim: Printer in Michigan Printed Tens of Thousands of Excess Pennsylvania Ballots Which Were Shipped to New York and Fraudulently Filled Out Before Being Delivered to Pennsylvania( video of Driver)



The Republic has reached a critical moment in time. Like Washington crossing the Delaware River in 1776, on Christmas night, crossing the Rubicon from liberty to authoritarianism cannot be so easily undone. Please absorb and distribute this crucial information to as many as possible. See our updated Action Plan here and our latest review of where Trump’s Pathways still exist here.

This Christmas 2020, do not be the American abandoning patriots kneeling in the snow before the battle.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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